bunny! More BunnyBass Fanmail...

Dear Mimi,
Jules showed me your site. I love it! So many sites are devoid of
personality---not yours. Makes me want to really start spicing up our
emerging 'net presence.
Rick Turner

> Hey! thanks for replying, I really appreaciate someone who actually takes
>us girls seirously when we say we want to start a band. Thank you so much for
>the suggestions for the bass.

you're a breath of fresh air. Your combination of intelligence,humor and sarcasm (hey,I'm originally from Brooklyn!)is very impressive and I wanted to let you know that I for one appreciate where you're coming from. Mark

Name: George
Subject: Bunnybass kicks arse
Comments: I like your page very much. I too am a bassist. I have been playing for six years and am glad to see other creative people share a love for the instrument, I actually just took up the upright two months ago and am rapidly turning it into my main instrument. It's like when I first got a bass guitar, I just can't put it down. Anyways, I like your drawings and page and everything, I just thought I would let you know.

Just recently, an individual I met on the Internet turned me on to your web
site. As I am always on the lookout for high-end bass resources, I've got
your site firmly bookmarked and intend to stop by often to view your wares,
with the hopes of being a customer very shortly. Before I go on, I just
want to say, you have a great site, great sense of humor, and a great
appreciation for great basses. Paul

hi you guys!!!!!!
I'm from Brazil, do you know this beautiful country???
Well, I just loved your pageeeeeee!!!!! Your page is somethinggggg!!I loved, as I said.
kisses for all of you!!

Name: MARK

I would like to applaud you on your wonderful site! This site has character that most other sites lack. I love everything about your site and visit it frequently! Adam

I finally got the bass on friday.It is Fantastic!!!!!!Really great packing
job,too.I actually got in touch with ZON and this piece was made in 1990.It
is still in really excellent original condition. Frank

I got the Steinberger. It arrived safely, I like the way you folks packed it. Thanks Mimi for including the extra pickup, when I get some spare time, I'll install it. I have a couple of comments about this bass. I took it to a jam session this past Friday evening. I like the strap pivot thingie! At first I was not to cool with the sound of the bass, the sound was very powerful without much bottom. Then I discovered I had rolled off the neck pickup and was just about soloing the bridge pickup, with the tone leaning almost all the way toward the treble zone. BTW what's up with the knobs? They turn so easily, you could blow on them and adjust them.(very minor gripe BTW) However, when I adjusted the knobs correctly, whoa-nilly, this bass has the FATTEST sound! P bass on steriods. I was impressed, and took it with me on Saturday night for another jam. I got comments about how good the bass sounds. Needless to say, this one will stay in my collection for a while.

Hello! My name is Damon. I am about to complete a B.S. in Art with an emphasis in sculpture and woods, and I have nearly completed an Art History Minor. I am a lover of the bass, (I.E. Both the guitar and the fish), and your web pages are STUNNING.
As a bass player, photographer, poet, visual artist, and spring chicken of a luthier, I have to commend yourself, Jon, and Keith for being one crew of very interesting and apparently productive people.
I somehow stumbled into your site while looking for wood on the net for a future project, and was gaffled by it. Finally, Mimi, your Feminist perspective is a very humorous and refreshing one. I have spent much of this school year investigating Feminism and Contempory Art and even got to hang out with Judy Chicago. She was kind of scary... You were just lots of fun...

Name: Hamish
Subject: Good Job
Comments: Just a wee note to say "Good Job Team!" This'd have to be THE best bass site I've found and one of the better sites overall. I particularly like the way you guys are able to have a bit of a laugh at yourselves (and others) - it makes the whole thing a lot more human. Keep up the good work - I'll be back!

Name: Roy
Subject: Just missed you guys!
Comments: Aloha,
I'm the touring bassist for Engelbert Humperdinck and we just played Oahu and Maui last month (and I had no idea you guys were there!!!). I'm really impressed by your taste in basses.

Name: David
Subject: words of encouragement
Comments: Hi Mimi,
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your wesite. I really appreciate your perspective on life in general and bass in particular. I spent too much time laughing over the "ugly basses" pages at work yesterday (when I should have been being productive - well maybe it was productive).
I especially admire the way you handle all the negative e-mail from the lunatic bigots, etc. I don't think I could take it in stride like you seem to.
Thank you for providing an interesting, very amusing and informative website. Please don't be discouraged by the hate mail. Maybe you're not and you don't need my encouragement. Well, you have it anyway.
Best Regards,

Over the last couple days I've explored the whole
site whenever I have free minutes to spare from work.
I love it. It's almost as fun as playing a bass.
I try to support things I like, the ones that aren't
corporate that is. It's becoming especially important
to encourage independent endeavors in these ages where
everything is co-opted by businesses that are merging into
megamegacorporations. They possess far too much
influence and power on our lives.
Anyway the only thing keeping me from ordering a
T-shirt is that it's way too cute and girlie for a boy
to wear! Not that that's bad, but I would just never
wear it. And I don't know any girl bass players either,
otherwise I'd give it as a gift. (I know a girl drummer,
but I can't imagine her wearing something cute; she only
wears plain clothes, because she's hardcore straight edge
which means she only eats vegan but I diverge).
If you sold a bunnybass logo sticker, I'd get it.
If you sold a pin, I'd get it. If you made a T-shirt
with a boy bunny, one who rocks like the sweaty bunny
on the doodle page (that bunny rawks!), I'd get it.
Of course I know it's not economically feasible to
produce these things if I'm the only one who wants it,
but if you ever do or you get more demand for those
items I just wanted to let you know that I'd be

Name: Yvonne
Subject: your page is cool
Comments: me and my hubby are both bass players and think your page is cool. We like the strange and unusual ones. You R funny and your rabbit has a great deal of charisma. The End.:)

I must say this is one seriously wigged out bass site.. U can't help but love this place.. steve

I really dig this site. I think you covered everything here and I feel like I learn something new everytime I visit this site (twice now). Gerald

I checked out your webpage. That's got to be the biggest collection of rare
and unusual basses I've ever seen in one place. I used to belong to the
Guild Of American Luthiers and I'd see some unusual things, but not that
many at one time. After seeing your site, I can safely say that it would be
an honor to be included on your page. Thanks, Rick

Subject: is this real?
Comments: Hello, I have added my bass playing web site to your links, and have added your banner to mine, WHO ARE YOU!? I've never seen a bassists web site that was so .... {cute?} but youv'e got some great pics of basses and some nice stuff for sale, are you part of a company? or a women who likes to play bass and is simply ADORABLE? Well... Im not gonna contest it! just going to say that your site is one of a kind and a tribute to the art that is the web, and the artists that can express themselves on it. thanx. TW

Hi there, this is Trond Moen from Norway. I'm a big bass fan, and all too often I visit your website in search of that ultimate fretless. The Tung 6 string you had must be one of the finest basses I've seen. Too bad you didn't post any more photos of it, because you amaze me every time I visit your website, with all the detailed pictures you have. I also like the fact that you actually write something subjective about each instrument. Great!!
God Bless you.
Yours: Trond

Just read your email again and I just wanted you to know that I totally
trust you guys and I do think you know what you are doing.I don't get an
uneasy feeling with the bunny people at all...

I am so excited to actually get a "real bass" I just cant wait. thanks for for selling great basses at really fair prices. Michael

Name: Jaysun
Comments: I must say, this is quite possibly my new favourite web site. I love it! I think this site is something only a bassist could truly appreciate... think about it... can you picture any other musician (drummer, guitarist, etc.) making a site so down right fun and silly, yet informative about their chosen instrument? Not likely...at least not that I've found as yet. Maybe I'm off bass here (ha ha). Sheesh...
Anyhoo, best regards, and keep it going!

I happened across a link to your site and thought it might have
something to do with Bunny Brunel. But the cute little bunny drew me
in and I almost fell over laughing when I started looking through the
collection of amusing basses. Judging by the writing on the site and
your quotes page in particular, your students are very lucky to have
a teacher like you.
Take care, -Z-

Name: Matt Comments: Hello Mimi- I discovered your site today, following the Pedulla link off HC. I like your site - very creative and witty and tasteful sort of. I'm Chinese/ Japanese from Hawaii sort of and now I live in Alaska. My wife is Mohawk/French and we're a strange couple for sure. I've burned at least a hour today looking at your site. How do you find the time?!

Name: Jeff
Subject: Great Site!!! Comments: I linked here from a review on the "Bass Gear Review Page"
All I can say is: GREAT SITE!! Very refreshing, unique and original (even if the whole "bunny" motif is a bit "not me".
I'll be linking to you from my web site for sure.
All the best

Hello! After accidentally stumbling upon your site yesterday, I have spent several hours exploring the little world you've created (while getting paid for it, to boot... Ahh, work isn't ALL bad). I found it all very entertaining, especially the ebay stories. Thank again for the entertainment! Eric

Subject: great site
Comments: just thought i'd write and say i enjoyed your site and its uniqueness. i'm not sure if i spelled that right, but you are right about most bass site and ed romans...so, keep it up. jm

Hi again, Mimi!
Just got back from another visit to your site and enjoyed it as much as I did the first time through. Really, it's been the highlight of a really bad day of missed work.

I finally checked out your site today. I was originally under the
impression that the blue bass was the only one you had for sale. Now I see
that a lot of fine instruments pass through your hands. I've book-marked
your site and will refer to it to see what new items you have. Anyway, you
have a very nice and complete site and the photography is

Name: Brian
Subject: so cute Comments: Hi Mimi,
I just stumbled across your webpage. I love your attitude, and you're so endearing! :) take care, eh?

Name: Frank
Subject: Cool site
Comments: I just discovered your site.
I haven't read it all yet, but
I'm coming back soon. It's
great. It's one of the
best bass-related sites I have
ever seen.
Take care.

Name: TW
Comments: HI MIMI, still enjoying your neat site,
I especially like it when you talk like a cave man {me like...MONGO LIKE!}
veerryy funny.
take care.

I would also like to thank you for creating such a great web site. Your cute graphics and comprehensive bass selection is truly refreshing.Thanks again,

Thank you for responding so promptly. First, I must say that all of
you at BunnyBass! seem to have a very cool thing happening. I
thoroughly enjoyed checking out your web site, especially Mimi's
musings. And the fact that you are all teachers suggests that you are
of good spirit and attitude. I also like how you feature areas about
your pets...(I am a veterinarian, and can relate!) Curt

I love your site. My favorite part is the Amusing Basses section. It's
great. I've had some amusing basses, too, in my time, but nothing as cool
as the watermelon bass. Your site is the most entertaining bass site on the
web. Thanks! Sincerely yours, Jeff

Subject: Bunnyriffic
Comments: Hi Mimi,
I gotta tell you, I just adore your site. You rock! I'm not often
impressed by web sites, but your sense of humor shines through everything
and I love it. Thanks! Sean

I've been browsing it for more than an hour now, an unheard-of amount of
time for me, visiting every single section (and you certainly have
plenty). Since you encourage correspondence, I must e-mail you and tell
you how well-done, enjoyable, and unique your site is! It is obviously a
labor of love. If you devote half as much energy, wit, and intelligence to
your day job, then you must be a very good teacher indeed. Your writing
is crisp and clever, and I also enjoyed your photos. Hawaii looks
beautiful. You can bet I checked out every shot of that white Music Man 5,
even though it is sold. You have a very good eye for composition and
lighting (I'm a videographer and television producer by trade) I'll check
out your site from time to time; I've bookmarked it for sure! Thanks for
providing some much-needed distraction from my irritation at being ripped off...

I am looking at your site right now :)
But tell me, is this Melody interview fruit of your imagination... I can't
believe you put that on this site...
Am I out of context or what? :)))))))) It's so ... sweet...
Anyway I am so glad to see how you talk about basses and action and
intonation etc... with such experience and wisdom.
It's not that I have any sort of prejudice, but you have to agree that it's
unusual to find a woman with that particular taste.
And that kind of feminine feel makes the bass subject more cute, more
pinky, or funny whatever... I don't know how to say, but with so much
professionalism that even surpasses the bass sites I ever visited... it's
kind of unreal to me... plus... plus you have a Ric Chris Squire and the
Zon 8 string, among other beauties! What more can I say??... Oh I know, you
look very pretty on the pic:))))))))
Congratulations for your site!!

I really enjoy your website...it's definitely in my "Top 10" sites to visit on the web! Ed

Subject: How freakin' cool are you guys?!
Comments: So, somehow or other i'm trying to find double-ballend
Steinberger strings for my GM2T and as the Steinberger site redirects me to
MusicYo.com (thanks a lot Gibson, everything you touch turns to dust, but
not before it turns to shit!), I decide to pull up Northern Light Search
and type in a few words,...the third hit on the list was a link to the
white Steinberger guitar you guys were selling, so I think, cool, damn,
great price, ahhh, it's sold, no biggie, hey where am I?, what is this site
and why am I smiling so dang much? What an incredibly great site you have!
I'm a guitarist (hiss, boo), yeah, but I, on occasion, play my very nice
48th Stret Custom Jazz bass AND my girlfriend and I have a most slamming
eight year old dwarf bunny named Fred,...so I spent a great amount of time
on your site, reading, laughing and enjoying. Great service you all
provide,...and some of those amusing basses are truly hideous, yikes!
Cheers, Pedro

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