Tina Weymouth...

with Talking Heads...

Popular Favorites 19762992: Sand In The Vaseline (1992)

Naked (1988)

True Stories (1986)

Little Creatures (1985)

Stop Making Sense (1984)

Speaking In Tongues (1983)

The Name Of This Band Is The Talking Heads (1982)

Portable Music (1982)

Remain In Light (1980)

Happy Rock (1979)

Fear Of Music (1979)

More Songs About Buildings And Food (1978)

Talking Heads:77 (1977)

with Tom Tom Club...

The Good, the Bad and the Funky (2000)

Dark Sneak Love Action (1991)

Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom (1989)

Close To The Bone (1983)

Tom Tom Club (1981)