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hi again - hope you're all having a nice, relaxing hoiday (are you watching football on television?).
jon just sent me a few revisions and additions to the photo tips and photoshop demo pages, and i've just posted them. i've always wondered about some of those things (especially the part on reflections and the big blow-up pictures of the compression stuff in the photoshop pages - that was neat), so i'm grateful that he's taken the time to write this all up. i really enjoyed editing that stuff and putting the pages together, i feel like i learned something about photography - maybe my pictures will come out nicer now? anyways, thanks jon.
well, i'm going to give myself a mini-vacation from all this bunnybass stuff for a few days. i'll be back in a few days to post a few new instruments that i haven't done yet and also i have to post the new interviews - i think you're going to like them a lot. but first, a day or two of napping. this past couple weeks of posting all this new stuff, in addition to all the crazy things going on at school has kinda worn me out. bzzt, like that. so i think tonight'll just be a quiet night at home with my family. unless we decide to play mahjong - then it'll be crazy noisy. my poor neighbors...
well, it's christmas eve. merry christmas everyone! (or if you're just into the commercial aspect of it, then 'happy present day!') take care, and as always, please be careful...

     ~ mimi
                    12.24.2000 (sunday)

hi. i just posted a few new instruments in the galleries - two incredible looking basses (a sukop 5, a smith 6), and a trippy rainsong acoustic guitar (this one is in the guitar gallery). gosh these are all so pretty. we have a few more coming in right after christmas, and a whole bunch right after the new year too. i think things are going to get real interesting around here in 2001. yup.

     ~ mimi
                    12.23.2000 (saturday)

hello there. just a real quick note. i just posted the 'how to photograph your bass' page that i've been meaning to put up for a while. i think jon did a nice job taking all the pictures for the examples and writing the text. we haven't edited it yet, but i think it's already 'close enough', so i'm just posting it already (jon's probably having a cow...). we'll just make the additions and changes as we go along, just like the rest of this continually evolving, imperfect site. i really like these pages - i hope you find them helpful. ok - got lots to do today, so i better run along. if i don't get to post again before christmas, i want to send you all my sincerest "happy christmas" wishes. please take care,

     ~ mimi
                    12.22.2000 (friday)

hi folks. the girls gallery was only up a few days before i realized i really had to reorganize it so that i'll be able to efficiently add to it later. so now everybody's got their own page and a thrown together discography - they're not real complete but i figure it's better than nothing. just to give you an idea, you know? i didn't get around to putting the comments button back on the pages - if you want to suggest others for the site, please feel free to e-mail me, and if i can find nice pictures of them i'll put them up too (when i have time). here's a few people that i'm trying to find nice pics of - preferably pics of them playing bass or guitar: sarah mclachlan, the bassist from the go-go's (name?), suzanne vega (one of my favorites), meshell ndegeocello (love her), p.j. harvey (love her too), liz phair (love her too)... um, i'm forgetting the rest. if any of you have some great photo of any one of these girls, i'd appreciate it if you put it in an envelope and put it under the doormat. oh yes - thanks for those of you who called me on those misspellings. sorry about that - that's what happense when you're just throwing stuff together! mmm. i'm going to have some tea now - it's almost bedtime. and finally, and most importantly - everybody, please take it slow these next few weeks. there's a lot of stressed out and rushing-around people out there, especially during the holidays. please be careful.

     ~ mimi
                    12.20.2000 (wednesday)

this is cool. there's rallies and stuff for most of today so i'm just sitting here by myself in my classroom, playing on the computer. lazyass school teachers...
new stuff: i put up some new pages this past weekend. i put up a new page called "basses come from trees" - this page is based on some of the talks jon and i have been having on the subject of trees. yeah, we talk about 'trees'... anyway there's some nice pictures on that page and some valuable (i think) links on the bottom that are really worth visiting.
okay, i do have some school stuff to do, so i guess i better go. laters.

     ~ mimi
                    12.18.2000 (monday)

ah. so it appears that the u.s. finally knows who the next president will be (the cocaine guy). sure took long enough. maybe we'll learn something from this and four years from now we'll be casting our vote by pointing at the donkey (or the elephant) and yelling the name of the person you want in the white house three times. what do you think - pretty dummy-proof, huh? as you may have noticed, the bunnybass site looks different now. nancy and i've been working on updating and reorganizing the site. the on-screen type was a bit too big before, i think it looks a lot better now. i also like the index page way better now. i added two new pages - a picture archive of bass/guitar playing women and also a page where you can download free wallpaper for your computer's desktop. and if you were wondering where the bunny-doodles and freaky bunnies went (you probably weren't), i moved em into the closet. yeah, i have quite a few more new things to finish and upload - should be up shortly. i'll write again real soon. take care,

     ~ mimi
                    12.13.2000 (wednesday)

woohoo!!! UH Wahines are going to the final four! yaaaaaaay!!! *everyone uninterested in women's volleyball are allowed to roll their eyes here*
anyways... ah, so the bunnybass site is finally working again. sorry folks, sometimes the server just gets all stupid and doesn't work. my e-mail's been down for a couple of days too. very annoying. if i had lots of money i'd just buy a server and pay someone smart to press the right buttons - but alas, till that happens i think the bunnybass site is condemned to this on/off/on kinda existance. again, i'm sorry if you've been trying to get on unsuccessfully.
on the upside, my sister's new rabbit (cornel west) is doing real well - he's getting more and more friendly. sometimes when i'm hanging laundry up he'll come and snuggle my feet. aaawww - how cuuuute!!! also, i'm working on more stuff for the site - some silly stuff that's just for fun, but also some other stuff that i think'll be 'useful' and educational. or something. oh yeah, and still no decision on who's the next u.s. president. hopefully this means we'll have no 'leader' for at least the next four years and the u.s. will finally leave the rest of the world alone for a little bit. i dunno - all i can say is that this whole mess is just really, really boring. okay, i'm going to try doing some bunnybass work. bye now!

     ~ mimi
                    12.8.2000 (Friday)

anybody looking for a nice, inexpensive digital camera? jon is selling his bunnybass digital camera (actually it's a fuji mx-2700). this is the camera that took mostly all the basses on this website. i have one just like it, but i'm keeping mine. anyway, if you're interested, you can take a look at it here. hey jon, who's that girl on your camera?

     ~ mimi
                    11.9.2000 (Friday)

oooh, election night hangover. well, it's been 24 hours and we still don't know who'll be the next president of the united states. we do know that it won't be ralph nader. hmm - no big surprise. anyway, they're still counting ballots over there in florida. hopefully they'll find some reason to disqualify both bush and gore. you know what's werid? i notice i keep forgetting they're actually not the same person - i always smush their names together and call them both 'president bore'. it's so hard to tell one from the other. doesn't really matter i guess.
on a different note (but equally important as the presidential elections), i did get to put more cute pictures of bunnies in my closet. also, there's a new rant on the rants page about monster jazz basses. oh - more big news - my sister brought home a 'new' rabbit. he's SO cute (i think he's a 'he' but it's hard to tell with rabbits...). of course i still miss Bunny, but i've resigned myself to the thought that she's not coming back. this bunny is quite a bit larger, browner, and has floppier ears than Bunny. he likes to sit in the tiny space under the air conditioner - weird. he's also pretty clumsy - keeps stepping in his food dish. my sister told me to name him (she thinks this will help me bond with this bunny - as if i needed the encouragement) - i think i will name him...'Cornel West'.

     ~ mimi
                    11.9.2000 (Thursday)

hi folks! i forgot to let you know about the new stuff that i put up recently. looks like john turner is going to be retired as undefeated this weekend. he's up against gene simmons and ben stiller...yikes! now you know what jon does with his spare time. just kidding! there's a few new pages of amusing basses that i put up a couple of weeks ago - thanks to all the good people that sent in pictures. i also interviewed a carver named doug rowell so please go check it out. election day is coming up in less than a week and since the media is censoring election coverage, i thought i'd suggest this website: http://www.votenader.org. take care folks. i hope you all had a good halloween.

     ~ mimi
                    11.1.2000 (Wednesday)

i made quite a few additions here and there today. there's a couple of new additions to the bass tips page (thanks mark, aya, and john!), the basses and their pets gallery (pterantula's in there, as well as a bass playing cat!), and my closet (new picture of a rabbit playing with a balloon - cute!). i also changed the bass wars, which has been up for what seems like forever. poor john turner - he's been up there for like 4 weeks but only gets credit for winning two. sorry john. oh, i also noticed tonight that i somehow managed to lose part of this 'what's new' page (below) - my entries before march have mysteriously disappeared. i have no idea how i did that. i tried to remember what i wrote between the new year and march, but i can't remember any of it. must have not been very important. no big deal i guess - there's probably a total of three or four people who actually read this stuff anyway...
okay then, time for go sleep. sweet dreams mimi.

     ~ mimi
                    10.18.2000 (Tursday)

okay, i think (?) that everything's supposed to be working now. this server change hasn't been fun. first the server people gave us two days notice that they were shutting down the server (two days!) and then after we moved everything on time (thanks nancy!), they didn't enable the new server for days and days. hopefully things will be stable for a while now that we've moved everything to the 'new' (supposedly better) server. we'll see. by the way, if you go to the message board and only see a few threads listed, you can get more by setting the 'show topics' thing to more days, like, maybe 30 days or something. anyway, if you find some kind of problem with the site, feel free to email us and we'll check it out. thanks everyone.

     ~ mimi
                    10.18.2000 (Tursday)

hi folks, we've just been forced to move to a new server which was why our site was down for a few days. i'm trying to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. please bear with us while we try and fix things. thank you for your patience. take care,

     ~ mimi
                    10.18.2000 (Wednesday)

wow - the Olympics are exciting. i'm usually not a 'watch sports on TV' kind of person, but this stuff is addictive...even the nauseating 'this athlete overcame tragic soandso' mini-dramas - god they're so annoying, but i can't seem to look away. yeah, but i especially enjoyed watching the women's volleyball. with two former UH girls on the team, i was really pulling for them. i thought they did great, i was so proud of them. all those big girls - wow. my two week vacation is half-over, and i'm really behind in all my work because of all this TV watching i've been doing lately. gotta hide in my room the next few days and try to catch up. oh, by the way, congradulations to john turner and his enormous bass for his resounding thumping of liz phair and an old jazz bass in basswars. anything else? hmm - lemme see, i dunno. i have a bunch of nice new things to post to this site, but i doubt i'll be able to get around to it till later this week. work gotta come first i guess. anyhoo, nothing much else going on i guess. be good folks! ^_^

     ~ mimi
                    10.1.2000 (Sunday)

okay, the message board is back up. i added a link to the archive of 'old' threads - all the stuff that was generated by the old message board. the link is in the upper right hand of the message board page, next to the search button. unfortunately, all those discussions (and there were some good discussions mixed in there) are currently unsearchable. but i just thought i'd put it up just in case anybody wanted some good browsing material. i guess that's it for now. take care...

     ~ mimi
                    08.31.2000 (Thursday)

hiya. if you're checking to see what's up with the message board, i took it down for what i thought would be a few minutes, but as usual (for me), it's gonna be a little longer. i'll have it up again by tomorrow afternoon. just wanted to fix some of the idiosyncra...dammit, how do you spell that? just a few minor repairs. anyway, sorry! tomorrow!

     ~ mimi
                    08.30.2000 (Wednesday)

hello again. i just finished making a new page of amusing basses - we're up to twenty-two pages. thank you to those of you who continue to send us links to these ...um... 'thought-provocative' instruments. for those of you who haven't looked through these pages for a while, you might want to go and see some of the new additions. some of them are truly awful. by the way, if you haven't already noticed, people have been leaving comments on various basses by clicking on the 'read or write a comment' buttons next to each bass. some of the comments are really funny - i really enjoy reading through them! and bocephus, daddio replicant - whoever you are, thanks for your comments!
the past several days i've put up a few basses for sale in the bass archive. when jon gets around to photographing the remaining couple more that we have (waiting...waiting...), i'll put those ones up too. one of them is a really great sounding and playing carruthers bass...in a bizarre baby blue color. well, you'll see what i'm talking about in a few days i guess.
as soon as jon gets totally settled down in LA, things will change a bit around here. in addition to taking care of most of the bass consignment stuff (which he's already doing), i'm also asking jon to do more of the e-mail duties from now on too. i'll continue to do some stuff around here (amusing basses, bass wars, etc.), but hopefully jon will be able to do enough to free me up to concentrate on some other web-projects that i've been dragging my feet on.
one last thing - over the past year i've frequently received questions on basses: how much does it weigh? what are the dimensions? what is the serial number? stuff like that. so i'm going to work on making a standardized spec sheet (or something) that i can use on each new bass's page. anyway, i'll try making something like that. ok, i guess that's it for now. goodnight - it's time for bed. :)

     ~ mimi
                    08.29.2000 (Tuesday)

again, not much going on bunnybass-wise. i've been having some more nagging e-mail problems at the marginX server. if you e-mail me and i don't get back to you the very same day, please give me another day or two. i do get around to answering all the e-mail, although sometimes it can take me a little while. sorry for the waiting. what else... lemme see... oh yeah, we got a couple of new basses in this week. i'll be posting them as soon as jon takes some pictures of them. pretty interesting looking things, they are. lastly, i put a 'new' picture of homer up on basswars - it's kinda neat - it's homer singing with sonic youth. seriously - it's really them! ^_^

     ~ mimi
                    08.23.2000 (Wednesday)

not much going on - just posted a new zon to look at in the archive of pretty basses...
oh yeah, today i was reading a short article on how 'research' has confirmed that listening to and/or playing music can improve your health - reduces stress, fights disease, and helps you recover faster when you do get sick or hurt. duh. it's funny how us modern people seem to need research to confirm what everybody already knew all along. pfft - so lame.
oh, i just thought of something - don't forget to eat enough fruits and vegetables. and vitamin supplements are good too.

     ~ mimi
                    08.16.2000 (Wednesday)

i finished posting those new amusing basses (page 21) like i mentioned yesterday. just as i was finishing that up though, someone sent in another terrific (awful) one. i'll just save it for the next group i guess. believe me, this one is REAL bad...
i also posted several new basses on the pretty basses index - a couple of them are really quite rare...
and finally, here's something that might make you smile...
take care everyone,

     ~ mimi
                    08.15.2000 (Tuesday)

okay - i put up some new amusing basses (well, just three...). i was gonna put up a few more but my computer's been throwin a hissy-fit all day today and i'm kinda tired fighting with it for now. so maybe a little later... ttfn...

     ~ mimi
                    08.14.2000 (Monday)

lazy sunday morning. i got up early today, did the laundry, made breakfast for everybody, and then went outside to plant some new stuff in the yard (i just get whatever's on sale at star market). my desert rose plant that looked like it was gonna die a few weeks ago is starting to look a little better now. still looks pathetic, but at least it has leaves now. the top leaves have spots on em - weird. i think i'm gonna go get my hair cut later today, then go see jon and his sister. i think something interesting is going on over there :) i'll be writing about it soon! take care,

     ~ mimi
                    08.13.2000 (Sunday)

ah, some of you may have noticed that the new message board is experiencing some 'technical difficulties'... i'm working on it! please be patient while i fix some of the mistakes i made the first time around. i'm also looking into paul's suggestion of having some kind of option where people can choose or submit their own icons...i'll keep you posted on this too. i'll keep you updated here soon! thanks!

     ~ mimi
                    08.10.2000 (Thursday)

hi folks! good news! i've finally got the new message board up and running! it's got some more features than the old board and right now there are two moderators - john (not jon) and maile. the messages from the old board will still be available to look at after i organize them a bit. i also brought back bass wars, but i've taken away the guest comments section since it was abused. also, we have a few of basses up for sale - a Tobias 5, a Roscoe LG-3005, a Yamaha TRB-4P, and a fretless Musicman. you can find these on the BassIndex. the Musicman and Yamaha are currently being auctioned on ebay (you can find the links on their respective pages). take care folks and have fun with the new board!

     ~ mimi
                    08.07.2000 (Monday)

hi folks. *sigh* these past weeks have been pretty bad. those of you who visit the message board and bass wars comments area know what i'm talking about. so anyway, i'm gonna work on these areas a bit and try to come up with something that'll (hopefully) make things better. i'll try to hurry it up, but still, it may take me a few days - all this scripts stuff still feels new to me.
another thing that's been getting me down is that my bunny's gone. someone opened the door-thing to the backyard and i guess he just hopped off somewhere. he hasn't come back, i haven't seen him on the road anywhere (thank god), and it doesn't look like there's been any trouble with a cat or dog or anything like that. he's real friendly - i'm guessing someone just saw him, picked him up, and took him home. if that's the case i hope that someone will bring him back. the thought of him being stuck in a cage somewhere makes me really sad. well, i guess i'll just have to see what happens.

     ~ mimi
                    7.21.2000 (Friday)

ah - d'arcy's finally gone from basswars (good!). also, jon made me a new 'they all suck' picture, just like how i asked for. it's nice to have a art-person on tap, huh? i'm happy.
last night when i was going for a walk, i startled a black cat that was hiding in some bushes near the sidewalk. she ran into the road and a car immediately ran over her. i mean, the car went clear over her - didn't touch her at all. she was fine - just kept running! i guess what they say about cats having 9 lives is true, huh? almost gave me a heart attack though - for the rest of the evening i couldn't settle down at all... that's way too much excitement for me. i wonder how she felt about the whole experience?

     ~ mimi
                    6.25.2000 (Sunday)

hi folks! well, darcy won again in basswars. this week she's up against james jamerson and a pretty rickenbacker bass. and on top of that we added another voting option - you can vote that all the pictures suck. will darcy remain the champion or are they all going down? oh, i also added this new thing to the amusing bass pages where you can comment on the basses! it took awhile to get it set up, but i'm pretty happy with the results. can't wait to see what you folks will be writing in there! enjoy!

     ~ mimi
                    6.18.2000 (Sunday)

good morning! i have a little bit of news (nothing big though)...
for those of you who've been asking me about being able to use credit cards at BunnyBass (i know, it only took us almost a year...), yes, we can finally accept credit cards. jon set up a Paypal account. we've tried it out a bit and it seems to work good (jon bought a stuffed animal on ebay with it, and i bought a frog lawn ornament). it's easy to use too, which is nice. i put some information about the paypal thing here.
i also finally finished the new batch of amusing basses - there's a lot of em - three or four new pages... anyway, i'm gonna post them sometime tonight.
i'm also working on bringing a whole bunch of new basses to the basses page. some of them will be pretty unusual ones, which is why i'm really looking forward to their arrival. they should be posted pretty soon. keep your eyes peeled!

     ~ mimi
                    6.14.2000 (Wednesday)


jon's having a "moving sale". he's moving all his stuff cross country at the end of the month so he's reduced the price of his F bass...
i changed the basswars pictures again. well, les finally went down. too bad - if he had lasted just one more week he woulda been only the second picture to get retired undefeated. but alas, d'arcy trounced him. oh - someone sent in a christina aguilera picture, but it was kinda lousy, so i went on the web to look for a better one. i did a search on her and found what seemed like a million websites dedicated to her - i couldn't believe it. anyway, i think she looks pretty in the one i chose...
the last thing is kinda 'odd' - someone sent me a picture and i have no idea who it's of or why i got it. this isn't the first time this has happened around here. people like to send us pictures i guess - which i do like, but a word of explanation couldn't hurt either tho... anyway, i posted it in the closet, where all the stuff i don't know what to do with ends up...
anyway, it's still early but i think i'm ready for bed. tired. goodnight...

     ~ mimi
                    6.3.2000 (Saturday)


i just posted some new stuff in my closet. three new food reviews, for those of you who like to read about japanese snack foods (?).
i also changed the basswars pictures - les claypool has won four weeks in a row - if he wins one more week he gets retired as 'undefeated'. so far the only picture that's done that is that salma hayek one from before. hmm - it's been a while. i like the dipinto bass that's up against mr.claypool this week though. it's not the kind of bass that i usually get into but it's nice in a funky sort of way. the guy that sent that one in to us says that jamaaladeen tacuma plays. have you heard this guy play? he's so awesome...
okay, i have to run. see ya.

     ~ mimi
                    5.28.2000 (Sunday)

ah! now i remember - i was gonna say that i posted a couple new pictures in the basses and their pets gallery. one is charlie brown (i used to have a huge crush on charlie brown when i was growing up - i think it was because his world was just so bleak...) and the other is of a tennis player named anna kournikova (is that right? i don't follow tennis). i know the gallery was originally intended to feature non-famous peeps, but well, no one's sending any pictures, so now i'm just posting...'anything'! no big deal i guess. anybody want to send me pictures of yourself and your basses...? '_'
i feel good - i went to sleep early last night and i woke up early this morning (5:20 a.m.) - i'm gonna go walk around outside now while it's not so hot.

     ~ mimi
                    5.27.2000 (Saturday)


hi. well, we have a few new things going on around here. first, i put up a new page with a fingering diagram on it (i know, "big deal...") anyway, lemme see...also there's also a Pedulla MVP for sale ...and... hmm... gee, i think i'm forgetting something (i know there was three things i was going to tell you). oh well. which reminds me: my sister just gave me a sony digital voice recorder that i'm supposed to carry around and talk into. it's small - about the size of a...i dunno...a harmonica? i think she's insinuating that i'm forgetful. well so far it's not working because i keep forgetting where i put it last.
take care,

     ~ mimi
                    5.25.2000 (Thursday)

hi folks. sorry it's been awhile since i wrote a "what's new" thingie. i posted new bass war pictures today and finally put the bass tips page link up. not only that, but i finished the postcards section so please go take a look and send a few! i hope you like the pictures. that's all for now. take care,

     ~ mimi
                    5.7.2000 (Sunday)

hey everyone, how's it going? it's almost easter, and all over the country lots of folks will be going down to the local pet store and buying cheap bunnies to 'celebrate' easter. but before you do this please think about whether or not you really want a bunny living with you - they're lovely animals and fun to have around, but they do require a LOT of care and attention. please don't buy a bunny if you aren't willing to take good care of her or him for a long time to come, or provide her with a nice place to run around and play. the 'cheap easter bunnies for sale' thing is how i became a bunny 'owner' myself - one day a little while after easter, mr.bunny just showed up in our backyard. i fed him whenever i saw him and pretty soon he was coming around all the time. i adopted him soon after. but he was almost certainly one of those bunnies that people buy for easter and then just 'let go' when they got bored with him. pretty sad - he coulda easily been hit by a car or become cat food. so please think of the world from a bunny-perspective when if/when you find yourself tempted to bring one home from the pet shop this easter, k? take care,

     ~ mimi
                    4.17.2000 (Monday)

hi everyone, i've got the new bass war pictures up, plus i finally finished cutting up the message board. sorry it took awhile. and, we've got two lovely basses for sale (poor jon...)! please go take a look at them on the bass index. thanks and take care!

     ~ mimi
                    4.12.2000 (Tuesday)

click here to read the yam story (mini-article from USA Today)...

     ~ mimi
                    4.4.2000 (Tuesday)

hi folks. i just changed the basswars pictures. dancing godzilla is now gone, but now there's a neat little warwick that looks like a cow ('mooo') to take her place (his? is godzilla a she?)... oh yeah, a few people have written asking if we're not selling basses anymore because of that whole 'boxybox' thing - actually, although that guy REALLY annoyed me, that whole episode is unrelated to why we're temporarily not selling anything. it's just because jon and i are really busy right now with school stuffzez. we'll probably start up again later, maybe during the summer when we both have a bit more time. thanks for asking though. see you around! ^_^

     ~ mimi
                    4.2.2000 (Sunday)

*cough cough* bleh.

     ~ mimi
                    3.22.2000 (Wednesday)

i just posted a new page that's called 'tips!' - the title's a misnomer right now because there's actually only one tip on the page (paul sikivie's strap button trick), but i figure maybe from time to time some of you out there may have other stuff you may want to share, and so if you send it in i'll just post it on this page...i still have to add it to the main index, but i have to run now, so i'll just take care of that later! for all you folks doing the 'spring break' thing - please be careful and don't get into too much trouble. be with care,

     ~ mimi
                    3.22.2000 (Wednesday)

quiet sunday morning...just wanted to send a birthday wish to jon's mommy: 'happy birthday mrs. shishido'! i'm also putting together the new bass wars - it's bert's mug shot ^_^ also, i just posted a new picture in the gallery section (arno and his new ...

*this is where i acidentally deleted all the previous 'what's new' messages for this year. um...*

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