Our mission.

All of us here at BunnyBass have a deep love and respect for beautifully-made, well-designed things. We're especially interested in fine basses and guitars, together with the artists and craftspeople who design and build them. With creativity, patience, and a lot of hard work these builders transform raw wood and metal into incredible objects that are both 'tool' and 'art'. These musical instruments hold nothing less than the full potential of expressing the mysteries of the human soul.

Our activities here at BunnyBass fall into three broad areas:

1) obsessively documenting these very beautiful exotic, vintage, and otherwise interesting instruments, then archiving the information in the BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archives - thousands of photographs, including lots of exclusive new photos every month, and every instrument ever to pass through the BunnyBass store (see the list);

2) create an informative, accessible, and fun place where people from all over the world can access information via the internet (BunnyBass e-Zine); and

3) provide an honest, pleasant way for people to browse hard-to-find instruments, and a safe, secure means of acquiring the instrument of their dreams (the BunnyBass.com store).

If you have questions about any of this or need more information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! ^_^

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