sorry, i don't have many tree-pictures for you to look at. but here are the ones i have so far:

i'm pretty sure this is a sugar maple tree *sound of flipping through my botany books*. trees like these have been used to make tables, cabinets, paneling, musical instruments, and a whole lot of other things for a long, long time. next time you pick up your bass with the maple neck, be sure to picture this maple tree in your head and say 'thank you maple tree!'. ^_^

maple leaves. i love those colors. have you ever been in japan or vermont or upstate new york in the fall? *sigh*

spruce trees! will these be acoustic basses some day? these trees are tough - seems like they'll grow anywhere. like, you'll often see these in real real cold places, surviving among the ice and snow. i really respect these ones.

this is a row of walnut trees planted alongside a road in france. i bet the squirrels and birds that live around here are very plump...

i love this picture. it's a young alder tree among older ones.
looks like it'll be winter soon.

here's a picture i found of a beautiful cherry tree that lives in japan. i love japan. actually - it could be that this isn't the same variety of cherry tree that provided the amazing wood for that zon legacy in our gallery. come to think of it, i don't think this is the kind of cherry tree that makes those little round fruits we find in the market either... hmm. well, it actually doesn't really matter i guess. what i really wanted to convey by posting these pictures is to remind ourselves that all the wood (and fruit and rubber and paper and shade and oxygen and beauty) that we receive from trees are something that we need to be thankful for. and if we acted out of respect and gratitude towards nature, we would actually start making different choices in the way we live in the world. i believe that would be a good thing.


here's some koa trees off the side of the road going from hilo, hawaii to volcano side. sadly, there are fewer and fewer old (big) koa trees left in hawaii. this picture was taken for us by jon's dad. thank you mr. shishido!

click here to see a picture of a zon legacy with a beautiful figured koa top...

    another young koa tree.

this is a really big mango tree at waiakea waena elementary school (hilo, hawaii). see how big the tree is compared to the cars and trucks? if you've never seen the wood from a mango tree, click here to see a beautiful zon sonus 8-string with a mango top. (special thanks to joe zon for sending us this picture)...

if you have any nice pictures of trees that basses are made from, please send me an e-mail ( and let me know. i'd love to add more pictures of beautiful trees, leaves, and all that good stuff. ^_^

back to talking about trees...

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