Here are a bunch of quotations that I've found and like. They're from many different sources, though a number of them are from V/Search #1- Zines!, published by V. Vale. If you have any quotes that you find interesting please email them to me! Thank you!   ~mimi


Who is free to choose? Who speaks? Who is silenced?
Barbara Kreuger

I'm greatful for Miss Saigon for the opportunities it gave me. But in the end, it's still written by two French guys who don't really understand who they're writing about no matter how much they might want to. Being in the show, you realize you're not represented here. You're out there performing, speaking words written by people who don't know what you really say, how you say it.
Tom Kouo quoted in AMagazine, August/September 98

Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform.
Susan B. Anthony

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
Billie Strain, Cross My Heart

In a male supremacist society, the only obscenity law that will not be used against women is no law at all.
Ellen Willis quoted in Powers of Desire

The reason crime doesn't pay is that when it does,
it is called by a more respectable name.

Laurence Peter

Learn to recognize mindfuck.
Rebecca Bulldozer

I am not diseased, the fear is the disease.
from Adventures of Big Girl #2

As women, we've been brainwashed into the sick belief that our surface appearance is the most essential facet of our beings and that we must express ourselves primarily through our shape, clothes, skin, hair, eyes, etc for an audience of judgmental males. As women, we are denied any legitimate means of protest about our position... The key to our vision is the deconstruction of gender divisions; not the destruction of any type of person.

While characteristics of a lady have evolved as society has changed,
the denial of sexuality remains constant.

Ann C. Carver

White supremacy is concretely in the interests of all White people. It assures them greater resources, a wider range of personal choice, more power, and more self-esteem than they would have if they were:

(1) forced to share the above with people of color, and

(2) deprived of the...sensation of superiority they enjoy as a result of the societal prensence of..non-White others.

~ Francis Lee Ansley ~

You can marginalize anyone by dismissing their ideas as eccentric.
To some degree we are all odd... We should celebrate our eccentricity.
GirlFrenzy #5

Communication is necessary for any revolution.
Splatterspleen #3

What does the lie of "femininity" feed off in a capitalist society? The same insitutions that we support. Department stores, weight loss clinics, all female gyms, and thousands of boutiques and jewelry stores. Capitalism has permeated our very souls, turned us into commodity sponges, and by creating an unrealizable image, has assured itself that we will never stop buying it!

~ Heather, Order A New World #2 ~

Our voice is a weapon.
Free To Fight!

Do you consider it strange that I regard a cut on my finger as more important that the death of thousands, if I be separated from those thousands by oceans and continents?
Adam Smith

The standards of "cool" are not being set by you
or by anyone who has anything in common with you.

Rebecca Bulldozer

To fight pollution, fight capitalism!
Peace Factory

We are dying to fit in. We'll give up our lives just to belong.
Outpunk #3

What is the possibility of any change being made for the better
when each person is isolated in a self-serving fantasy?

Ann C. Carver

Everybody has a right to be stupid,
but some people abuse the privilege.


Do not trust the cheering, for those very persons would shout as much
if you and I were going to be hanged.

Oliver Cromwell

Life is not a laughing matter - but can you imagine
having to live without laughing?

Leonid Sukhorukov

When the people are being beaten with a stick,
they are not much happier if it is called 'The People's Stick.'

Mikhail Bakunin

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