BunnyBass interview:
Jigglypuff (a Pokemon)


Pokemon is the craze this year - they're everywhere! Seeing that they're so popular with people young and old, my e-pal Alex from Kentucky suggested that I do an interview with a pokemon. The pokemon aren't very talkative so it was very difficult to get anyone of them to agree to do an interview, but I finally convinced Jigglypuff, one of my favorite pokemon to do it. Jigglypuff is also in the music group, The Pokemon 3, who just recently put out their debut album on Warner Brothers Records. I chatted with Jigglypuff over a cup of coffee about stardom, marketing, music and fighting.


Mimi:  hi jigglypuff. thank you so much for letting me interview you.

Jigglypuff:  you're welcome. i'm sorry my english is not so good.

Mimi:  not at all, no problem.

Jiggly:  ok.

Mimi:  so how does it feel to be so popular suddenly? millions of children all across America know who you are and love you. it's quite a frenzy.

Jiggly:  it's nice, i like it. but Ash is still my favorite human in the whole world.

Mimi:  it must be strange seeing toys that look like you, and posters and books and clothes with pictures of you and other pokemon all over the place...

Jiggly:  yes, it's strange. we're everywhere, even in places where i never ever thought about before. yesterday i was at the supermarket and i saw pokemon cupcake cups. why does anybody want a pokemon cupcake cup mimi?

Mimi:  i don't know jiggly...do you think it's too much for kids? do you ever feel like all these millions of toys and cards and so on encourage addictive behavior in children?

Jiggly:  addicted? like drugs?

Mimi:  (shrugs)  maybe - it's big money jiggly. hasbro paid over $300 million dollars just for the right to market pokemon toys. Nintendo America hired Al Kahn, the same guy who engineered the Cabbage Patch doll merchandising campaign, to aggresively target the 4-12 year old market.

Jiggly:  (thinks)  i don't know mimi. children like to collect things. they also like baseball cards and stickers, right? i'm not sure if this is addictive or not addictive.

Mimi:  some parents are angry that the card makers deliberately make less of certain pokemon cards. they say the card companies are trying to make the kids buy more and more packs of cards.

Jiggly:  that's not so good. i would like all the cards to be equal, so that all the children can easily have all the cards if they wanted. they shouldn't have to fight to get cards.

Mimi:  but there have been quite a few cases of fighting. i also heard about young children, six to nine year olds, getting busted for making counterfeit cards...

Jiggly:  yah...maybe there can be a little more of the jigglypuff cards, that would be okay.


Mimi:  what do you think of the assertion that it's not good that kids are being constantly bombarded with a carefully coordinated pokemon frenzy - TV tied to gameboy tied to toys tied to Burger King tied to more toys tied to cards tied back to TV? how do you feel about such statements, being that you're a pokemon yourself?

Jiggly:  i've thought about that too. sometimes i'm so tired, posing for photographs, acting, singing, posing for more photographs, and all that. i think people must really love pokemon a lot. sometimes i wonder 'how much pokemon can everyone want?'

Mimi:  and what's your conclusion?

Jiggly:  seems like people are never satisfied. human beings always want more and more and more. maybe it's a human being thing?

Mimi:  'gotta catch em all'?

Jiggly:  that's our slogan!  (excited)

Mimi:  yes, i know jiggly.  (laughter)  maybe pokemon toys and cards can be thought of...like an 'introduction to consumption' for kids, you know? when they're kids, they collect pokemon, or power rangers, or whatevers. when they grow up they'll happily 'accumulate' other things - like, 'the more we have the better we feel'. art, cds, cars, lovers, bass guitars...

Jiggly:  i collect bass guitars!

Mimi:  really? what kinds of basses do you have?

Jiggly:  i have one black and white one, a small yellow one, and a pink one - same color as me!

Mimi:  that's great - how long have you been playing the bass?

Jiggly:  two months.

Mimi:  just two months? you didn't learn to play so well in two months!

Jiggly:  i don't play well at all, i'm awful!

Mimi:  don't say that - your CD has some really great bass playing on it, i was totally impressed! i listened to it for the first time last night - it's quite a good record jiggly.

Jiggly:  that's not me playing. they brought someone in to play on the CD. do you know Lee Sklar? he plays better than me. they told me to hold the bass for the pictures in the CD though. Sussane Daniels [president of entertainment at Warner Brothers] gave me a bass to hold.

Mimi:  i see.

Jiggly:  but i'm going to learn how to play. even though i have no fingers, i'll try.

Mimi:  so is that also not you singing on the CD?

Jiggly:  no, that's me singing. except for some parts that i don't recognize, but i think i sang most of it.

Mimi:  does polywhirl really know how to play guitar?

pikachu Jiggly:  no.

Mimi:  Pikachu knows how to play drums?

Jiggly:  not that i know of.

Mimi:  so who's idea was it to make a pokemon album if you three didn't already know how to play music?

Jiggly:  i don't know mimi. but they told us they wanted us to make a record because sometimes children aren't watching tv, or playing gameboy, or trading cards, so then if they have some free time, then they can listen to pokemon on CD, see?


'the flood' - pokemon cd

Mimi:  why did you choose to make reference to Nirvana's 1991 album, Nevermind?

Jiggly:  huh?

Mimi:  the cover of your album - it's obviously a reference to the Nirvana's album cover?

Jiggly:  really? what album is that?

Mimi:  wait...are you claiming that you've never seen Nirvana's Nevermind cover? The one with the baby, swimming in the pool...chasing the dollar bill...?

Jiggly:  yah, i've never seen that one. is it similar?

Mimi:  actually, it's exactly the same. exactly.

Jiggly:  really?

Mimi:  yes.

Jiggly:  i see. so what was your question?

Mimi:  mmm...hm. who designed the cover?

Jiggly:  i don't know. they just told me 'get that trading card!' and then they threw me in the water. then there was a man with a camera in the water taking my picture. *shrugs*

Mimi:  sounds like...fun. what did you think when you saw the cover?

Jiggly:  i dunno. i guess it looks okay, but i still don't get it.

Mimi:  you know, last night when i was getting ready for our interview, i watched a few episodes of your cartoon. i have to say, there's quite a few attractive girls in the cartoon...um...by the way, are you a 'girl' jigglypuff or a 'boy' jigglypuff?

Jiggly:  boy jigglypuff.

Mimi:  uh-huh.

Jiggly:  the girls ARE pretty. they have really short skirts too!   *hee-hee*

4 girls and jigglypuff


 Mimi:  there's several passages on your album in which you refer to your contradictory feelings about being a pokemon...or am i just reading something into this that isn't there? this part, for example, in 'Twisted':

"The ball is the prison!
His ball is my home!
Ash is my master,
I serve him well,
I fight at his command,
he waves his hand,
and my blood is spilled!..."

Jiggly:  what does contradictory mean?

Mimi:  hmm. let me say it a different way.  (pause, thinking)  do you like being a pokemon?

Jiggly:  yes.

Mimi:  do you like fighting?

Jiggly:  no, no.

Mimi:  then...why do you fight?

Jiggly:  because Ash tells me to.

Mimi:  would you fight if Ash didn't tell you to fight?

Jiggly:  no...

Mimi:  so...if you don't want to fight, why don't you tell Ash that you don't want to fight?

Jiggly:  oh. 
(long pause)  are you saying that you don't like my CD?

Mimi:  no, no...i do like your cd. i was just wondering about the meaining of some of the words...

Jiggly:  the words...we're just trying our best to make them rhyme.

Mimi:  but...they don't rhyme...

Jiggly:  they don't?  (looks surprised)

Mimi:  um...well, no, actually, they don't.

Jiggly:  (looks sad)

 Mimi:  ...not that they have to rhyme. lots of good music have lyrics that don't rhyme.

Jiggly:  okay. (long pause)

Mimi:  okay, maybe i can ask you in a different way. do you ever feel like Ash or any of the other human characters in the series ever take advantage of you?

Jiggly:  like how?

Mimi:  like how Ash and the others make you pokemon fight in order to get badges for themselves...?

Jiggly:  hm.  (long pause)  i think...humans are just really really different from pokemon. we are just not the same. they want badges. Ash wants to be a famous pokemon master. we don't want things like that. we're more interested in learning things and being loved.


Mimi:  you fight a lot and you get hurt sometimes no?

Jiggly:  i've been mega-punched, slammed, hit with hyper-beams, pecked, shocked, scratched, slashed, and hydro-pumped! it all hurts!

Mimi:  what is your specialty when you fight?

Jiggly:  i lull the other pokemon to sleep with my singing, and then i pound them!

curled up
Mimi:  i see. do you think all of this fighting and getting hurt that pokemon trainers ask you to do is fair to pokemons?

Jiggly:  oh! i see what you are asking now! i think i can explain. see mimi, pokemon are from nature, we are not human beings. human beings like to control nature. so human beings like to control pokemon too. see, people like to control everything, and the more they are the master us, and all of nature, the happier they feel. and the more happy they are, the more happy we are too! this is how pokemon become the most happy, mimi!

Mimi:  okay. i think i see why pokemon are so popular with human beings.

Jiggly:  yes, thank you!

Mimi:  will you sing me a song jigglypuff?

Jiggly:  sure. what song do you want to hear?

Mimi:  any song. sing me your favorite song.

Jiggly:  okay! this is a song from my favorite movie, mimi. (sings)

"is this the real life?
is this just fantasy?
caught in a landslide,
no escape from reality.
open your eyes,
look up to the sky and see...
i'm just a poor toy,
i need no sympathy,
because it's easy come, easy go,
little high, little low,
anywhere the wind blows,
doesn't really matter to me..."

wait - is that right?

Mimi:  sounds about right jiggly. that's a pretty song - thank you.

Jiggly:  you're welcome mimi.

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