Welcome to Our Picture Gallery
(of 'non-famous' people and the basses that love them...)

bunny photographer This is where I'll post pictures sent in by...you! There are tons of web pages dedicated to famous rock starts out there, but we thought it'd be nice to have a page featuring all us 'regular' people - playing our basses, hugging our basses, just plain hanging out with our basses...anything you can imagine, actually. Anyway, I tend to believe that 'we' (the non-famous) are more interesting than 'them' (the famous)! *cough* If you'd like to share a picture of yourself, a friend, a loved one, or (?) - with a bass guitar, please do! Let your imagination run amuck and be creative! Send it to us via e-mail or snail mail - either is fine. If it's got a bass and a human (or other) being in it, we'll post it, along with any comments you want included with the picture. I don't know what's going to happen on this page, but I think it'll be...err...'interesting'!

One more thing: If you have a picture that you'd like to send in that doesn't 'look quite right', dun worry - we'll gladly fiddle with the contrast and color to make it look nicer if you want us to, no problem at all. We can also make stuff black & white, sepia-toned, or whatever too. Can't promise it'll look great, but we'll try! ~m.

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  Caiti and Dad


   Anna Kournikova

  Charlie Brown


  who is this?


  Vandela Kirsebom





binky   binky

   Jennifer Love Hewitt

  maude flanders

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On a final note: I've had quite a few good suggestions for what to name this page - "Bass Owner Wars!" (Jon Baron), "BootyBass" (Rich Miller), "Hey, check out that axe!" or "Nice axe baby" or "You are such an axe" (Kent Hobson). I guess I'll choose later?

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