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Custom & Independent Builders.

If you are an independent builder and would like to have your work included on the BunnyBass webiste, please drop us a line. BunnyBass has a lot of traffic - well over two million clicks and over 40 gigabytes of data transfered every month - and most of our visitors are very interested in something other than cookie-cutter production guitars and basses.

BunnyBass is particularly interested in:

...creating an online space in which the work of smaller builders can reach a wider audience.

...photographing, reviewing, and archiving the widest variety of hand-made instruments (especially bass guitars) in our permanent archives.

...expanding the range of small, independent builders we represent, and making their services available to musicians by profiling examples of their instruments on the BunnyBass website.

...adding every bass-maker on this planet to our Directory of Independent and Custom Builders at BunnyBass Central (sorry, for the time being this Directory is for electric or acoustic bass makers only; we have yet to create one for guitar builders). This directory is the largest and most complete listing of luthiers who build electric and/or acoustic bass guitars, and of course, inclusion is free. Just e-mail us your name (official company name, if you have one) and website url (again, if you have one) and we'll be happy to add you to the list.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like your instruments reviewed, archived, or consigned at BunnyBass.

Thank you!

PS. For more information about our special consignment program for independent builders, please click here.

[ Custom Builders ]    [ Creating Your Own Instrument ]    [ FAQs ]    [ For Builders ]
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