BunnyBass Field Trip: 2003 NAMM show, page 5.

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Rick Turner. Group photo! Here we are with Rick Turner, definately one of our all-time favorite luthiers, designers, and all-around innovative guy. We have lots of things to celebrate in this picture - 1) Rick has just formed another new company - Duncan-Turner Acoustic Research (a.k.a. D-TAR), and 2) we've just formalized a relationship for BunnyBass to become a dealer for Turner guitars and basses, his Electroline instruments, and the Renaissance semi-acoustic line (see the papers Harry's holding?).

Harry: "I really feel good, I have goosebumps."

The neck Rick is holding is a solid ebony neck he was carving over at a luthery demonstration. It was very heavy and should also sound very heavy too!

I don't know who this guy is, but he was very friendly, showing us among other things this very special Rick Turner acoustic guitar. This guitar is the one Rick built for Henry Kaiser when he did an artist-in-residency stint in Antarctica. Yes, this is the actual guitar that went to Antarctica, and no, I am not making this up.

This guitar has a clever mechanical neck-body joint that allows instant changing of the neck angle to help set action - no matter what the wood is doing. Nice, detailed photos and more information on this wonderful instrument here.

Of course no mention of Rick Turner seems complete without at least one photograph of a Model 1 guitar. Here is a beautiful curly maple example.

Rick has already started building a couple of Model 1 instruments for us, one will be a bass (of course!) and the other will be a guitar. They will both be the new featherweight Model 1 design. Jon had a chance to preview a prototype when he visited with Rick a little while back and he said they weigh next to nothing (duh! it's a FEATHERweight!). Obviously we are very excited and are anxiously awaiting delivery, but as with all other good things we'll have to wait a few months. The featherweight Model 1 bass will be only the second one built - the first one Rick is keeping for himself.

A close up of the top. If you look very closely you can see the lovely rope purfling. And that fingerboard - wow. This particular instrument was quite heavy - probably about 10 pounds - but very lively and resonant. Just beautiful.

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