BunnyBass Library of Wood: Zebrawood

Zebrawood (unfinished) - click here for a larger picture.

In German: Zebrano

Botanical names
Microberlinia brazzavillenis
Microberlinia bisulcata
Brachystegia fleuryana

Leguminosae Caesalpinioideae

Trading names
Zebrano, Zingana, Zebrawood

Names in the countries of origin
Cameroon: Allen ele, Amouk
Gaboon: Izingana

The tree grows in the Equatorian region of Africa. Up to 120 feet high and 6 feet in diameter, the sapwood aera is wide, whitish and is not useable. The heartwood is light golden yellow with very distinctive dark lines. The texture is fine to medium fine, zebrawood is medium-hard, medium-heavy and average in strength. The structure is rough. Must be dried very carefully otherwise the wood tends to deform and cracks a lot. Zebrawood is very pretty but sometimes difficult to machine due to its interlocked grain. It is good to polish, dye, and glueing is easy. Zebrawood was extremely in fashionable in Europe in the 1930's for furniture.

In general a medium heavy wood.
Weight by 15% huminity: 730 kg/cbm (1300 pound/cubic yard)

(the above information from the reference monograph Nutzholzer: Aus Aller Welt by Edmondo Palutan)

As used in Guitar & Bass construction:

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Reference photographs:

...unfinished zebrawood (print at 13.5x9mm for actual size).

...milled, undried zebrawood awaiting shipment.

...zebrawood on a Pedulla Thunderbass.

...a closer look at the texture...

...zebrawood on the headstock of an Alembic Spoiler bass.

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