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it's the final week of basswars, where all the undefeated champs from previous wars are going against each other. don't forget to get your votes in! take care everyone. wishing you a pleasant and SAFE holiday.

                    12.30.2001 (sunday)

heh - new bassists in the girls gallery. hilary woods, karen neal, lorna doom, yolanda charles, and vanessa wasserman. cool.

                    12.14.2001 (friday)

wow, two 'what's new' posts in one day? i *finally* rolled out of bed and put a few new amusing basses up. the new bunch starts with a cool gibson mandobass on page 53 and goes through page 55. my favorite of the bunch: the 'Erectile Dysfunction' bass on page 54. funny!

                    12.8.2001 (saturday)

hi all - not that it's a big deal, but nancy and i are putting basswars back up. right now we're on week 96 (i think?) and we thought it'd be cool to reach week 100. at week 100 we'll have the all-time undefeated basswars pictures (?!) fight it out for the title of Grand BassWars Picture Champion. or something like that, i don't know, this is so stupid. but anyway, i think it'll still be nice to hit the 100 weeks mark and then just call it a day after that. i still think 100 weeks is a long time. if harry and jana and them folks want to do the basswars thing after that, then they can have some sort of sequel - "basswars: the new generation" or whatever. up to them, right? but for now, here it is again: fender jazz vs. chi cheng (deftones) vs. a standing-up polar bear vs. the eternal 'they all suck' rabbit.
have any of you seen the MGM film "Night of the Lepus"? i (unfortunately) ran across it the other night on late night television. it's the story of gigantic rabbits gone bad. you know, the whole "what happens when man screws around with nature" scenario. i only saw a few minutes of it, but honestly, that was enough. i quickly put it on my 'all-time sucks' movie list. if you ever see it listed in the t.v. guide and you're into trashy (bunny) films, check it out.

                    12.8.2001 (saturday)

hey you want to hear something funny? a while back we set up this t-shirt ordering thing with an internet t-shirt company so that if anybody wanted a bunnybass t-shirt, they could order one from this company (i think they're called cafe press or something like that). well, we set the selling price for the shirts to their minimum price, so basically if a shirt gets sold we don't get any money from that. that also means though, that the t-shirt people never send us checks when shirts are sold. well, we all kinda forgot about it, but this morning just out of curiosity i was poking around the t-shirt company record book (if you have an account with them they'll keep track of how many of your shirts have been sold) and hey! - people have actually been ordering the bunnybass shirts! i had no idea! so somewhere out there, there are dozens of people walking around with the bunnybass bass bunny on their shirts... how funny... oh, by the way, for those of you who want a "free" bunnybass shirt, there is still the big iron-on graphic that you can download. just print it onto one of those special iron-on papers with your inkjet printer and you're in business. go here if you're handy with an iron.
oh yeah, the other neat thing that i just noticed is that george furlanetto signed our guestbook. THAT is cool.
you know, we haven't done an amusing bass update for a looooong time. my bad. i've just been kinda letting them all pile up, sorry. but i'm getting the urge again, so i think we'll get around to that pretty soon.

                    12.5.2001 (wednesday)

wow, i went a long time without posting anything new, huh? tonight we have three new basses to look at, an F-bass (it's cute - it looks like a pumpkin), an Ampeg Dan Armstrong bass (Sabbath rules!), and a glittery jazz bass (two P pickups, cool). plus we're getting an MTD 4 string later this week - don't know much about that one yet though. anyway, beyond that, we have something really REALLY cool cooking here at bunnybass. right now it's still a secret, but i can tell you that it's big and nancy's been working on it, and it's almost ready to go live. please stay tuned!

                    11.19.2001 (monday)

is it my imagination or are the basses on this website getting more and more beautiful? the new f-bass that was just posted in the pretty basses section is probably the prettiest bass i've seen on our site so far (my opinion), and jon says it's real smooooth too. wow. i love the f-basses. i think they're my favorite basses at the moment. ^_^ oh yeah, nancy sent me a beautiful set of lotus stamps from taiwan. i hope i can get them scanned at school sometime soon so i can share them with everyone. they are my absolute favorite flowers. thanks nancy - kisses!

                    10.24.2001 (wednesday)

hi everyone, we're experiencing some server problems today, so some parts of the bunnybass website will not be accessable - the more 'interactive' parts such as the message board, basswars, etc. you might get a page that says 'internal server error' or 'no permission to access this page'. you might also have problems connecting to the rest of the website (time out messages or 'no data' error messages). don't worry, it's not your computer =) there are people working on it though to fix the problem as soon as possible. if you're having trouble with the site, please try back again later. sorry for the inconvenience!

                    10.20.2001 (saturday)

two beautiful alembics, a custom mark king model and a custom rogue 5, just posted in the pretty basses section. i think these are among my favorite bass pictures so far. alembics are so photogenic, aren't they? oh yeah, almost forgot - also a very cool '75 reissue jazz bass. in other news, a little story: jon told me that scott, the gentleman that purchased that beautiful custom taylor ab-2 that we had for sale in the pretty basses list, is from alaska. apparently scott was very pleased with the way things had gone, so pleased in fact that he mailed nancy and jon some alaska salmon! i think that mini-story is cool on so many different levels. it's really fun being a part of bunnybass (even though in this case i don't actually get to EAT the salmon). over the years we have all tried to do things the 'the right way', and it is really satisfying to know that some people do appreciate this. last bit of news - i saw michael moore on television last night. and guess what - he was wearing a baseball cap with the word "BASS" on the front. there you have it - proof that the coolest people love BASS! (i'm sure angela davis also has a baseball cap with the word "BASS" on it). ok, just wanted to let you know. anyways, on with my day now...

                    10.18.2001 (thursday)

new f-bass just posted in the pretty basses section. jon is in love with this bass - so i wonder: does jon finally succumb to temptation and actually buy a new bass? or does he keep playing his ratty Yamaha BB1200 into eternity? tune in next week to find out... well, in the meantime, at least the pictures are nice to look at. i like the f-basses too. anyway, that's all for now - i'm doing laundry! hopefully me or nancy (nancy? i thot you were retired nancy!) will change basswars later on today or tonight...

                    10.07.2001 (sunday)

hi everyone, just a quick note about minor updates to the message board. i fixed the message board so that topics that have more than one page of replies will have the "this topic is __ pages long" link at the bottom of the page as well. hmm.. that sentence sounded funny. well, anyhoo, i also fixed some broken picture links in some older posts and some other little things for the board. that's about it for now. take care!

                    9.27.2001 (thursday)

     there has been so much insanity recently, that it was actually a nice break from things to do something mindless like update the basswars gallery. i didn't get around to changing it last week (my apologies to you obsessive-compulsives out there who actually noticed), but j-lo pretty much beat up on the alembic and fieldy (especially fieldy! *lol*) for both weeks, so in the winners gallery i gave jennifer credit for 2 weeks of winning. yeah, i'm sure she's trowin' a party. anyways, tonight nancy, me, and jon are all gonna sit down and do some updates to this site. not big stuff, but the usual small additions - new girls, new pets, an stuff li'dat. oh wait! i take that back! i forgot - jon is adding a new interview tonight or tomorrow. it's our interview with albert molinaro, co-author of the new book The Fender Bass: an Illustrated History, just published by Hal Leonard. i think the book's just hitting the shelves just about now. anyway, jon's been sending me pictures and stuff from the draft copy he got from albert and it looks fabulous. and i don't throw that word around casually. heh. ^_^
     i should probably mention one last thing before i go. i've been really disturbed by the near-total blackout of alternative viewpoints in the mainstream media in the wake of the WTC destruction. as far as i'm concerned, the network television people should be slapped upside their heads for force-feeding the american public an over-simplified, one-dimensional view of what is obviously a deep and complex situation. complex situations produce diverse responses - so where are they? it's important to consider what part of the picture is being systematically ignored, obscured, and misrepresented by the mainstream media. whether you support military relatiation or not, i don't believe there is ever any ethical justification for what amounts to state and corporate censorship. all of us are deprived the opportunity to learn and think as individuals when we are presented with such a limited range of analyses. when that happens - well, so much for democracy. not that that's anything new.
     anyway, for those of you who care, here are just a few links that represent some alternatives to the gigantic monolith that is the mainstream media:

· z magazine:  http://www.zmag.org
· LiP magazine:  http://www.lipmagazine.org
· michael moore's website:  http://michaelmoore.com
· INdy Media:  http://www.indymedia.org
· Mother Jones online:  http://motherjones.com (esp. the 'web exclusives' area & archives)

ok, enough for now... i'll get off my soapbox. peace.

                    9.22.2001 (saturday)

my friends,
we've finally heard from harry and jana, and they were not hurt. we thank God for their safety. these are difficult times, and we are grateful to all of you for your kindness.

     ~jon, nancy, & mimi
                    9.12.2001 (wednesday)

today's horrifying events have filled all of us with sadness and fear. we hope to go foward with prayers and work in the service of peace, understanding, and compassion.
in addition to bass guitar things, several of us here at bunnybass are also directly involved with anti-violence and social justice work, and due to today's tragic events in New York City i'm sure there will be a lot of new work that we will have to be turning our immediate attention to. there is so much that needs to be done, and i'm hopeful that you will all understand if some of the things that jon and i usually attend to on a daily and weekly basis (e-mails, site updates, etc.) drag a bit from our end. our sincerest apologies.
we have not yet been able to be in contact with our dear friends jana and harry, who live in Manhattan, and are praying for their safety.
please be with care, every one of you.

     ~jon, nancy, & mimi
                    9.11.2001 (tuesday)

i just put a new interview up - check it out, it's Jeff Berlin! jon interviewed him about his new CD "In Harmony's Way" and also a bit about music education. we had a really fun time trying to figure out what kind of questions would be good to ask him - basically we could have gone on and on with tons more questions because he's the kind of thinker that has something provocative to say about practically everything under the sun. but of course he Jeff has a life, so... (if you read his interview you'll realize just how insanely busy the guy is!) anyway, we hope you enjoy it.

                    8.29.2001 (wednesday)

whoops, forgot to change basswars on sunday night. maybe nobody noticed...
also - the fodera basses (three emperors, one monarch, and one imprerial) as well as the fancy taylor ABG, are now up in the pretty basses gallery. nice pictures - thanks jon!

                    8.21.2001 (tuesday)

jon just sent me some preliminary pics of a bunch of fodera basses and a taylor that just came in. wow, they're SO pretty! *drool* too bad none of them are fretless huh, not that i'd be able to afford one on a teacher's salary. hmm - i wonder how much money i'd get for my (beat up) zon 5 and the microwave oven that i never use? (probably enough to buy a fodera pickup and three tuning machines or something...) anyway, look for the new delicious pics to be going up sometime next week.
on a personal note, i finally bought myself a new bicycle helmet yesterday (THAT i can afford!). the one i was using was an old one given to me by my next door neighbor and it was kinda too big for my head (someone told me that riding with a helmet that doesn't fit perfect is dangerous). it's really nice - it's white and shiny, and i put reflective stickers on the sides so that it'll be that much harder for cars to kill me if i decide to ride around my neighborhood at night. there are a lot of cars around here nowdays, and they drive fast. i started riding bicycle as part of an excercise thing that i'm supposed to do - it was either this or swimming (don't know how, don't like public showers) or jogging (forget it!). i like to ride the bicycle, it's fun.

                    8.18.2001 (saturday)

miss angel evil (of the scottish band the superevils) added to the girls gallery! in other news, i lost my favorite hat. if anyone finds it (natural fiber colored, black ribbon-thing), please e-mail me. take care everybody.

                    8.14.2001 (tuesday)

ok, i finally added the new pictures of the incoming bunnybass crew to the 'who we are' page. now you can see tiny pictures of jana, harry, and henner (well, sort of). also you will notice that the page now has little animated bunnies on it - i've had those animated bunnies in a folder on my computer for almost two years now (nancy gave them to me), with no place to put them. i dunno why i didn't think of putting them on that page before. i like the bunny with the magnifying glass best - isn't it so neat how his eye gets big? i love it.

                    8.10.2001 (friday)

news flash (kind of): this past weekend was sorta like a 'bunnybass summit' in los angeles. jon and nancy met with harry and jana (harry's good friend) to discuss the future of bunnybass. the good news is that everybody had a great time and everyone agrees that it would be a good thing to keep bunnybass going into the future. the bad news is... well, there is no bad news. the details are still a bit fuzzy but the general idea is that harry and jana will slowly take over more and more of the responsibilities from nancy, jon, and myself as they become more familiar with doing all the bunnybass work (learning how to do all the bunnybass work at once is impossible, so the transition process will actually take a couple of months). none of us are in a huge hurry though, so we are taking a 'in it's own time' kind of attitude towards all of this. but we (the old bunnybass crew) will be slowly inch-ing towards retirement as harry, jana, and probably a friend or two (the new bunnybass crew) get comfortable. there may be some overlap for a while, but the outcome looks promising - nancy will get to focus 100% of that brain of hers on school, jon will be able to concentrate on his research, and i will be able to do...well, lots of 'other stuff' that i've been wanting to do for a while. the first thing that harry and jon are working on is a museum section for vintage exotic basses. it should be online in... i dunno, maybe a few weeks? and there's also a bunch more stuff in development but it's still all kinda a secret for now. oh yeah - i forgot to mention, if you're interested, i made a new 'who we are' page - i'll be posting tonight (in a few days?) after i work the bugs out. it'll have harry and jana's pictures on it! ^_^ (i also officially 'retired' keith's picture - only about two and a half years late... *lol* hey, things happen real slow around here. anyway, i'm sure i'm forgetting something, but no matter - i always do...
oh, wait a minute, now i remember what i was going to say. i got a CD in the mail yesterday from jon, and when i opened it i was like "Johnny Cash?! why the hell is he sending me this???" but my curiosity was piqued by the title: "Johnny Cash at Fulsom Prison". for you young ones, or those of you (like me) who are generally annoyed by 'country music', this is a classic album that was recorded live in front of an audience of 2,000 inmates at fulsom prison in california back in 1968. anyway, i gave it a spin and i'm just so blown away. i've already listened to it three or four times since yesterday. it is a starkly beautiful and haunting album that's both deeply personal and profoundly political at the same time. and the musicianship is awesome too. if you aren't already familiar with this album, you might try giving it a listen.
ok, i think now i'm really done. take care all,

                    7.31.2001 (tuesday)

hello, just here to report a bunch of updates that i did tonight: three new amusing basses (2 on page 49 and another wishnevsky on 47), a bunch of new women as well as a whole lot of new pics to existing pages in the "girl pix" gallery, five new entries in the basses/pets gallery, and one new bass for the "basses for girls" page. i think that's it for now. take care,

                    7.27.2001 (friday)

hi everybody - sorry i haven't posted in a while. i've actually been letting myself get more involved with reading lately. it's great. about three weeks ago i told myself i was going to read at least one chapter or one essay every night - i was a little worried i wasn't actually going to follow through with this, but the funny thing is that i've actually been doing it every night, and sometimes i read more. wow, i guess i was ready for it or something. it's a nice feeling, i think i'm entering a new part of my life, consistently learning lots of new stuff from reading again. when i'm not reading i can't wait to sit down and read more stuff. at the moment i'm going through two books - one is howard zinn's 'the future of history' (excellent!) and the other is 'the long haul', which is the autobiography of myles horton (one of my role models). any of you interested in education or social change work out there, please read this book. you will enjoy it.
bass stuff - jon and nancy are meeting with harry this weekend to work out the new bunnybass stuff. hopefully harry and pals will be taking over soon and then 'boom!' - bunnybass will get all strange again. jon and me and harry go back a few years and i know he's going to take bunnybass to a new place. i'm excited, this is going to be cool. it's like what jon was telling me just a couple of days ago - it's like our favorite bass site is going to have a bunch of new stuff and it's finally going to be new to us too. you know what i mean?

                    7.27.2001 (friday)

hi folks, i just talked to jon for a while tonight, and i have (tentative) good news. none of this is confirmed or guaranteed stuff so this may end up not happening, but i don't think there's anything wrong with just posting it anyways. it just sounds really exciting to me and i wanted to share it with everyone.
jon may have found someone who'd be willing to keep bunnybass going. he's actually someone who we've both known for a few years now, and i like him a lot - a very, very nice man. his name is harry and his 'real job' is running a recording studio. he brings a lot of knowledge in an area that we (me, jon, nancy) are very weak in. he's also a real bass nut (which is, of course, very important), with lots of knowledge in unusual basses (hey!). he's from germany and has a really unique perspective on basses, and naturally he has lots of experience with basses that we very rarely see here in the states (european stuff). harry's obssession with finding, collecting, trading, and playing exotic and weird basses has been his hobby for a long time - something like 20 years or so. it gets even better: harry may have help from his friends - a guy who is kinda like the 'roger sadowsky of paris' (?!), and maybe another guy in NYC who does stuff with basses and baritone guitars (sorry, i kinda forgot what jon said). like i said, none of this is certain yet, but i just wanted to keep you posted on what's going on at the moment. but personally i'm excited, because i already know and respect harry, and the three of them together sound like they could bring a whole new level of knowledge and experience to the site that would really be a excellent resource for everyone who visits. the best part is that harry is just really a wonderful person and has (in my opinion) really the right way of thinking about things - which is to say, the weird way. SO! i am crossing my fingers. personally i think that if this were to really happen, it would be really neat. you know what? i have a good feeling about this... bunnybass may be on the move - honolulu - boston - los angeles - new york city - paris - germany... wow...

                    7.06.2001 (friday)

nancy, jon, and i put up lots of amusing basses yesterday - something like 36 new basses on eleven new pages (plus i think a new one on page 36?)... but... i'm really sorry if you sent in an amusing bass and i didn't give you proper credit. i usually try to do that but this time i procrastinated for such a long time before posting them that i misplaced the list with everybody's names on it... my bad. so a big thank you to to everyone who sent pictures, and my apologies too. also, if you haven't noticed the new index page - special thanks to nancy for making it. i think it's really cool. i want to go to sleep before midnight tonight... goodnight...

                    7.02.2001 (monday)

hello again everybody. well, the three of us (jon, nancy, and i) have been talking a lot lately about the bunnybass website. most of our conversations have centered around a problem that we've all been having - not enough time!
a bit of 'history' (as if anyone cares) - jon, keith, and i launched the bunnybass website about three years ago, on sunday, july 18, 1999. in the beginning, i'd say jon and i each did about half the work, with keith pitching in about... um, maybe one or two percent. *lol* shortly after going online, keith kinda drifted away (otherwise known as 'getting married'), and so we decided to replace him with someone much prettier (nancy). then i started to get sick and stuff and so i said i was going to do less things (and i did), and that's when nancy really started doing lots of bunnybass work. and then i started slacking off even more and that's a whole other story... *smile*
aaaaaanyway, for maybe the past year and a half, nancy and jon's kept bunnybass floating along very nicely, pretty much all by themselves. i've kept up with a bit of the e-mail and a few other things and we've all had lots of fun, but it's been a lot of work too - the three of us have sent and replied to way over 10,000 bunnybass e-mails. can you imagine that? that's actually kinda a scary thought - i wonder what else we coulda done with all those hours if we hadn't been e-mailing? like perfect cold fusion or something.
for a variety of reasons, though, we've all become really really busy - particularly this past year. for me, it's been kinda a nice turn. i'm finding myself enjoying teaching more and more. i've decided that what i'd really like is to have more time to do more community-based projects with my students, research my own interests in education a lot more, and other teaching-related things like that. basically i just want to do all the stuff that i think will help me become a better teacher. as for jon, over the past year or so he's also been working really hard directing a strange and wonderful education project called marginX. it's so cool - i think it's going to have a real impact on changing education for the better. not to mention he's still working on his doctoral research - so basically the guy has no time to sleep. and nancy's a full-time student again (yay!) plus she never gave up all of her volunteer work... so...
so. to make a long story short, after much talking things over we've all decided together that we won't be doing the bunnybass thing anymore. we've decided that it's time to either 1) put bunnybass to sleep, or 2) find someone new to continue bunnybass-ing into the future. lazyass that i am, i've asked jon to handle all this stuff while i sip this coffee i'm not supposed to be drinking and read all the books i didn't have time to read during the school year. i know jon will figure something out that we will all be happy with. to me, it'd be ideal if we could find a person (or a couple of people) that would do the necessary work that'd keep bunnybass going. i've grown really attached to this website the way it is, but it'd also be good to see how this website would evolve too. everything changing, changing...
anyway, i'm not writing this as some sort of a 'final goodbye' or anything - it's not time for that yet. but as the designated online yapper of us three, i did want to write a short note to keep all our bunnybass pals and supporters a little up to date on what we've been talking about around here. i still have a lot of amusing basses to do (they're all written up and color corrected and what have you, i just haven't posted em yet) and quite a few women to add to the bassists/guitarists picture pages. and of course we'll continue to try to find new homes for the few consignment basses we still have in the pretty basses gallery. but basically we're thinking of these next few months as a kind of transition-time. transition-to-what we don't exactly know yet, but we do know that things will be changing in the future. sometime kinda-soon. somehow. i'll try to keep you posted as stuff happens!
^_^ take care all,

                    7.01.2001 (still sunday)

heehee. someone sent us a picture of meat for this week's basswars. it kinda amuses me to see that picture next to that picture of vanessa paradis... :D and as an added bonus, if you click on the meat picture, you'll get a nice little meat diagram and meat links courtesy of nancy the vegetarian. cool.

                    7.01.2001 (sunday)

oops. i see jon already posted the new photo tips stuff. thanks jon! you can find it here. also, a playboy bunny (?!) went and found her way into the basses and their pets gallery (long story). okay, enough bunnybass stuff for tonight...

                    6.22.2001 (still friday)

just some random new stuff to mention. i posted some stuff that one of our e-friends brought to our attention. very weird - someone seems to have created a bass store called 'nickbass' by 'appropriating' text from the bunnybass website, and taking a bunch of basses from our pretty basses gallery...?! *blink blink* okaaaay. in other news, i also added a bunch of women to the girls pics gallery. that gallery is finally getting to be a respectable size, but of course that gallery still only represents a fraction of a fraction of the millions... no, BILLIONS of women bassists and guitarists out there. yeah. anything else? hmmm, i think that is it for now. i also have to post some new photography diagrams that jon sent me and also a whole bunch of amusing basses too, but i think that'll have to wait till maybe tomorrow or...? i guess i'll let you know when those are up. check back please. take care,

                    6.22.2001 (friday)

just heard from david king that the Bass Gear Review Archive has a new home. you can find it here.

                    6.03.2001 (saturday)

jon's flipping out for this bass. me, i have more important things to think about. today is day one of 'no coffee' program. my doctor said i have to stop drinking coffee, among other things. giving up the other stuff is easy, but i like coffee. coffee is yummy. coffee... *sigh*

                    6.02.2001 (saturday)

i just have a few things to mention today. i re-did the girls gallery. it looks much nicer, and neater too now. i also added some people to 'basses and their pets'. and finally, a story of a bad ebay experience that you can read about here. take care folks! have a wonderful weekend.

                    6.01.2001 (friday)

wow, i just found out that nancy has a cat! um... that's all the news i have for now i guess.
oh, wait. i guess i do have one other thing to announce (cept it's not as interesting as nancy's got a cat) - we got another cool bass in today: an atelier Z. never seen one of these before, but it looks real nice. but getting back to the cat, jon and nancy sent me a couple pictures of the cat, and it's _really_ cute. i like grey and white cats. looking forward to playing with that cat in the near future... maybe summer-time?

                    5.26.2001 (saturday)

hey! jon sent me some new 'wallpaper' stuff, and i finally went and put it up (it's in the free wallpaper section). i especially like the new ones he photographed at makapuu - one of my very favorite places to go for a walk. i'm using one of these new ones for my desktop now. mmm, so soothing to look at. there's also a couple bass guitar ones - so big and close up it's almost like touching the basses, so those are pretty neat too. i'll keep bugging jon to make me some more wallpapers. i like to rotate em once in a while. well, i have no idea if anyone besides me likes these kinds of things, but i hope _someone_ is making use of em...

                    5.24.2001 (thursday)

ooo. it's almost summer time... i can feel the big one coming on. yesss. don't get me wrong, i like to do stuff with students, but i could do without the bell and the chairs organized into rows and the lame-ass pep rallies. yeah. so anyway things have been pretty heavy lately and the bunnybass stuff's been piling up in my 'to do' folder. i got a million amusing basses to post and lots more girls for the photo galleries too. yikes. that's gonna take me a few days to put together. later. one nice thing that i'm enjoying right now is all the new basses that we've been putting in the pretty bass gallery. i think the photographs are getting nicer all the time (thanks jon!). on the down side though, i just talked to nancy and jon and it sounds like they're drowning in basses right now. sounds kinda fun to me, but i guess there is such a thing as too many basses. but selfish me, i like having all the new pictures to look at. in fact, i wish we could get a representative example of every nice bass out there (we're still missing quite a few). but that'd take... well, a real looong time i suppose. i'm sure we won't ever get around to doing that, but it woulda been really cool if we could've somehow done it (i'm really into collecting virtual stuff, have you noticed?). i had a whole bunch of things that i thought i wanted to write down here, but now i can't remember any of it. maybe tomorrow. in the meantime, goodnight folks, and sweet dreams.

                    5.17.2001 (thursday)

hi everyone, i finally got around to posting the interview with john carruthers, and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did. i also did a little bit of rearranging the interview files, so if you've bookmarked any of them, you'll have to update the url. i also just put up new basswars. this week leland sklar is going up against a rikiya and..... conan! eewwwww!! (well, maybe some of you will be aroused by that picture..) we also have some new basses in the pretty bass section if you haven't already seen them. we have an alembic series II bass, and an alembic spoiler, a very neat looking custom tobias, and a zon legacy standard. we'll i better go. i've got so much work to do that i barely have time for bunnybass stuff. new stuff coming up for the site... i've got more girl pictures and a whole bunch of amusing basses as well (thanks to everyone sending stuff in!), not to mention the message board, and maybe some other things... we're just going to be a little slow at putting stuff up. we're just all so busy. sorry about that! please take care,

                    5.06.2001 (sunday)

hello again. just wanted to pop in and say 'hi'. it's real early - still dark outside, the sun hasn't come up yet. things have been real crazy around here lately - huge teachers strike here in hawaii. it looks like the strike itself is over now, so we're all scurrying around trying to catch up with all sorts of things. and we're nearing the end of the school year too. oof, i just realized that i'm really tired. sorry i haven't had a chance to re-organize the girl galleries yet, just been so busy with all the other stuff. i'll do it soon. i haven't had a chance to touch my bass for about three weeks too - probably the longest my bass has ever just sat doing nothing. i don't even want to think about how bad i'm gonna sound when i start up again... yuck. hmm, i guess i don't really have any news to report. as they say - 'no news is good news', right? gotta do the laundry tonight, i'm running out of clothes. is that news? take care everyone.

                    4.27.2001 (friday)

hi folks! i just put up a few pictures in the bass pet's gallery, and a whole bunch of new girls in the girls gallery. the girls index page might be a little bit slow to load right now (way too many pictures) - i'll have to do some reorganizing with that. we'll also have a few more instruments posted very soon, as well as an interview with John Carruthers. i hope you had a safe and pleasant holiday!

                    4.16.2001 (monday)

a new interview is up - john hall, CEO of rickenbacker! lovely basses, soo much style. a very interesting and informative interview (and mini-factory tour to boot). oo, i notice he's wearing a nice aloha shirt too - i wonder if that was for us? *kekek* enjoy everybody!

                    4.10.2001 (tuesday)

seventeen new instruments to amuse you! you can find them on pages 32 through 36. thanks to everyone who keep sending them in! peace!

                    4.06.2001 (friday)

wow, lots of new basses in the pretty bass archive. lemme see - a couple of new rickenbackers (one very beautiful old one, and a lovely new lefty V63), a really cool gibson EB-1, a cute les paul special-shaped EBO (i'd like that one for myself!), a beautiful washburn... and a whole bunch of other stuff that i can't remember at the moment (even though i just uploaded them like ten mintues ago!)... oh yeah, there's also a ned steinberger-designed gibson 20/20 bass - yikes.
on my bed stand i've got a couple of books that i've really been enjoying - well i don't know if 'enjoy' is the right word - one is a book by ivan illich called 'deschooling society' (should be required reading for anyone who's ever mistaken schooling for education), and the other one is a book my friend dennis gave me maybe almost ten years ago (!) and i never got around to reading till now - 'steal this book' by abbie hoffman. what a wonderful mind the man has. really enjoying that one... aah, books, nice books. okie, i'm pretty sleepy now, it's almost 1 AM and i have to get up early tomorrow morning. goodnight all.

                    4.05.2001 (thursday)

ah, new basses in the pretty bass section: a lovely pre-gibson tobias and a fancy fender p-bass. nice! also, a new interview, this one with stephen mosher of moses graphite. neeeet. i think we have more coming too... soon!

                    3.30.2001 (friday)

hi folks! i finally got around to finishing and posting the new reviews section. sorry for taking so long! i don't know how good this section will be, but hopefully with your help it'll be great. thank you all for being so patient. i'll try and add more categories and things later, but for now i think it's a good start. other new stuffs...have you seen the tobias killer 'b' we have for sale in the pretty basses section? by the way, we'll be getting in some new basses in a short while, and we're also going to be upgrading the message board, which will get rid of some of the bugs we have now (like the search function that doesn't work). jon's back in hawaii now, but he's so busy! i hope we'll get a chance to have lunch. take care everyone!

                    3.20.2001 (tuesday)

new anna kjellberg pictures here. thanks pterantula!

                    3.7.2001 (wednesday)

never seen one of these before - it's an all-graphite rainsong acoustic bass guitar - super rare. it's smooth as glass but looks figured like fancy wood or something (the effect is hard to describe). lots of close up pictures from jon for everyone to look at. to me this is probably the neatest bass we've had so far.

                    3.5.2001 (monday)

hello there! i finally got around to putting up the 'ending' to our mystery bass donor story. a very generous (anonymous) man sent us a beautiful bass guitar last summer and asked us to find a promising young musician to give it to. after a lengthy search (where we considered a whole bunch of people), jon and i decided to give the bass to a very talented (and nice!) guy named lawson who lives out in nanakuli. i was going to post pictures of lawson and his new bass right after we gave it to him, but i procrastinated so long afterwards i couldn't find where i put the film, then my scanner died, then tons of other dumb excuses, and so many months later i FINALLY have pictures to post. anyway, if you don't know what i'm talking about you can read about the whole thing here. i love being reminded of how unselfish and good people can be. ^__^

                    2.26.2001 (monday)

i finally got around to posting some new amusing basses and guitars (bottom of page 30, page 31). some of those are actually really funny. i also posted a nice-looking white steinberger bass in the pretty bass archive. i'm glad we finally got some photos of one of those in there - i have a black one myself but i like the look of the white ones better. they're getting so hard to find i thought we'd never get a chance to photograph one of those. i also did my weekly duty of changing the basswars pics. and finally, i think i'm only a couple weeks away from being done with the book and cd reviews pages, so please wait just a little bit longer. i'm just been drowning in school and commnity work lately (stuff that can't wait) and haven't had more than 10 minutes at a time to work on any new bunnybass stuff. much mahalo to those of you who've been waiting so patiently for new stuff to show up on our site.

                    2.24.2001 (saturday)

here's something special - we've been loving the rob allen basses for a while now, and suddenly *poof* here are a few beautiful examples of his instruments right here at bunnybass - four basses and a baritone guitar too. go look at them, they're awesome! these hand-picked and special-order beauties are being consigned by albert molinaro, long-time friend and dealer for rob allen. cool huh? there's also a very nice interview and shop tour with rob allen that nancy and jon put together for us (it's in the interviews section). i really love interviews, and we'll be getting more very soon too. keep checking back, ok? take care everyone,

                    2.12.2001 (monday)

ah, more new stuff on the site - some new basses for sale (three or four more coming this week too), a few more folks joining the gallery page bunch, and a neat-o stick-on product for you to check out in the misc. stuff pages called "kalbass". it's really neat, i just put a couple of pictures of it up and also a short description of what it is. our pal alex over in france sent us a few so us folks here at bunnybass have been sticking them on our basses to try them out. thanks alex. :)
today my friend and i were walking around town and i was feeling thirsty. just at that moment i saw a poster for milkshakes in the window of jack-in-the-box (the killer hamburger place) and suddenly decided that i was in the mood for a milkshake (advetisements work so good on me). i had a coffee-flavored one and it was SO sweet that by the time i'd finished it, i was even more thirsty than when i'd started. hmm. that's all, i just wanted to share. oh yeah, i just heard from jon today that he bought a used polytone amp today for $50. according to him it's in mint condition and came with the polytone cover, extra fuses, manuals, schematics, and even the original store receipt from 1980! geez - how come i don't ever find stuff like that in hawaii?  ' _ '

                    2.04.2001 (sunday)

hi folks! i have some new additions to tell you about. i've put up a bunch of new girls in the bass/guitar player gallery, and a bunch of new amusing basses as well. we also have a couple new instruments for sale, an ibanez and a tune bass. you can look at these on the pretty basses page. that's all for now. take care,

     ~ mimi
                    1.26.2001 (friday)

hi everybody - not a big addition, but i did add an update to the whole (awful) boxybox story (it's at the very end of the page). oh, you know what? i just discovered a show on television called 'blind date' - have you ever seen that? ew, it's terrible! and i can't stop watching either.

     ~ mimi
                    1.16.2001 (tuesday)


hi everyone. happy new year and welcome to our new home! please update your bookmarks to our new url:


as you can see, the "what's new" posts from last year have been removed, but if you'd still like to look at those, just click on the link at the top or bottom of this page. our new email address is bunnies@bunnybass.com so you can send all your questions and comments to us here, or continue to use our email form. (please remember to update your email address books as well.) i've tried to double and triple check the whole site to make sure that everything works and that all links are okay, but if i happen to miss something (broken links, spelling mistakes, etc.), please let me know and i'll fix it.

there's a new interview with bass builder david king that's up now, and also a miffy book in mimi's closet. we've also got a few more basses up in the pretty bass section, and they really are pretty - two ken smiths, a custom jazz bass, and a warwick dolphin. i'll also be posting some new amusing basses real soon. take care everyone! i hope you all have a wonderful new year.

     ~ nancy
                    1.04.2001 (thursday)

bunnybass.com: a new home for bunnybass to start the new year. special thanks to nancy who did the whole change-over. we've already moved a couple of times, but now we (hopefully) have a permanent home. aaah - feels good! ^_^ i also wanted to say 'thank you' to all the long-time supporters of this website - you know who you are. i sincerely wish you all a wonderful year filled with love and kindness. please take care,

     ~ mimi

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