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How We Build a Bass: a pictorial building diary, page 9.

page 1. glueing and cutting out the body.
page 2. body routing and starting the neck.
page 3. neck, part 2.
page 4. neck, part 3.
page 5. neck, part 4, starting the neck pocket.
page 6. finishing the neck pocket, glueing the neck in.
page 7. side dots, radiusing the fingerboard, frets.
page 8. frets, part 2, a closer look at the radiusing jig.
page 9. shaping the neck and carving the heel.
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page 10. the pickups, fret dressing and crowning, done!

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Shaping the neck- here we go with the neck shape. I start shaping with a big rasp near the heel:

same thing at the headstock end:

I then use a small plane with long and even strokes lengthwise:

rough shaping done:

time to glue the neck to the body:

now the heel remains to be shaped:

here we go:

heel rough shaped. I'll have much sanding to do now!

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