would you like a bunnybass tshirt?


BunnyBass shirts are here again! As some of you may remember, we used to have these made by a guy we know (and yes, they were very nice) but alas, sometimes he'd take too long to fill orders. So now we've signed up with an internet custom t-shirt company, called CafePress, and they'll be making the shirts for us. Neat huh? So if you've been waiting all this time for a bunny-shirt, all you have to do is click the link below and it'll take you directly to their website where you can order a shirt with the cute Zon-playing bunny. The t-shirts are $10.99 plus shipping (prices are going to be raised to $13.99 starting March 1st), and there are also 'baby doll' shirts for $14.99 (shouldn't the smaller shirts be cheaper? it makes no sense to me...) (the prices for these shirts are going up to $16.99). By the way, just so you know, we don't get any money out of this. Not even one cent.

Same as before, they only come in one color - white (white bunny, right?). Order one for yourself, or order truckloads for every single person you know! Whee! Anyway, they look like this on the front:

tshirt design

On the back, they have the BunnyBass banner and URL - this shows people that you own a computer and know how to surf the web (geeky, huh?). 

Click to order your BunnyBass t-shirt!

And as always, for you Do-It-Yourself folks: click here...) [an error occurred while processing this directive]