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merry christmas, everyone. i wish you all a holiday season filled with love and kindness...

     ~ mimi   12.25.99 (Saturday)

good morning. i slept late today. just woke up about an hour ago and i'm still in my flannels - i am feeling SO frumpy right now. yesterday was an interesting day. i met a girl with a small brown and white dog that runs around pushing a soccer ball with it's nose - we tried to take pictures of her pushing the ball (the dog, not the girl) but my camera doesn't focus and shoot quickly enough for that - stupid camera. what a funny dog! after that i went to the post office to mail a letter to my friend in japan - ak! incredibly loooong lines! i guess i forgot how close we're getting to christmas. then i went to the mall to look for a book that my friend recommended to me ("Top Heavy" by Edward Wolff) - ak!! second mistake of the day! i couldn't even find a parking space, so i just went home and ordered it online and spent the rest of the day reading and cleaning up my room and some other stuff around the house. then right before dinner i also mowed the lawn - bleh. i hate that. boy was the grass long.
so what's new with the site? well there's a new interview with jigglypuff (she's - he's? - a pokemon). my e-pal alex in union, kentucky suggested suggested an interview with a pokemon and i thought it was a good idea, so for those of you who care, there it is.
i'll also be putting up a new bass tomorrow or tuesday, i think you'll like this one. these basses are nice... lemme see...actually i think that's all. oh. there's a new q&a regarding 34" vs 35" scale lengths on 5 string basses. it's on the rants page. oh yeah and salma hayek pretty much crushed her opponents this week, surprise surprise. i think i'm going to have some cereal now. i'm not really a cereal kind of person (whatever that is), but there's no one here and cooking breakfast (lunch?) for one is boring. ttyl...

     ~ mimi  12.19.99 (Sunday)

hi there...
ouch ouch, the wahine volleyball team was ousted from the post season tournament on friday night by a really terrific Texas A&M team...darn. it was a fun year though, with or without a national championship - thank you girls, for your spirit and hard work all year...you made us all really proud you know : )
oh...last week i put a whole bunch of new amusing basses up on the site, and i'm putting some more up tonight too. they just keep rolling in, don't they?
this weeks basswars! voting was real close all three ways, but looks like the dolphin twins are the winners. okie, now i gotta go put the next ones up. the comments though...there are so many strange people out there! ha! take care all you strange people!

     ~ mimi
                    12.12.99 (Sunday)

hi. have a few minutes - thought i'd just throw something up here...
i was chatting with my epal about Warwick basses and we both agreed that we both miss the neat looking Platinum finish hardware that they used to feature on some of their basses. they no longer have this feature available, even as an option. the platinum finish, being somewhat 'un-shiny', didn't tarnish much and in my opinion, looked pretty cool. if anyone would like to see Platinum hardware again, please e-mail Warwick (or your favorite bass maker) and ask them for Platinum stuff. one thing about capitalism - if companies think that listening to their customers will result in bigger profits...
oh! the UH Women's Volleyball team rolled over Utah this past weekend (no offense, Utah). they're now entering the third round of the post season tournament. Texas A&M is next - good team, but of course i hope the Wahine win! this is making me nervous....
i'm suddenly thinking about ice cream (my doctor says i have to put on some weight, so this is a good thing!)...hm. i think i'm going to go look in the freezer - see you later... : )

     ~ mimi
                    12.8.99 (Wednesday)

hi, hi everybody. sorry i've been kinda hard to reach lately. e-mail (and the whole bunnybass site) has been up and down, down and up. i apologize for our server being so undependable - i'd switch but then, i'm so lazy. i've tried to e-mail everyone who's e-mailed us though, and i think i'm all caught up now. if for some reason i didn't return your e-mail, i sincerely apologize.
meanwhile, we do have a couple of new basses here on the site - one being the zon legacy 5 (maybe you've seen that one before), and the other one being the alembic series I bass. beautiful basses we've been having lately - mm, we're collecting quite a nice bunch of bass pictures lately, don't you think?
i've also been watching a lot of UH wahine volleyball lately. it's finally the post season and i'll be crossing my fingers that they play really well. the first game of the post season went well - the wahine pretty much pounded Prairie View...yah, i know..."Where's 'Prairie View'?..." yah whatever, i'm just glad they won. i love watching those girls. i like the way the girls smile and jump around looking happy when they score a point - so different from the boys! anyhoo, i hope hope hope they do well...
new basswars pictures going up. this week's war was pretty close too, but now it's time to say goodbye to daniela pestova. we also got ourselves a new guestbook! yay! no more looking at those ugly banner ads. last but not least, the winner of our 'dream bass' contest is announced! okie, i go now. need to find some info on the WTO demonstrations for my classes... take care,

     ~ mimi
                    12.5.99 (sunday)

hi folks. i hope you all had a good thanksgiving holiday. we have another new bass on the site - a very pretty a zon legacy 4, and jon has agreed to sell the zon legacy 5. go have a look! daniela pestova won again in basswars, beating the burl mtd only by 1 vote! will she be remain champion? you decide!

     ~ mimi
                    12.1.99 (wednesday)

hi everybody, how are you? hope you've been taking your vitamins. i'm finally getting over this cold. i feel like i've been sick for a while now. jon is also sick way over there in cambridge. i think he caught it from me via e-mail. anyway, we have a couple of great new basses here at BunnyLand - a really special Musicman Stingray (a 20th Anniversary model) and also an amazing sounding (very black) F-bass. please go check them out, they're both crazy beautiful. also put a body -n- bridge combo in the misc.stuffzez area for those of you who like to plonk around with making your own stuff. i'm gonna change the basswars! pictures tomorrow - i'm still trying to figure out if i should put two basses up to fight it out with miss pestova, or maybe a bass and a picture of a nice pie or something? this week we only had about 60 people voting - not too many. why not voting? lemme know if there's something that you'd like to see... okie, i got some reading to do, almost done - Memmi's The Colonizer and the Colonized. I read this about 10 years ago and I didn't really get it. this time around it's blowing my mind...

     ~ mimi
                    11.20.99 (saturday)

hello. i feel awful. i missed school today for the first time in years. hey david, if you're reading this, i wanted to let you know that i'm having no luck replying to your emails - everything i send comes back saying something about your address having pernament fatal errors (sounds serious!). so please don't think that i'm trying to ignore you. has everyone voted yet in basswars? oh, i finally watched the blair with project. man, there was something about that video that really disturbed me. i mean, in a 'bad' way, not the 'oh wow that was scary' kind of way, you know? ah, like you care...

     ~ mimi
                    11.8.99 (monday)

hi folks. i've been neglecting the site the past few days because i've been sick and in bed a lot. i have a 102°F fever as i'm writing this, and i feel like a salted slug. 1999 hasn't been my best year, healthwise. i'm hoping that the year 2000 is better (if the world doesn't spontaneously blow up at midnight on january 1, that is). we do have a couple of new things going on around here. first there's a Zon Sonus Custom 8 string bass that i posted on the bass index page a few days ago. by looking at the page stats, i see that a lot of you have already discovered it - good! we have a couple more basses coming in pretty soon, both very beautiful. oh yah, i've also posted a new amusing bass. this one's a bit creepy if you ask me, but i guess creepy can be amusing too. i have two videotapes just sitting here waiting to be watched - one is the blair witch project and the other one is dr.strangelove. i've already seen dr.strangelove, it's one of my favorite movies. malia brought the blair witch project over last night but i fell asleep before we could watch it together. everyone's been telling me to watch it. last week i saw a film about mexican/american miners and labor struggle called 'salt of the earth' from 1954 - it was banned in this country for its political content. it was a bit dated, but very very good. i wish there were more films being made nowdays with this kind of political content. if you can find it at your local video store, it's really worth watching. oh..getting side-tracked. sorry. this is also our first week of Bass Wars. be sure and check that out! okay, back to bed and television! drink your vitamins everyone, i think this stuff is going around.

     ~ mimi
                    11.6.99 (saturday)

hi everyone! we've got some new stuff up on the site. i've posted a cute little curbow bass and also schaller tuning machines. plus i updated the mailbag/fanmail pages and put some pictures up on the QnA/rants page from my 'outing' last sunday. thanks to those of you who voted on the 'cats vs bunnies'. our bunny is winning - woohoo! finally, to celebrate our upcoming 5000 hits, we're going to have a special sale! Please check the site often since we're only going to have it for a couple of days. You don't want to miss it! take care,

     ~ mimi
                    10.29.99 (friday)

sorry but this is gonna be a short update today - only have a few more minutes before i have to go to my reading group (haven't done all my reading either...). i just posted some new stuff. first up is a yamaha BB1200 bass. i've been trying real hard to locate top quality basses that don't cost so much - it's more difficult than i thought it'd be. there seems to be lots of 'so-so' basses out there for low prices, but they're not typically anything that gets me excited. so i'm really happy with this one - please go look at it. the other thing that's new is a digitech BP8 multieffects unit - this thing was used for less than a week on a recording project and now it's work is done. so off it goes! i'll be getting another bass in this week and i'm really excited about it - i've already seen the pictures and it's a real sweetie! i also updated the rants page. hey did you vote on 'cats vs bunnies' yet? ok! gotta go now!

     ~ mimi
                    10.23.99 (saturday)

there's a few things new around here - i've posted a new modulus quantum bass on the bass index page. it's real nice. i also put the amusing basses together on their own page just for convenience sake so you don't have to go hunting around for them in the Q&A/rants section anymore. i also added a bunch of new basses in there too - some of them are truly awful! just a reminder - if you see any bass out there that amuses you, please let me know so we can share it with others. silly basses are always good. oh yeah, i also opened the gallery of freakish bunnies - it's kinda stupid but then again, most of the stuff on this site is sorta dumb. and things are slated to get worse around here, or at least, that's the plan. take a look at igor, the bunny, your host in the freaky gallery. he's waiting for you in the parlor. jon drew him for me - isn't he cute? i've been moving pages around, so those of you with bookmarks are gonna hafta update them. sorry.
so what's new with me nowdays...hmm, nothing. just rain - lots and lots of rain around here lately. it's good though - i haven't had to water the plants. bunny's been staying in the house a lot too. i've just been leaving the sliding door a bit open for him and he goes in an out whenever he likes. with the rain he's been more in than out. yah, as if you care!
^_^ okay, that's all for now.

                    10.21.99 (thursday)

aloha bass lovers! it's time again to announce what's new here at our bunny site. for starters, there's an Alembic bass that i just posted on the bass index page. new in the 'other stuff' page is an EMG pickup just waiting to be dropped into someone's bass and also a brand new Badass II bridge. i have a couple more basses to post but i don't have the time tonight. maybe in the next few days. i think you'll like those ones too. oh yah, i wanted to send a 'hello' to angel out there - thanks for asking me about my hair. oh, here's this wonderful website that has reviews on all kinds of basses and bass stuffs that's worth looking at. this link is also on the girls page. you can even post your own reviews too: http://www-eksl.cs.umass.edu/~schmill/bass-rev.html thank you for all the comments on my bunny doodles. okay, maybe i can't take credit for all of them but thanks anyway
^_^ lastly, i posted this really cool bass picture on the giveaway page - just thought i'd let you know. in a couple of days it will be bunnybass's 3rd month anniversary! i've been working on lots of different stuff so there's gonna be plenty changes happening around here. be sure to come back often to see all the neat things! that's all for now. take care everyone!

     ~ mimi
                    10.15.99 (friday)

hihi. here's the scoop on what's new here at bunnybass. okay, so maybe i'm a few days late in jotting down the new stuff on this page, but sadly, work has to come before play. if you haven't seen it already, we have a beautiful custom ibanez on display with many many pictures - a little excessive maybe, but i like for you folks to see details in pictures. there are also some photos of a pretty gibson les paul guitar that i've put up. and since it's now october, you can check out the new bass of the month! have you seen my bunny doodles? they're good for a laugh or two. and...this is what you've all been waiting for.... more free stuff! everyone likes free stuff so bunnybass is having a contest to give you a chance to get...free stuff. for details, please check out the giveaway page. and last but not least, some more of your questions are answered on my rants page. if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. i'm always happy to hear from you. thanks!

     ~ mimi
                    10.5.99 (tuesday)

hi everyone! just a quick update for you. we finally got a new bass in which of course you'll find in the bass index. take a look at our lovely pictures and be careful that you don't get drool all over your keyboard! we have three (maybe more) instruments that should be arriving any day now so watch out for them! take care,

     ~ mimi
                    9.26.99 (sunday)

over 2000 visitors! wow where do you all come from?? well, i'm happy to say that the spector has been sold. i apologize to those of you who inquired about the bass (after it had been sold) for not updating the site sooner. also, we've sold our korg tuners as well. i know our site kinda sucks right now, having almost no basses whatsover, but i promise promise promise we'll have new ones shortly - they're already in the mail and we should be getting them soon. i can also tell you that they're going to be quite nice. recently i got an opportunity to interview a very special lady and bass player - sanrio's very own My Melody. it took quite a bit of effort to coordinate a day when we could meet...school keeps me pretty busy, but we finally managed to get together. we had plenty to talk about, from bass playing, to her work in sanrio, to the music scene and more. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did! i've also received an interesting email which i have put in the rants page. and by the way, please look out for a brand new contest coming in a few more days! take care,

     ~ mimi
                    9.23.99 (thursday)

hi folks! i'm very happy to announce that we've moved to our new server! this will allow us to have a lot more cool geeky stuffs. but first, let me tell you what's new here. we've got bunnyshirts! woohoo! i've been waiting for this for awhile now, so i'm real excited that they're finally here cuz they're really cool. we have them in all sizes too!
^_^ we got some new stuff recently - a fulltone bass drive and some korg tuners. i was having fun playing with those and taking their pictures. jon took a bunch of new pictures of the spector. they're real nice - you can really see the curve of the bass...beautiful! and yes, we're still working on bringing in some more basses. well for the next week or two you may see a bunch of new/modified things on our site so please bear with us and our broken links or images. as always we would appreciate it if you let us know of any of these errors so that we can get them all fixed up. just to let you know of the things that are coming up.. we're working on a new guestbook without ads (yuck!), a new contest (more free stuff - yay!) which will be more long term... on our last giveaway, we had a winner not 30 minutes after we posted the page - wow! well okay that's all for now. time to go feed bunny! take care,

     ~ mimi
                    9.18.99 (saturday)

hmm...why are my margins all messed up? bleh - i dun like HTML - can't make this thing work. anyway, i gotta run (i'm just on my lunch break!) but i wanted to let you know that i put up a new reunion blues gig bag up in the misc.items area - it's really cool (as far as gigbags can be cool). i also wanted to send three cheers to the UH Wahine volleyball team who's been so awesome these past couple of weeks - number three in the country, and nice girls too
^_^ woohoo!!

     ~ mimi
                    9.13.99 (monday)

hiya. i've just put a few new things up - i hope you like em. first thing - we now have bunnybass t-shirts for sale! i'm so proud of myself - it's the first t-shirt i've ever designed (okay, so jon helped me a little bit). now i can say that i'm a fashion designer! ha! we only got one design so far, but that's okay. it's a nice design - notice that's the same bunny as our welcoming page bunny, only now she's holding a _different_ bass guitar - cool huh? (as if you care!) *lol* well, anyway, please look at the shirts. i'm very proud of them  
^_^   oh, and i also posted a new page that's kinda like a 'mailbag page'. i just put together a few e-mails that i thought you might find... um...'interesting' to read. as usual, my commentary sounds whiny and sarcastic but that's just my personality. if you see one of your e-mails on the page and i'm making fun of you, dun have a cow - your name and e-mail address isn't on there - you and me are the only ones who'll ever know that i think your e-mail sucked. just kidding (maybe). oh, and lastly, i'm very happy to say that i took another picture of my bunny today, and i think it's pretty cute. it's the third (bottom) one on the bunny page. please go look if you have a few minutes... alright - it's 1:30am - time for bed! take care,

     ~ mimi
                    9.09.99 (thursday)

more basses on the way. be here...um...in about a week i guess. oh, in between my writing, grading, endless meetings, watching a couple of videos (have you ever seen johnny depp in dead man? gosh i thought that movie was awesome...i also saw twister this week...it was...'okay'), and a few community things going on around here, i added in a few more basses to the 'girls! page' that some of you suggested would be good to mention...thanks, folks. i'm kinda tired these past few days, not enough sleep. this weekend i'm gonna sleep in. take care,

     ~ mimi
                    9.02.99 (thursday)

hi everyone..well, we're clearing out our basses and making room for new ones. the pedulla is going and so is the ken smith. both were sold on ebay. i have to say that i'm sad to see them go. they're both such nice basses to play. but i suppose it's the only way we can get new basses in. don't forget to check back in a couple of weeks to see our new basses and stuff! take care,

     ~ mimi
                    8.31.99 (tuesday)

hello bass fans! today i've put up a brand new page that i had been working on. i started work again (new school year) so i've got lots of to do - planning lessons, prepping, checking papers, the usual school-grind - so i apologize in advance that i may be lagging behind a bit in email correspondence. thank you all for visiting the site. i can't believe over a thousand people have stopped by, so to celebrate this event i'm going to give away a couple of prizes. they're not real fancy prizes, but just a small token of my appreciation. click here for the details on how you can win. i also have some new pictures up... not new basses mind you, just pictures but either way, i hope you enjoy looking at those. take care everyone and enjoy your weeekend. don't forget to smile!

     ~ mimi
                    8.28.99 (saturday)

hi everyone. it's been a week since my last update... okay maybe more than a week and sad to say, i don't have much that's new. i went over to keith's place and snapped some more pictures for you lovely people. i also got us another guestbook. seems like the first one we had was down more often than not. what a disappointment. hopefully this one will be more reliable. i transfered the data from the old book to this new one, though i did make some mistakes. oh well, that's life. i've been getting some emails about whether or not i still have the steinberger. the answer is no, i don't. it's already been sold. sorry folks. and just to let you know, the pedulla buzz bass is currently at ebay if you're interested. the ken smith as well. there's still a few more days to bid! well i'm off to play with the bunny. take care!

     ~ mimi
             &n bsp;      8.26.99 (thursday)

hi visitors! just got through snapping some pictures and writing the description up for the brand new dolphin bass. i think i'm finally getting better at taking these pictures. the bass is a nice one and makes for a good subject. i also wanted to tell you that i went to a movie today - 'mystery men' and i was very happy to see my long lost hero PeeWee has finally found himself some employment again. perhaps this will stir up interest in reviving peewee's playhouse? now that's real entertainment. long live paul reubens! kisses to paul reubens - the spleen!! okay i'm off to watch dragon ball z now! byeee!!!

     ~ mimi
             &n bsp;      8.15.99 (sunday)

hi everybody. real short update today ...for those of you who have been e-mailing me today about the dolphin bass - well, it's been sold and it'll be going to canada. yay! sorry... buuuut...keith is trying to get us another warwick dolphin, either this week or next week. this one will be different though - different woods, pickups, and hardware, but i think still a four string. it'll also be a new bass, not used. please stay tuned, i'll let you know as soon as something happens.
also, i wanted to thank everyone who was kind enough to wish me well since i mentioned that i've been sick. i'm still sick, but much, much better, thank you. ah, and thank yous all around to those of you who sign our guestbook too *hint hint*

     ~ mimi
                    8.9.99 (monday)

hi everybody...okay another week has come and gone and i'm still getting really nice e-mails from you all. thank you so much. i'm having lots of fun. right now i'm still trying to get more people to come and look at our site. if you seen a couple of our stuff floating around on e-bay, that was my idea. it's like...cheap advertising or something. in the past week, several of you have asked about trade-ins. usually when i explain about shipping to hawaii, people carefully start backing away... *lol* when jon gets back to cambridge, trade ins may be more of a viable option. here's why: UPS ground to cambridge from anywhere in the continental US is usually about $20-30, while UPS second day air is usually about $60-75 (the only way UPS ships things TO hawaii, but believe it or not they allow us here in hawaii to ship via ground if we're shipping TO the US mainland - i have no idea why or how you ship something to the US mainland via ground...?). so anyway, basses being traded back and forth over this distance often turns out to be a so-so deal from an economic perspective. i apologize in advace for our geographical isolation - it does make certain things hard to do. anyway, right now i'm working hard to bring you some new basses to look at. hopefully they'll be up soon. if you have any requests, let me know via e-mail and i'll put the word out for you. take care! oh and please take a look at my new animated bowing girl on the guestbook page...nice, huh? and while you're there, why don't you leave a note for us too!

     ~ mimi
                    8.3.99 (tuesday)

hi everyone. thanks for making our first week on the internet so enjoyable. i've enjoyed receiving all your kind words and encouragment via e-mail. i try to e-mail everyone back that e-mails me. if you don't get an e-mail back from me that same day, please be patient - i'll almost always do it the next day. i tend to check my e-mail once a day... oday i posted lots of new stuff. i put a pedulla buzz up for sale, a steinberger transtrem guitar, a yamaha guitar amplifier, a GK amplifier, an EMG j-bass pickup...i think that's all. i also posted new pictures of jon's cat, my bunny, and a couple of days ago i posted a little bit of stuff on the rants/Q&A page. from now on, i hope that there will be more pictures. i went and bought a digital camera (Fuji MX-2700 - very cool!) and i'll be taking over most of the photography responsibilities! we'll see if this means ugly pictures or not...! take care,

     ~ mimi
                    7.25.99 (sunday)

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