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Consignment Information for Custom & Independent Builders.

The Program. BunnyBass offers a special stepped-rate consignment program to independent and small-scale builders who'd like to have their instruments sold at BunnyBass.

A few reasons to consign your instruments at BunnyBass. The program is designed to allow BunnyBass to function as a low-cost, high-visibility venue for builders that for whatever reason - financial or ideological - choose to function without a large advertising budget. Please consider the following:

* BunnyBass represents your instruments with the highest quality photography and most in-depth descriptions and specifications of any other site on the internet. Our permanent archives are well-known as a useful (and fun) source of reference material for bass and guitar aficianados from all over the world. [ examples: how we represent consignment instruments ]

* a few stats: BunnyBass averages more than a thousand visitors per day, two million clicks per month, over 40 gigabytes of data transferred per month - in other words your instruments will have a tremendous amount of exposure.

* BunnyBass's strong repuation for featuring the finest basses and guitars translates into a targeted audience that is more appreciative and knowledgable of fine, handcrafted instruments.

* BunnyBass is an ideal way to reach an international audience (about half the instruments we sell are to international customers in Europe and Asia). We advertise and communicate in multiple languages - Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, and French - in order to place your instruments in new homes and new musical contexts from all over the world.

In order to qualify for this program, your company must be both relatively small (one-person operations welcome!), as well as independently owned and operated. Sorry, "Custom Shop" divisions of corporate musical instrument manufacturers are not eilgible for this program.

Rates. We use a stepped-rate method to calculate the amount of the consignment fee:

* the first instrument is consigned at a 25% rate.

* the second and third instruments are consigned at a 22.5% rate.

* any subsequent instruments are consigned at a fixed 20% rate.

These rates are cumulative in regards to the total number of instruments consigned, and there are no time limits or minimum 'activity level' requirements that have to be met in order to keep yourself at a your lowest consignment rate. We simply count the total amount of instruments you've sent us since the beginning of time, and that's your consignment rate!

We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to use the form below to contact us if you have any questions, or if you'd like more information about consigning your instruments at BunnyBass.

Thank you! ^_^

Your name:


Instrument(s) interested in consigning (please include as much information as possible):

Additional comments (optional):

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