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how to set up your bass
(please note that nobody here at BunnyBass wrote this article, we are just posting this as a way to share this information)

Here's a really great article from Bass Player magazine's special edition "Gass Gear" issue (January 1998), written by Dan Erlewine and illustrated by Tom Erlewine. Sorry about the lousy scans, I am feeling very lazy today.

"The Essentials of Setup: Adjust Your Bass for Maximum Performance"

page 1.

page 2.

page 3.

a nice guide to bass strings
(nobody here at BunnyBass wrote this article either! again, just sharing information!)

This article from Bass Player magazine is just REALLY useful. It gives a summary of many of the different brands of bass strings out there, and a reference chart that gives a mini-summary of each. This article was authored by Scott Malandrone and first appeared in the March 1996 issue of Bass Player magazine. This is still one of the most useful point-of-departure type articles I've seen on the subject of strings. (Note: There are some comments and notes written on the tables themselves- my apologies. Please ignore them, they were only written for my own reference while I was searching for strings for a certain bass...)

"Wired!: A Guide to Bass Strings"

article, page 1.

article, page 2.

Table 1, page 1: 4 string bass sets, from Alembic - D'Aquisto.

Table 1, page 2: 4 string bass sets, from D'Aquisto - Ernie Ball.

Table 1, page 3: 4 string bass sets, from Ernie Ball- Ken Smith.

Table 1, page 4: 4 string bass sets, from Ken Smith - Rotosound.

Table 1, page 5: 4 string bass sets, from Sadowsky - Zon.

Table 2, page 1: 5 string bass sets, from Carvin - DR.

Table 2, page 2: 5 string bass sets, from Elites - La Bella.

Table 2, page 3: 5 string bass sets, from La Bella - Zon.

Summary and "Favorite Strings" chart.


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