BunnyBass directory: Custom and Independent bass builders

Here's an extensive but partial list of custom and independent builders that make bass guitars. As you can see there's millions of different builders out there making all manner of bass guitars - thank goodness for variety! I'm sure there are many others that aren't on our list - if you build basses and would like to be included on this directory, please e-mail us with your information and we'll be happy to add you. Please explore these sites - especially the lesser-known ones - the bass world is broader and deeper than it's usually made out to be...

A note on finding entries: This directory is organized by company name, in alphabetical order. Please note that inidviduals who use their "personal" name as their company name have been alphabetically filed by their first name rather than their last name. For example, luthier Abe Rivera is listed under 'A' rather than 'R', the reason being that 'Abe Rivera' is his company name.


A Basses  (U.S.A.)

Abe Rivera  (U.S.A.)

Acacia Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Adamovic Guitars & Basses (Nikola Adamovic) (Netherlands)

Alan Cringean Guitars (U.K.)

Alembic Basses & Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Alfonso Ittura  (Chile)

Alter Ego  (Italy)

Ambush Custom Basses  (U.S.A.)

Andreas Guitars  (Austria)

Andrews Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Ares Guitars  (Sweden)

Aria (Custom Shop)  (Japan)

Aries Basses  (Croatia)

Armen Basses  (Armenia)

Artinger Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Aspe Guitars  (Netherlands)

Atelier Z Guitar Works  (Japan)

Atlansia Basses  (Japan)

Auerswald Instruments  (Germany)

AV basses (Ales Vychodil)  (Czech Republic)

Aysguitars (Jose Ananias) (U.S.A.)

Azola Basses  (U.S.A.)


Bachmann Guitars  (Italy)

Barker Vertical Bass  (U.S.A.)

Barrillon Guitares  (France)

Barton Basses (Bart Applewhite) (U.S.A.)

Bas-extravaganza (Bas Wittenberg) (Netherlands)

Bass Culture  (Germany)

"The Bass Kahuna"-GW Basses (U.S.A.)

Bassix  (UK)

BassLabs  (Germany)

Bassline  (Germany)

Bassurgery (Kim Seabourne)  (U.K.)

Bastec  (Japan)

B.C. Rich Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Beau Leopard Design  (U.S.A.)

Bee Basses  (U.S.A.)

Belman Guitars  (Australia)

Benedict Guitar Company  (U.S.A.)

Benavente Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Birdsong Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Bob Mick  (U.S.A.)

Boerjes Bass & Guitar Design  (Germany)

Bogart Bass Guitars  (Germany)

Bolin Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Bone Basses  (U.S.A.)

Bossa  (Japan)

Brawley Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Brian Moore Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Brubaker Guitars  (U.S.A.)

BSX Basses  (U.S.A.)

Buckdancer's Choice  (U.S.A.)

Bunker Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Burns Guitars  (U.K.)

Burrell Guitars  (U.S.A.)


Carl Thompson  (U.S.A.)

Carruthers Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Carvin  (U.S.A.)

Catalyst Instruments  (Netherlands)

CB Basses (Cliff Bordwell) (U.S.A.)

Celinder Basses  (Denmark)

C.F. Martin & Co.  (U.S.A.)

Chandler Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Charlee Guitars  (Netherlands)

Chris Larkin Custom  (Ireland)

Christof Kost  (Germany)

Christophe Brossard  (U.S.A.)

Christopher Woods (U.S.A.)

Citron (Harvey Citron)  (U.S.A.)

Clark Musical Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Claudio Pagelli  (Switzerland)

Clevinger Bass  (U.S.A.)

Clifford Roi

Clover  (Germany)

Conklin Guitars & Basses  (U.S.A.)

Crescent Moon Custom Guitars & Basses  (U.S.A.)

Crews Maniac Sound  (Japan)

Curbow String Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Custom Shop Basses (Ray Simonetti & Mike Hicks) (U.S.A.)

Cyr Custom Guitars & Basses (U.S.A.)


DAK (Da Costa Mickael Luthier)  (France)

D"Alegria Custom Basses (Brazil)

Damico Guitars & Bass  (France)

Dammann Basses  (U.S.A.)

Dark Hollow Instruments (Todd Martin) (U.S.A.)

Darrin Huff Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Dart Musical Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Dave Lewis Guitars  (U.S.A.)

David King  (U.S.A.)

David Maize Acoustic Basses  (U.S.A.)

De Lacugo Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Devon Guitars  (U.S.A.)

D. Huff Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Diego Pons  (Spain)

Dingwall Guitars  (Canada)

DiPinto Guitars  (U.S.A.)

D.M. Guitars (Dan MacPherson) (United Kingdom)

DNG  (France)

Dommenget Custom Guitars  (Germany)

Don Grosh Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

DP Custom Basses (Dave Pushic)  (U.S.A.)

Duesenberg Guitars  (Germany)


Eagle Instruments  (Sweden)

Eccleshall Guitars  (U.K.)

Edenhaus Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Edin Electric Bass  (Sweden)

Edward V. Dick  (U.S.A.)

Ellio Martina Basses & Guitars  (Netherlands)

Elrick Bass Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Eminence Basses (G. Edward Lutherie)  (U.S.A.)

Erlewine Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Esh Basses  (Germany)

Eshenbaugh Guitars  (U.S.A.)

E.S.P. Guitars  (Japan)

Essensce Electric String Bass  (U.S.A.)

Eugen Guitars  (Norway)

Eyb  (Germany)


Fabregues Basses  (Puerto Rico)

Farnell Guitars  (Canada)

F bass  (Canada)

FBB Custom Bass Works  (U.S.A.)

Fender (Custom Shop)  (U.S.A.)

Fibenare Guitars  (Hungary)

Fichter Basses  (U.S.A.)

Fish Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Fichter Basses  (Germany)

Fleishman Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Fodera Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Formentin Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Forshage Custom Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Frenz (Bob Frenz)  (U.S.A.)

Fret-King Guitars  (U.K.)

Frudua Guitars  (Italy)

Fury  (Canada)


G&L Guitars  (U.S.A.)

GB Basses (Bernie Goodfellow)  (UK)

GB GuitarWorks (Greg Breshears) (U. S. A.)

Galasso Guitars (Ezequiel Galasso) (Argentina)

Garnder Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Gander Guitars (Ray Gander) (Canada)

Garz Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Gazer Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Gecko Guitars  (Australia)

G. Gould Music  (U.S.A.)

Gibson (Custom Shop)  (U.S.A.)

Giffin Guitars  (U.S.A.)

GIM Custom Guitars  (Malaysia)

Girl Brand Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Godfrey Bass (Les Godfrey)  (U.S.A.)

Godin  (Canada)

Goodfellow  (UK)

Gothic Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Gougi Guitars  (France)

GR Basses  (U.S.A.)

Gretsch Musical Instruments (Custom Shop)  (U.S.A.)

Guild Guitars (Custom Shop)  (U.S.A.)

Gus Guitars  (UK)


Hambone Custom Basses (Allan Hamilton) (U.S.A.)

Hamer Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Handmade Electric Stringed Instruments  (New Zealand)

Hanewinckel Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Henneken Archtop Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Harry Jansen Luthier  (Netherlands)

Haze Guitars  (Ireland)

Heins Guitars  (Netherlands)

Hembrook Guitars & Basses  (U.S.A.)

Henner Malecha  (France)

Hill Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Hoag  (U.S.A.)

Hofner (Germany)

Hootz Luthier  (Brazil)

Hoyer Guitars  (Germany)

Hotwire Bass  (Germany)

Huet Instruments (U.S.A.)

Hufschmid Guitars  (Switzerland)

Hugh Manson  (U.K.)

Huiras Instruments Internationale  (U.S.A.)

Human Base  (Germany)


Ibanez (Custom Shop)  (U.S.A.)

InnerWoodBasses  (Japan)


Jacaranda  (Italy)

James Basses (Greg Lambas) (U.S.A.)

James Trussart Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Jaydee Guitars  (UK)

Jeff Chapman  (UK)

Jerry Jones Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Jerzy Drozd Basses  (Spain)

Jiraud Bass Center  (Japan)

Joe's Guitars  (U.S.A.)

John Birch Guitars  (UK)

Johnson's Extremely Strange Musical Instruments  (U.S.A.)

JP Basses  (France)

JT Basses (John Toon) (U.S.A)

Junzo  (Japan)


Kania  (Poland)

Ken Bebensee Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Ken Lawrence  (U.S.A.)

Ken Smith Basses  (U.S.A.)

Killer  (Japan)

Kinal Guitars & Basses  (Canada)

Klas Eldh Handmade Electric Guitar & Bass  (Sweden)

Klein Electric Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Knooren  (Netherlands)

Kraushaar Gitarren  (Germany)

Kritz Custom Guitars  (Belgium)

Kydd Basses  (U.S.A.)


Lado  (Canada)

Lag  (France)

Laggan Bass Works  (U.S.A.)

Lakland  (U.S.A.)

Landing Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Larkin Guitars  (Ireland)

Laurus Professional Bass Guitars  (Italy)

Larrivee  (Canada)

Leach Guitars  (U.S.A.)

LeCompte Bass (Bud LeCompte) (U.S.A.)

Leduc Guitars  (France)

LeFay  (Germany)

L.E.G.G. Guitars World (Italy)

Leiber Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Linc Luthier  (U.S.A.)

Littee Basses (Alexandre Littee) (France)

Little Guitar Works (Jerome Little) (U.S.A.)

Listerud Bass (Norway)

Logabass (Sanox)

Longbow Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Lopez Luthier (Argentina))

Lud Guitars  (Italy)

Lutarius Basses (U.S.A.)


Mallia Lutherie  (Australia)

Magnus Guitars  (Germany)

Manne Guitars  (Italy)

Manuel Orrego  (Chile)

Marcus Guitars & Basses  (Belgium)

Mari by Redivivus  (Italy)

Marleaux Basses  (Germany)

Martin Dixon Handmade Guitars  (U.K.)

Matt Pulcinella Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Mayones  (Poland)

M-Basses (Jon Maghini)  (U.S.A.)

MB Handmade  (Italy)

Merchant Bass (Bill Merchant)  (U.S.A.)

Messenger Basses (Knutson Luthery)  (U.S.A.)

Meyers Guitars (John Meyers)  (U.S.A.)

MF Bass (Canada)

Michael Dolan Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Michael Sherman Guitars (U.S.A.)

Mike Lull Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Miller Instruments  (Germany)

Minnieweather Basses (David Minnieweather)   (U.S.A.)

Mobius Megatar  (U.S.A.)

Modulus Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Mørch Guitars  (Denmark)

Moll Custom Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Mollerup Basses  (Canada)

Moon Guitars & Basses  (Japan)

Moonstone Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Moses Graphite  (U.S.A.)

Mose Sparrow Bass Guitars (U.S.A.)

Mouradian Guitars  (U.S.A.)

MTD (Michael Tobias Design)  (U.S.A.)

Mule Basses (Robert Parnham) (U.K.)

Musicman  (U.S.A.)

Musicvox  (U.S.A.)


Nadjalin Basses  (Sweden)

Nado Guitars (Croatia)

Naked Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Navarro Custom Guitars (Mike Navarro) (Puerto Rico)

Neely Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Neubauer Guitars  (Austria)

Neuser Basses  (Slovakia)

New York Bass Works  (U.S.A.)

Noguera  (France)

Nordstrand Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Norton Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Novax Guitars  (U.S.A.)

NS Design  (U.S.A.)


Odyssey Guitars  (Greece)

Ovation  (U.S.A.)

Overwater  (U.K.)

Ozark Instrument  (U.S.A.)


Pagelli  (Switzerland)

Parker Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Palm Guitar  (U.S.A.)

Patrice Blanc Lutherie  (France)

Patrick Eggle Guitars  (U.K.)

Pavel (U.S.A.)

Pedulla  (U.S.A.)

Pensa  (U.S.A.)

Pentasystem  (U.S.A.)

Peter Boekholt  (Netherlands)

Peter Elias  (Canada)

Peter Malinoski  (U.S.A.)

Petillo  (U.S.A.)

Phaedrus Music (Thayer DeMay) (U.S.A.)

Phantom  (Germany)

Phantom Guitarworks  (Oregon, USA)

Philip Kubicki  (U.S.A.)

Pimentel & Sons Guitar Makers  (U.S.A.)

Predaina Basses  (U.S.A.)

PRS Guitars (Paul Reed Smith)  (U.S.A.)


R basses (Ray Roger)  (U.S.A.)

Rainsong Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Ray Ramirez Basses  (Puerto Rico)

Read Custom Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Renaissance Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Ressurection Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Reverend Musical Instruments  (U.S.A.)

RG Custom Basses (Rich Guerrero)  (U.S.A.)

Rickenbacker  (U.S.A.)

Rick Turner Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Rikkers Gittarbouw & Contrabassen  (Netherlands)

Ritter Bass Guitars  (Germany)

Rob Allen Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Robin Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Robert Moore Basses (U.S.A.)

Rob Tromp

Rob Williams Guitars  (U.K.)

Roscoe Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Ruach Bass Guitars (U.K.)


Sabrafen  (Spain)

Sadowsky Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Sage Guitars (Ryan Welcome) (U. S. A.)

Sakakibara Custom Guitar Craft (Shinji Sakakibara) (Japan)

Salas (Tim Salas)  (U.S.A.)

Sandberg Guitars  (Germany)

Saul Koll Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Schack Basses  (Germany)

Schecter Guitar Research (Custom Shop)  (U.S.A.)

Seger Basses (Dallas Seger)   (U.S.A.)

Sei Bass  (U.K.)

Sever Instruments  (Slovakia)

SGD Lutherie  (U.S.A.)

Shergold Guitars  (U.K.)

Shuker Bass  (U.S.A.)

Siggi Guitars Custom Shop  (Germany)

Skillet Guitars (Germany)

Skjold Design Guitars (U.S.A.)

Sleipner Guitars (Leif Bjorkeback) (Sweden)

Sonic Designs  (U.S.A.)

Spalt Basses  (U.S.A.)

Spector Basses  (U.S.A.)

SSS Bass  (U.S.A.)

Stambaugh Musical Designs  (U.S.A.)

Status Graphite  (U.K.)

Steinberger (NS Design)  (U.S.A.)

Stevens Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Stick Enterprises  (U.S.A.)

Stoll  (Germany)

Stonetree Custom Guitars (Scott Platts) (U.S.A.)

Stroy Basses  (U.S.A.)

Sukop Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Surine Basses  (U.S.A.)

Swalwell Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Syme Guitars (Anthony Syme)  (U.S.A.)


Takamine (Japan)

Tausch Guitars  (Germany)

Taylor Guitars  (U.S.A.)

TBC (The Bass Company)  (U.S.A.)

Terje Mentyjaervi  (Norway)

Teuffel Guitars  (Germany)

Thorndal Electric Guitars and Basses  (Germany)

Timtone Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Tomkins Custom Basses & Guitars  (Australia)

ToneSmith Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Totem Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Trace-Elliot  (U.K.)

Travis Bean  (U.S.A.)

Trecker Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Tune Guitar Technology  (Japan)

Tung Basses  (U.S.A.)

TV Jones  (U.S.A.)

Tyler Guitars  (U.S.A.)


Unique Guitars  (U.S.A.)

U.S. Masters  (U.S.A.)


Vadim Handmade Basses  (Canada)

Vector Basses (Nicholas Tipney)  (Canada)

Vektor Basses  (Germany)

Veillette Guitars  (U.S.A.)

VF Guitar Works  (Italy)

Vigier  (France)

Volbrecht Custom Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Vox Humana  (Netherlands)


Wal Basses  (U.K.)

Warrior Instruments  (U.S.A.)

Warwick (Custom Shop)  (Germany)

Washburn (Custom Shop)  (U.S.A.)

Waterstone Guitars (U.S.A.)

Watson Guitars (Alex Watson) (U.S.A.)

Wechter Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Weirich Guitars (Rich Weirich) (U.S.A.)

Whittman  (U.S.A.)

Wilkat Guitars  (Canada)

Wilkins Guitar  (U.S.A.)

Willy Franklin Guitars (U.S.A.)

Wishnevsky  (U.S.A.)

Woody Phifer (U.S.A.)

WM (Will Miller)  (U.S.A.)

WT Basses (Enrico Pasini) (Italy)


Xotic  (U.S.A.)


Yamaha (Custom Shop)  (Japan & U.S.A.)

Yancey Basses  (U.S.A.)


Zachary Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Zerberus Guitars  (Germany)

ZeeBass (Steve Zee) (U.S.A.)

Zeta Music  (U.S.A.)

Zon Guitars  (U.S.A.)

Zoot Bass  (U.K.)

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