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How to Create your own Custom Intrument

The process of ordering a custom instrument can vary a lot from builder to builder. Some builders offer a lot of options, while others may offer only a few. Some will build practically anything you can imagine and are willing to follow your specifications down to the smallest details; others tend to do their best work with lots of freedom and room for improvisation. These differences in working style make finding the right luthier to work with an extremely important first step towards realizing the instrument of your dreams. If you don't know which builder would be a good match for the bass or guitar you are imagining, please contact us. We're very familiar with the working styles of each of the builders we represent, and we're here to assist you in every phase of the custom building process should you need it.

Although there are many details to attend to along the way, the process of creating a custom instrument can be broken down into these basic steps:

1) Contact BunnyBass with your ideas and requirements. If you're not sure which builder is best suited to building an instrument for you, we'll ask you some questions and help you arrive at a decision based on your needs.

2) Together with input from the selected builder, we'll assist you in going over all the available options and make sure that every aspect of your instrument's design conforms to your preferences in sound, feel, and aesthetics. We're very thorough, and our extensive experience in working with master luthiers, studio professionals, and working musicians help us do a good job of refining the specifications of your custom instrument. Our goal during this planning phase is to ensure that the final design is both beautiful to look at as well as a practical tool for making music. Many luthiers prefer to let experienced representatives like the BunnyBass staff handle this step, if only because if they spent all their time talking to customers, they wouldn't have any time to actually build instruments!

3) BunnyBass sends the finalized set of specifications to the builder for review, and if everything is in order the builder responds with a price quote and an estimated build time.

4) Most builders require a 50% deposit to begin building. When the deposit is sent in, building begins!

5) When the instrument has been completed, BunnyBass will let you know ("it's done!") and the remainder of the balance (plus shipping) is sent in. The instrument is first sent to BunnyBass, where the BunnyBass staff personally examines, photo-documents, and archives every custom instrument that is built for our customers (BBTQM - BunnyBass Total Quality Management!). We do this so that we can take full responsibility for each and every instrument we sell. At this point, the only thing remaining to be done is to send the new instrument to its new home - yours!

Please feel free to email us or fill out the custom order worksheet if you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom instrument.

[ Custom Builders ]    [ Creating Your Own Instrument ]    [ FAQs ]    [ For Builders ]
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