this one is funny. i got this e-mail this morning from a guy i'll call 'dave':

>Subject: hello and questions?
>Comments: I was surfing on alta vista and found your site and I was
>wondering if you were interested I would list my bass with you for sale .
>I have a music man bass and its case. could you please get back to me
>and let me know how you work sales

i write back:

> hi dave
> thanks for emailing us. sure, we could help you sell your bass. i have a
> page with some information on it that might answer some of your questions
> regarding how we do things. you can find it here:
> the selling info is the 'second' paragraph :) of course, if you have any
> questions at all, please feel free to email us and we'll be happy to
> answer.
> take care,
> mimi

about an hour later, i get another e-mail:

>sorry , ive read your stuff , if you think im going to send you the bass
>...fat chance , i'll send you photos and then if there is a buyer than the
>next step

gee dave - why so angry?

>hi dave,
>no thank you, i'm not comfortable working with you. you might try
>have a nice day,