Very useful internet tools:
some helpful resources on the internet that makes doing business easier...

Shipping & Location information:

FedEx - We do most of our shipping via FedEx. Their website allows you to get shipping quotes, track packages, and so on.

UPS - Another shipping company. Once in a while we'll use UPS too, especially for international shipments. UPS Tracking also done here.

United States Postal Service - Along with the National Parks Services, probably one of our favorite governmental agencies and it even seems to work most of the time! Lots of useful postal rate tables here, along with domestic and international rate calculators. Actually though, we don't send stuff via USPS often.

Postal Zip code decoder - Find out what city a U.S. zip code is in, or the other way around.

Telephone Area code decoder - Find out what city a U.S. area code (212, 808, 510, etc.) refers to.

Maps @ Yahoo! - Instantly create a map of... "whereever". Mapblast! also works good too.

What time is it? - Use this handy computer before making that telephone call to your friend in Tokyo.

Money-related information:

The Universal Currency Converter - This thing helps you do foreign currency exchange rate calculations using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates.

Savings Estimator - Are you saving your money for a new bass? How long will it take? 20 years?

Miscellaneous tools:

Online Conversion - This website is very nice - it has conversion tools for length/distance, weight, temperature, even cooking measurements. Handy!

Online Dictionary @ Merriam-Webster - Our favorite internet dictionary & thesaurus, because we can't spell very well and big words confuse us.

Language-Translating Machine @ WorldLingo - Okay, so this tool doesn't work perfectly, but it works 'good enough' in a pinch, it's free, and it's actually a lot of fun to play with. Finally find out what that German-only bass website says! Also useful: the talking fish at Babelfish.

Advice Bunny - If you're faced with making an important business-related question, sometimes it's good to turn to a professional for help.

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