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Okay, I'll admit this page is totally self-indulgent, but I'm having my mid- life crisis early and wanted to feel better about myself. So I'm pouring it on. If you want to gag, I'll understand. so here they are - some examples of the 'happy' e-mails we've been getting! you may not care to read em, but i sure enjoyed receiving em!  ^_^

     ~ mimi

>Name: larry
>Subject: What A Cooooool Bass Site!!!
>Comments: Howdy,
>I've just spent the last 5 or 6 days driving around California visiting
>friends and doing crazy stuff and I'm totally thrashed. So when I came
>home tonight and logged in hoping to find a friend's bass site (what was
>that pesky URL anyway?), I was about to give up and get some much needed
>sleep when I stumbled across your site. Wow! This is really fun! Maybe
>I'll stay up another hour or two and get even more trashed! Really, you
>have one of the funniest, most entertaining and interesting bass sites
>I've ever seen. This is really good stuff. I really like the way you
>present things and you've got a lot of content/info density. I'm coming
>back for more and I'm bringing my friends! Thanx for a much needed >attitude adjustment ;-)
>-Larry W

>Hi Mimi and Jon, Alex's husband Scott and reciever of the Alembic
>here....Thank you!!! What a fantastic instrument! Almost indistinguishable
>from new and...what a packing job!!! Now if my playing ability can only
>someday measure up to the bass.....oh well...I do Sound better already!
> Thank you both for an interesting, honorable and enjoyable transaction.
> Sincerely, Scott

>Name: Ed
>Subject: Admiring your site
>Comments: Hi!
>I was surfing the other day when I came across your site. Wow! I must
>say you have the most original bass web sight ever! I got such a kick out
>of your sight! My girlfriend who could care less about bass web sights
>actually pulled up a chair and together we sat looking through your sight.
>I belong to a bass e-group and I have a feeling you may soon have plenty
>of visitors. Love your sight!!! (I just can't stop saying that!)

>Name: flo
>Subject: very cute
>Comments: i was wondering where you found the bunny for your sign its so
>cute. i play the bass and i like this site the best any way i just
>thought i'd pay you a comploment
>      luv
>      flo!!!!!!!

Name: Bass Fan
Subject: Thanks!!
Comments: I met Jon in Guitar Center on Comm Ave in Boston and he really helped me out. I was looking for a new 4 string bass because I wanted to get back into it and I had trouble relearning on my 5 string. He was really helpful and helped me choose a bass. Thanks Jon, its appreciated and I love my new bass!

Hi, Just received bass and am very happy with it.I used to play a lined fretless so this will be an adjustment.Thanks for an honorable transaction......Don

Hi Mimi.. How ya doin'? I check out your site all the time, and let me tell you if I had some money I would buy your whole inventory!! You always have nice stuff.

your bunny shirts, do the bunnies come holding different basses? because i kinda want to get one for my girlfriend, who's absolute favorite bass is a Warwick Dolphin (if think just because of the inlays!) and your page header bunny has one and the one above the shirts page holds a zon i believe, so that is why i ask. if a choice is optional i would have to choose the dolphin you see :) bye bye

>In all my years buying selling and generally obsessing over basses I've never heard any bass described as "cute"
>before. I really love your site and love the contributions you are making in the bass community! Keep it up!

>Just received bass and am very happy with it.
>I used to play a lined fretless so this will be an adjustment.
>Thanks for an honorable transaction.

>I loved your site so much, I bought a bass from you! I was pleasantly
>surprised by the friendly people at BunnyBass and how well versed
>you are in the finer things of life (the best basses of course).
>Mimi put up with incessant demands for photos and information
>- demands that would turn "store salespeople" to cheese - and
>went out of her way to make sure I had the exact information
>that I was after. Now, if you can find the SAME bass in a 5-string
>model... Thanks!

>Dear Mimi, Jon and Keith,
>This is just a short letter to thank you all for "connecting me" with the
>lovely Dolphin bass.
>The instrument arrived undamaged (the flight case was a WISE precaution!)
>and easily met my expectations. A few adjustments, restringing and new
>battery later and I was ready to put this bass through her paces...
>Now I'll hasten to point out that I *DO* become obsessed with my new
>instruments and rant a bit, but with that in mind this bass has so
>far-exceeded my expectations as to force me to rethink my feelings about
>many of the other instruments that I own. Although the pre-Gibson Tobias
>5-string maintains a great balance and tonal consistency across the entire
>fretboard, and still has one of the best "B"s going, it does NOT equal or
>even offer the fabulous tonal palette of the Dolphin. I think that I'll be
>carting several instruments down to the local shop, as I will certainly NOT
>be playing them ever again - in fact most sound disappointing in comparison.
>So again, thank you all. I am certain we will be in touch again very soon.
>Best wishes to you (and may all your bass-dreams come true!)

>I just wanted to thank you guys for everything. I got the MM Sterling and it
>looks and sounds great!! Thanks for working with me, and hopefully we can do
>business again in the future. Thanks!

>horay! it's just arrived and its beautiful! I'm very pleased with the deal.
>Anyway it's sat here in my office keeping me company 'til 5 o'clock when I
>can actually leave and go and play the thing. Got a gig on saturday so it's
>going to quickly see some action. It was a pleasure dealing with you all -
>thanks again and i'll keep visiting the site - maybe we'll do business again.

>Hi Mimi and Jon,
>I am so pleased that I really did manage to secure your lovely bass. I owe a
>major debt of gratitude to Mimi for her patience throughout; with all of my
>questions, heavy demands for more pictures and a daily (and twice sometimes)
>email discussion...Thank you so much. You have been a real pleasure to deal with!

>thank you for your great way of doing business, that's refreshing to know
>that there are ethical people still around. I APPRECIATE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

>Dear Sirs and Madam,
>I ran across your web site today and was quite charmed.
>On one hand I think the whole "bunny" thing is kind of weird.
>I guess it's not my style (Personally, I collect British motorcycles and am
>an avid member of the NRA).On the other hand, I found your web site quirky
>and amusing enough to send you this e-mail. You seem authentic and nice, and
>your prices are reasonable. I just had a rather, um.., disappointing
>interaction with another bass dealer on the web. He was trying to buy a bass
>I had for sale. In the end, I'd have burned the instrument before I sold it
>to him. Running across your web site on the heels of this put me in a better
>mood. I'll put your site on my "favorites" list and visit from time to time.
>Perhaps we'll do some business soon. Yours Truly, *** P.S. I popped onto Ed
>Roman's site after reading your comments. Ed Roman is an imbecile. May the
>Baby Jesus strike me dead before I buy an instrument, or anything, from a guy
>like this!!

>Dear Mimi,
>Once again, your web site has prompted me to e-mail you. Though I still
>think "Bunny Bass" is a odd name, after reviewing your site today, I have
>decided that you have the best site of this kind on the web. I've visited a
>great number of web sites focused on selling basses. None I've seen thus far
>is even nearly as good. Your selection of basses is top notch, and the
>photography is absolutely superb. Your, I'll call it an article, responding
>to that girl looking to play bass was terrific. Very well written and
>intelligent. Also, your take on Ed Roman is hilarious. Have you ever met Ed
>Roman? I have. Ed is based in Connecticut, and I live in Boston. I see him at
>all the local guitar shows, and a good friend of mine has had business
>dealings with him. I would describe Ed as an oily, bearded, middle-aged,
>bombastic fatso. I have nothing personal against Ed, but I am repulsed by
>him. He just exemplifies what is wrong with guitar dealers. As he sees fit
>to put out that bizarre, misogynistic web site, he makes himself fair game
>for criticism. Keep up the good work. What you're doing is really great.

>Sent you an e-mail last night from within your charming website, but have
>reason to suspect a transmission problem. Sent a follow up about the subject
>that would necessarily be meaningless if you didn't get the first e-mail.
>Hence, I pester you once more. Found your Dolphin bass...*etc, etc.* I'd
>appreciate a response, even if its "leave me alone" or "you must be
>drinking!" I love the website and the attitude it conveys. I particularly
>loved the commentary on the dreadfully painted J-Bass whose picture you
>borrowed from ebay. Conjured up images of leather pants, hairy chests, and a
>vastly inflated male ego. Thus adorned, it was more suited to life as
>firewood instead of music. Maybe it was Hugh Hefner's bass. A collectible!
>And keep bunny bass hoping - I'm telling everyone I can about it.

>Mimi - It really IS a pleasure to deal with you. Most folks would find me
>downright annoying by now...Thank you so much for ALL of your trouble; taking
>pictures, anwering questions and putting up with the "avalanche of email"...

>First I want to say that I really admire the honesty evident in the Bass for
>sale section... I really dig the detail pics. Way to go. In fact, I'm
>contemplating whether or not I should send you an instrument I'm
>constructing right now just to see what your description of it's tone would be.

>I am a 44 year old minister and beginning bass player and I just found
>your site. It is the greatest. I love it with all the great pictures and
>explainations. You have a wonderful and very cute website. thanks.

[note: this next one is one of my favorites - it kind of wanders,but i like stuff that wanders (as you may have already noticed)...]

>thanks for reply
>i just got a 56 p-bass and love it
>i interact with it like a pet
>it is sitting in my lap right now
>probably speaks poorly for me
>but what the hay
>i love your ed roman pic
>he comes across like a knowitall type
>i dont understand the girls in the pics
>but i dont hang out at porno sites
>i do ebay and harmony central and of course
>bunnybass----we had the cutest baby bunny
>when i was a kid----nursed it and released after
>taking many photos and they never turned out
>what a drag---this was in the up of michigan
>where i was raised. keep up the good work
>teachers are very important and highly underrated in our world---always
>wanted to be one but got off course and .................
>thanks and goodnight

>Cool site. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure to surf musical equipment
>sites. I feel like I'm looking at porn or something, but your
>site is entertaining and informative enough to make me feel ok
>about myself.

>Do I mind reading this stuff??? Eegads, someone who's selling musical
>equipment and is willing to spend the time to give you their impressions of
>the items, qualitative feedback and answer questions? Unheard of! Why don't
>you move to Chicago and start a retail store here and put all the "Guitar
>Barns" out of business! Oh I know...those damn winters. Thanks!

>thanks for the photos of the Spector on your web. They actually look better
>than the photos in the Spector brochure!! You have some of the best digital
>photos of the basses you sell on the internet. You're not fooling me -
>somebody majored in art or took advanced courses in advertising design. Keep
>up the good work!

>Hi mimi, I live in the uk and need to buy a second hand bass. Preferably a
>fender or yamaha can u recommend any sites I can visit, and preferably about
>£100 Thanx I love your site by the way its sooooooo cool From Linette

[also from Linette - look - she kissed me!]  ^_^

>Thanks Mimi for your expert advice!!!! I will look into those sites right
>now, thanks again! Linette XX

>...PS. My 5 year old daughter is interested in your Bunny bass. She's a
>[Hello] Kitty maina and trying to play my 36in 6string Fodera...

>Hey Mimi,
>Thanks for the quick response. I love your site, GIRLY SITES KICK ASS!
>I hope my 16 month old daughter grows up to be the next Victor Wooten or
>just enjoys playing as much as I do.

>What a good hearted site! I especially like the page devoted to
>"girls".I just bought my niece her first bass, a Squire Jazz. She's
>tall enough and comfortable with it. But for the rest of you girls, I
>agree, get something that you're going to love to pick up and
>play, not something that'll fight against you and discourage you.

>What a great site this is! I jumped for joy the first time i
>came across it! Mimi, i think the fans of this site will multiply
>very quickly!

>Thanks for all the help Mimi, you're the greatest! I appreciate
>your honesty, and I absolutely love the bass. *kisses* Heather

>Hey guys! Loved the site- hilarious! Nice basses, good humor...how
>cool is that? BTW- the Ed Roman comments are right on - what in the heck is
>that guy thinking??? I have to admit - I also looked at the Steinberger
>g**t*r (is that a dirty word?)....instant lust!! Wish I had the clams to
>part with :-( Keep up the good work....

>real cool! makes me want to play bass!

if you're still here reading, you have WAY too much free time, dun you think? i bet you can't belive that i actually put these together on a page, huh? have you ever met anyone more desperate for compliments? (if you still haven't had your fill of my obscene display of self-congradulatory excess, click here) but you know, if any of these nice letters are yours, thank you again. you really do help brighten my day. yours truly,

     ~ mimi

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