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Our Mission  : What we do.

What's New  : updates, news, & wandering thoughts from Land of Bunnies

the BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archive  : the original, world-famous e-archive of basses & guitars!

Interviews & Field Trips  : always trying to learn something new...

Directory of Custom and Independent Builders  : who's making basses out there?

the Wood pages  : learn more about wood.

Bass Design  : the experts share their knowledge with you.

Photographing Your Bass  : some tips on how to take pictures of your bass. works on guitars too.

Helpful Internet Tools  : some things from around the net that we find very useful.

Music Dojo  : comprehensive online bass instruction courses from stellar players such as Adam Nitti, Anthony Wellington, and others!

Amusing Basses  : some wonderful, some totally revolting.

Bass Wars  : three pictures, each competing for your affection! cast your vote! (closed)

Basses & Their Pets  : a gallery of basses and the (extra)ordinary people that love them.

Community Links  : submit your favorite bass or music-related links here.


Girls!  : girlie stuff, bass stuff.

Girl Pix  : a gallery of bassists and guitarists.

Basses come from trees...  : just some thoughts about trees.

Rants, Q&A, Pictures...  : i'm really much quieter in person. honest.

Bass Tips  : an ever-growing collection of elixers for bass-related head-scritching.

Send a Virtual Postcard!  : let someone know your're thinking of them.

Free Wallpaper  : nice pictures for your desktop.

Who Are We?  : a mini-history plus pictures of us papershufflers.

Fanmail  : just a random sample of some of the nice (old) e-mail we've received.

Hate-mail (and other stuff)  : rude. annoying. odd. and some real stupid ones too.

Tell a Friend...  : an ingenious and easy-to-use electronic friend-telling contraption.

Contests & Giveaways  : we give away free (nearly worthless) stuff.

Please stamp me  : do you like those wax-stamp thingies?

mimi's Closet   : various nonsense that i didn't know where to put...so it goes in here.

Bun-eBay  : check here to see if BunnyBass has any live auctions at eBay.

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