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sometimes i get e-mail that really jump out at me. sometimes it's because it's a particularly nice one. and other times, it's because of...well, 'other' reasons. like maybe after i read it i have no idea what the person is asking me for. or it's just really rude. or maybe the person is just plain annoying (perhaps even more annoying than me?). but even when i'm annoyed/confused/whatevers by these 'special' e-mails, i usually find them interesting. the other night, when i was especially annoyed by a certain e-mailer, i called up my friend just so that i could share with her this particularly stupid e-mail. after doing this, i realized that i felt SO much better. so i thought i'd put some of these e-mails together on this page for you to browse through. maybe you'll find some of them...err...amusing? anyway, just to let you know, in most cases i've changed the names and e-mail addresses of the senders, to.. as they say, "protect the identities of the innocent" - or in some cases, to protect the identities of the "hopelessly lolo" *laugh*. okay, here we go - a day in the (e-mailing) life of mimi...

probably the most common kind of e-mails i get are the kind that i simply lump into the 'i hate you' category - here's one that i just got:

>Name: sean taylor
>Email: ttaylor@info-duh.com
>Subject: quality
>Comments: Your sight's a big clump of shit. You know dick about style. You know even less
>about basses. I'm sure it's not your fault though. Your probably just a small fraction of the
>gigantic bassist clique born in 1986 pretending that you never actually liked Warrant or
>Poison so you won't be crucified over an original opinion. Keep up the good work. your kind of
>frauds are who leave a gap for the real creators to fill.

i couldn't resist replying to this one - i figure, if he had fun writing me, i should be able to have fun writing back, no?

>hi sean
>thanks for e-mailing me. you're so cool!
>one thing though - the words "your" and "you're" - they're actually two different words!
>"you're" means "you are" and "your" implies ownership. if you use these words like this, you
>won't get as many people thinking that _you're_ an illiterate clod ^_^ it's easy! take care!
>bye sean!

Here's some other one that I think is pretty dumb...

>From: farm4x4@aol.com (porno maniac)
>To: bunnybass@marginx.com
>Subject: stick
>Comments: i am going to uce my poo stick on you

What an idiot. Here's some other ones that i "liked" for their simpleminded rudeness...

>From: Chris@nomanners.com
>To: mimiatbunnybass
>Subject: jazz bass
>i'll give you $400.00 no more.


>From: Eliot@demanding.com
>To: mimiatbunnybass
>Subject: Smith trade?
>I have a 75 Jazz in VERY good condition. SO WILL YOU TRADE ME????

geez, no manners. here's one that i think is kind of interesting - instead of using the blunt and forceful method illustrated above, this person tries some sort of hypnotic mind-control technique on me:

>I will trade you a fretted zon sonus for your warwick dolphin.
>Or a 4 string neck through thumb bass with Bartolinis that I would trade.
>And If you won't take trades you will take $1500.

strange, huh? here's one that's pretty common - people want something, but for whatever reason sometimes i'm not exactly sure what they want...


no greetings, no name, nothing. just the above. so, not knowing which bass was his priority, i replied asking for clarification and this is what i got:


this confused me again, albeit in a different way (like, who's that person he's referring to?), so i wrote what i thought was a pretty polite e-mail reply explaining that i really couldn't afford to trade a musicman for the smith, as there's a price difference between the two of almost $3,000. i also told him that he could try looking into smith bolt-on models (such as the burner series made in japan) - they can often be had for much less than the one i had at bunnybass at the time. he replied with this mini-appeal/lecture for fairness:

>no mimi that particular 6 bt custom I've owned one and I paid $2100 for
>back in 1991. The new bsr elite doesn't even retail for $5000 dollars that
>may be the list price but not the selling price I would not insult you to ask you
>to do an even trade for my musicman bass of course there would be my bass and
>some money. I'm a professional bassist and to recommend a burner series
>for a musicman is also very crazy. But I e-mailed you to find out what the
>terms would be for the bt custom bass 6 string. Just let me know what you
>would except to make it a win, win situation that's all I'm asking. Not to make
>an even trade for a musicman for your bt custom. But at the same time the
>quote of $5000 selling price for that bass is simply not the case, that's
>the list price. All I'm saying is be fair when you give quotes the selling
>price is not the list price. They are two totally seperate issues. Ken Smith today
>has that bass today brand new one left at Washington music and the list price
>is only $4200 seling price is $2480 brand new bt custom 6 string, 91 model
>unsold. so mimi please be fair. Thank you.

apparently i offended him, but whatevers. i guess the thing that i don't like about this last e-mail is how he pleads fairness after being so rude and incomprehensible - ugh, so whiny! Here's another one that from someone interested in a mint condition Gibson Les Paul ($1511 list price on this one) we had on our site...

>I've seen these guitars selling new for $600. Why $650?
>What year was it made in?
>My best offer is $525 + $25 shipping, $550 total, including a 48-hour
>"approval period". I'm flexible as far as payment.
>Regards, Paul

this was my response:

hi paul
$600 is a great deal! you should buy it wherever that was that you saw it for that price, seriously. that's 60% off list, which i've never heard of gibson ever doing. if you don't mind, please tell me where that was - i'd like to shop there too (i'm not being sarcastic - i just think that's an amazing price). i'll have to politely decline your offer though, i've got a couple other folks interested in it. thanks though, i appreciate your interest. : )
~ mimi

his reply was "Ebay for one."  i told him not to email me anymore.

row of flowers

another kind of e-mail that give me pause is the kind in which someone sounds genuinely interested in a bass, except they forget to mention which bass it is that they're so interested in:

>Dear Mimi,
>when I first saw this bass I fell in love with it I can only imagine how it
>sounds - please e-mail me with a price.

i don't mind these - usually it's just an honest mistake. sometimes i literally understand what's being said in an e-mail without being able to figure out how the person can think that i'll want to go along with their proposal (i get a LOT of these):

>Interested in your Ken Smith 6. Currently have a esc condition Carvin 5
>(plays AWESOME) with sunburst top and an ebony fingerboard I'd be willing
>to part with. Interested?

um, no. *laugh* i also get a lot of e-mails where i can't really figure out what i'm supposed to do, because i can't figure out where the person is coming from. here's another one that made me stop and say 'hmm...':

>how much for your bass
>just wondering

again, no greeting, signed name, nothing (i must be old fashioned - i still think this e-mail thing encourages bad manners). and of course i didn't know how to reply to this one, so i e-mailed him back saying that i have several basses, which one in particular was he interested in, blah blah blah - the next day i get this one liner:

>all of them


i also tend to get a lot of e-mail asking me about basses when i (or jon) post something at ebay. i actually like ebay a lot, but i guess the low-price frenzy atmosphere of ebay can make people a little crazy, momentarily confused, or sometimes unethical. i sometimes get stuff likethis after i've already started an ebay auction:

>Hey whats your borrom dollar. I might buy it now and you won't have to go
>through the e-bay thing plus pay them their % after the auction.
>Just a suggestion :-)

we also get a lots like this one too:

>are you willing to stop the auction I will pay you $1900.00...

row of flowers

the absolute worst ebay experience so far though has been this one guy who recently was the high bidder on a pedulla buzz bass we just finished auctioning on ebay - here's the notice of closing that jon received from ebay when the auction closed:

>Dear jshishido and hughforik
>Congratulations - this auction successfully ended.
>Item Title: Pedulla Buzz bass, AAA maple, Bartolinis (NR) (Item #152010613)
>Final price: $1,161.99
>Auction ended at: 08/30/99 22:57:52 PDT
>Total number of bids: 6
>High-bidder User ID: hughforik
>High-bidder E-mail address: hughforik@aol.com

shortly after the auction closes, hughforik sends jon this e-mail:

Hi Jon. I just sent you a confirming letter on the Pedulla from this siteinquiring as to shipping costs after my girlfriend told me some disturbingnews. Before I get into it, please know that the PEDULLA IS SOLD SO YOU ARENOT DEALING WITH A DEADBEAT AND YOU WILL BE PAID.

You're gonna hate this, aty least initially, I wanted this bass for mybirthday - my girlfriend knew this so she bid on it too! I retracted anearlier bid when I found this out so we wouldn't compete for the sameinstument (so I bid on a Warwick as a safety). Then I got an outbid noticeon the Pedulla showing that she wasn't the high bidder so I panicked, figuredshe didn't bid enough, so in a frenzy that I might lose the instrument Irebid much higher at the last second figuring I'd edge out the competition.Apparently she was waiting until the very last second to bid (because we lostan auction in the last second earlier today) so we ended up bidding againsteach other without evev knowing it in the final moments - no time to evencheck emails. She is quankung@aol.com - I am hughforik@aol.com - we were biddingagainst each other!!!! Ugh!!! What a drag! I am writing this from heremail so you can see for yourself and will send the same message from myemail too just to show you it is true. In our mutual panic to secure theinstrument we bid each other UP! We are honorable people so I want to dowhat is right and fair by you, but I guess I am asking you to please showsome mercy and not charge the extra dough for us outbidding each other.Apparently we could have had this instrument for $1025.00 if we didn't bidagainst each other (please check the bidding history). I don't want negativefeedback (check my record for quick pay) and I don't want to piss you off,but if you'll work with me here, I will be forever grateful to you and itwould be a wonderful birthday gift from you to me. I will probably bid onother basses from you (I've been to your website) and want to preserve a goodrelationship. Please talk this over with your principals and advise me. Iam truly sorry for this mess. I should have trusted that she would comethrough for me, but I was afraid she'd space out or not get in under thewire. What a way to get a birthday present, huh! I await your decision -thank you deeply for your anticipated consideration. Please advise how muchto send and where.

Sincerely (with my tail between my legs) - Don't you love it when someonebegs for mercy (at least I'm not trying to avoid the transaction).
140 Hardup Dr.
Caramel Sundae, CA 93924

now for those of you who know how ebay works...think about the above scenario this guy is describing, and ask yourself - is this guy for real? jon calls me up laughing and says 'you gotta hear this...' *lol* so anyway, jon writes this guy back to see what hughforik's gonna do - jon tells hughforik that he 'doesn't know what to do', and that maybe hughforik should submit his story of what had happened to the ebay administrators and then ask them for advice. the next day hughforik writes back:

This Ebay thing just gets wierder. I just got contacted by the guitar we were outbidded on in the last second yesterday. The winner thought a credit card would work and it doesn't so now we are the winners there too. Still interested in the Pedulla (and as honorable members of EBAY feel committed - at some price to buy it). This news does, hwoever, make the cash situation even tighter here at home. My birthday is quickly turning into an expensive and problematic affair. I guess now I need to know what to do about the other instrument which is now being offered up to me again since the winner fell through, so I need to know where I stand with this Pedulla transaction. Here's an alternate suggestion. Let's split the difference between $1025 and my high bid and just get this thing closed. What say you - that smack of integrity on both ends I think. Please advise so I can scramble to get all the cash together today. Thanks. I really don't want to carry this conflict around in my head for a few days as it just makes me feel bad. Please respond asap. Thanks for all your consideration. And PLEASE no negative feedback - it is just not worth it to me. I wouldn;t have asked for mercy if it was not reality based, you know. I hope you and Mimi feel this proposal is a good and speedy compromise of the situation. Otherwise, if you feel uncomfortable selling it to me just say so as I guess you have a bidder at$1,000, but PLEASE my EBAY reputation means a lot to me - so I kindly ask that you post no NEGATIVE feedback. Let's see if we can resolve this today. Thanks again.

well, jon works all day, so he didn't get to check his e-mail till that evening. that same day, jon receives two more e-mails:

Please respond to my emails, I am trying to act diligently and emailed Mimi as well as you and still have received no response....

and this one:

Hi again. I forgot to mention that time is of the essence here in knowingwhat to do as the backup auction on the Warwick comes due in the morning - I'd like to know whether to bid further on that piece or abandon it for thePedulla (which I prefer). One other point raised in your email is distinguishable, unlike the Smith bass, no other bid came in in the last 15 seconds (it was my bid in the last 15 seconds that raised the stakes on thiswhole think by $136). I still think the simplest (and fairest for all) way of resolving this is to split the difference i.e. $1,093 (this is what Solomon would do). Please advise before the close of the Warwick auction slated for early tomorrow morning. I don't mean to sound contenious, I am trying to work with you, but it is difficult and frustrating when I cannot get responses to my continued inquiries. Please advise as soon as possible.
Thanks again.
Yours (in the spirit of co-operation and goodwill), hughforik

after talking it over, we decided that at best this guy is totally irresponsible and at worst a total liar. jon e-mailed him back that evening declining hughforik's attempt to renegotiate his final bid, and told himthat neither of us felt comfortable dealing with him because it was our opinion that he was not being entirely truthful in his e-mails. the next day, we get this e-mail from him:

Very well. I am sorry you feel that way, and I hate being diselieved as I am being truthful with you. Your decision is accepted. Still it implies that Iam somehow dishonest which is unfortunate - in any event please post no NEGATIVE feedback as my reputation is untarnished. Thanks anyway - gues weboth lose here. The cash is available - just a bit tight that's all. Thanks again.

i went and checked out the completed bidding history for the warwick auction after it closed. sure enough, in the closing minutes, hughforik@aol.com and quankung@aol.com were bidding against eachother, furiously (but i'm sure totally innocently) driving up the bid price, just as they had done two days before with the pedulla. apparently, some people never learn, huh? obviously, jon and i both think that these'two people' are actually just one person with two nicks for the same aol account. and we will be leaving negative feedback, not because we're mean (well okay, maybe we're a little bit mean) but because we don't like to be told three or four times that we can't leave negative feedback even after someone's trying their hardest to lie to us and take us for the naivesucker-ride. just out of curiosity, i did take a look at hughforik's feedback and noticed a positive feedback from his "girlfriend" quankung@aol.com:

Fabulous Email/phone. REAL $ REAL FAST! Not enough space for all stars deserved!

ch! schizophrenic or just lame?

row of flowers

here's another story you'll like - this one isn't as complicated as the above one, but it still ranks a nine on the pathetic scale. it goes something like this: jon advertises a spector NS-5HG for $2300. person X (we'll call him willy from NYC) responds to the ad and agrees, but says money is tight so can jon spring for the shipping. jon lives in boston and was gonna go to NYC in a few weeks so jon tells willy that if he can wait a littlewhile, he'll just bring it down to NYC in person. willie says:

Hey that's great...I can wait a month...we'll do the trade then! I'll get you a money order or cashiers check...Why don't you give me a shout at the end of this month...We'll set up a meeting time in NYC.

at the end of the month, jon contacts willie again - willie sends this reply the day before jon leaves for NYC:

Hello Jon, I am still interested but I got to tell you Jon, I'm a littleshort on the cash after this weekend. I was up at Block Island...andthanks to the weather had a wonderful time. Hope you had a great weekend as well. Anyways, I have $2,000.00 that I'm still holding onto for the bass...We could meet on Wednesday or Thursday in the city if you want. Callme on my Cell Phone when you get into the city! 917-XXX-XXXX.

nice huh? have fun, spend money, and then expect other people to clean up your mess? grrr... i still think that one was just so rude. i almost like the birthday present guy more - at least he was a bit more creative.

row of flowers

once in a while i'll get an e-mail from someone who'll 'compliment' me in some way, sometimes in a sort of 'icky' (my opinion) way:

>hello, i visited your site to look at the ken smith you posted at
>bassgear.com. you have a beautiful site and when i looked at your pics i
>must say mimi you're beautiful too. i'll check back at your site often since i
>collect bass guitars. well, bye for now.

smooth, huh? see how he managed to just slip that little something in? *lol* maybe these ones are supposed to make me feel good, but they really don't - as far as getting personal, i even rather get these kinds:

>mimi you suck. your stie is stupid and boring oriental girl

well, maybe they're a tie. can't say. here's two more (both from a potential stalker)...

Dear Mimi-
I apologize if this note is a bit on the psychotic side (i'm not usuallylike this, maybe it's the lack of sleep) but you fuel a fire in me that i can't distinguish. I have a special place in my mind and heart for femalebass enthusiasts. It's very arousing to me to see a woman take on the greatest instrument and tool ever created, and do it well! Again, i apologize, sometimes i get in a frenzy about things involving the bass. I love your site, although i like to think of myself as a rather manly man, buti own a bright purple/pink sparkle Modulus Flea bass, so what the hell?! Idon't care what anybody says, that bass has "the sound" that i've been searching for, and the playability greater than thousands of Fenders (Oh how i hate those...) but anyway, back to my psychotic love chants... Well, i guess i'm through. This note doesn't have any logical meaning, i was just bored and wanted you to know how i feel. Well, i guess i'm interested in your Modulus Quantum as well, but i don't have any money. Hey, wanna trade for my purplesparkle Modulus? It would go great with your bunny logo! Well, just athought. Ok, i'll stop tormenting you now, my hand is cramping up anyway.Again, i don't normally write like this to someone i don't know, i feel like i know you, i guess. Ok, now i'm sounding psychotic again... Sorry. Ok, bye!

...and then...

Hello again. I think i've past the stage of obsessing over you. I justwant you to know that i'm not REALLY psychotic like i led you on to believe... : ( So, i guess there's no cold water in my near future. <note: i told him i was going to throw cold water on him if he didn't change his ways> Even though i like football, have a girlfriend, own a muscle car and play a heavybass, i find your site to be refreshing, a nice break from the heavily industrialist sites such as Ed Roman's. What's up with his "quotes" like "Ican only please one person a day. Today is not your day, tomorrow doesn't look good either. -Ed Roman"? What??? Is that legal? I've seen that on countless bumper stickers loosely attached to beat up '83 chevettes! Ok, that just bugs me. Oh, and the girls too. I think it might actually be nice to see beauty mixed with beauty (basses and women) at some point, but not with those girls and not for commercial purposes. Of course that's just my opinon and i know doesn't coincide with your views. Anyhow, that's about all i have to say today. I really don't have a lot of free time, I'm just a poor college student trying to make it in the world, i just like to fill whatever free time i have up with bass stuff. I hope you understand. Please relpy back and tell me that i'm taking up too much of your time if you'd like. Ok, have a good day. Bye! -R.

here's one that sounds like hatemail (even though i guess it's not):

>Name: Renny
Email: renny@sarcasm.net
Subject: HATE!!!
Comments: I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!! I stumble upon this site, look around, and find those beautiful F-basses sold! I LOVED the fretless! You cold have called, or wrote; I would have responded...er, wait. I just found this site - and you don't even know me. Sorry. This was a great loss to me, and I'm very emotional right now. It's that time of the month (bass buying). I'll just go on looking for the perfect F-bass - but know this one thing: the word "Bunnybass" doesn't leave a particularly good taste in my mouth. - Renny :-)

hmm. anyway, i should say though that most of e-mails i get are polite and nice to read. overall, making this bunnybass site has been fun and i've met some really really good people (i've also met a few dumbass losers that i'd really like to punch in the head, but that's another story). so it's not as if i'm constatly being weirded out by e-mail.

oh yeah! it took 2 months, but we finally got an inquiry about our 'bunnybass signature deluxe'...

>I want to know the Price of the bunny bass 4 string guitars? thanks!!

so much for parody. okay, i guess that's all for now. but if i get more winners like these ones, i'll think about posting them here for your continued reading pleasure. before i go, here's a picture that another bunnyfan sent me. till next time, please take care ^_^   ~mimi

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