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bunny! My Dream Bass Contest!

Hey, we finally have a winner for our most recent BunnyBass contest! Remember when we joked about getting only one entry? Well, guess how many entries we got? That's right! One! So our winner is Marcie C. from Los Angeles, California! Marcie is 16 and goes to high school in Rosemead. So we'll be sending Marcie a BunnyBass t-shirt and a Korg tuner for sending us such a cool (and bizarre) drawing, and for saving us from the embarrassment of having zero responses. Here's part of the letter that describes what this bass is:
"...The last bass drawing is my favorite for your contest [Jon's note: Marcie sent in 6 small drawings]. I call it a treeslug. It has 4 strings and has fretless or it can be fretted as well. If this bass could be made of glossy plastic I think I'd like that best. The tuning machines can be made of titanium or something strong so that they will not break off. The petals should all be different sizes and different lengths for natural beauty like a tree. Also you can see that there is included a whammy bar for the slug call. Also you can see there is controls for volume, sound, and distortion level. The swirl on the body will be filled with water for a gushing sound when pushed. And the whole bass is shaped like a raindrop or a slug because water is precious!...[this part edited out]...XOOOXX! Marcie"
Thank you, Marcie. I think your bass is strangely beautiful. ^_^

tree slug

About the contest (now closed):   Yay for free stuff! What is your dream bass? What would it look like? What features would it have? How would it sound? No, we don't mean basses that have already been manufactured and are now in the market. We mean one designed and created by you. Would it be shaped like a bunny? like JigglyPuff? Have 3.5 strings?
We can't build it for you, but here's an opportunity to share your dream with everybody. Simply send us a hand-drawn picture of your dream bass and a short description of it, and please..nothing on a gum wrapper? After we take a look at the pictures, we'll choose some, scan them and post them here somewhere so everyone can look at them. Don't worry if you're not Van Goh or Michaelangelo (have you seen my bunny doodles?). One lucky winner will receive a Korg GA-20 Tuner (retail $22) and a BunnyBass T-shirt (retail $12). Chances of winning will depend on how many people send us drawings, so if you're the only one that sends a'd be the winner! Entries must be received by December 1st, 1999 so that we can mail the prize in time for Christmas.
Don't forget to include your name, email and mailing address with your picture. If you would like your picture back, please also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Thank you and have fun!
     ~ mimi

(the above picture is from the alembic website.)

Previous Giveaway
The 1000 guest celebration giveaway is over! We had lot of emails about this contest...thank you all for participating. The codeword was bunnypower and it was located on the 'where we are' page. Congratulations to the winners! Don't forget to watch for more giveaways or contests in the future!
Chee-Yung, Singapore - Slap Bass Program
Stephanie, San Francisco - Pokemon

[ In celebration of our site receiving over 1000 guests, we have decided to give away two prizes. The first prize is an instructional video, The Slap Bass Program. It's a good video and although it's not shrinkwraped, the video itself is in new condition. ]

slap bass program instructional video

Second prize is this cute little plastic pokemon toy. They seem to be the 'in' thing right now. I forget what this one is called...'jigglypuff'?... 'wigglytuff'?... 'jigglywiggly'?...

pokemon doll

I'm sorry for not offering 'big' prizes ala Bass Player magazine (like fancy basses or entire bass rigs) but hey, at least it's free right? And I'll even pay for shipping! You're probably wondering how you can win one of these two prizes. It's quite simple. The first email we receive that mentions this giveaway and has the right code word will get the video, and the second emailer will get the pokemon. Sending two emails does not count. Only one prize per person. Now all you have to do is find that word! Good luck and thank you for visiting. Remember to check back here soon to see if you're the winner. Take care!

     ~ Mimi
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