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How We Build a Bass: a pictorial building diary, page 7.

page 1. glueing and cutting out the body.
page 2. body routing and starting the neck.
page 3. neck, part 2.
page 4. neck, part 3.
page 5. neck, part 4, starting the neck pocket.
page 6. finishing the neck pocket, glueing the neck in.
page 7. side dots, radiusing the fingerboard, frets.
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page 8. frets, part 2, a closer look at the radiusing jig.
page 9. shaping the neck and carving the heel.
page 10. the pickups, fret dressing and crowning, done!

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...and its "twin sister":

we start by locating the position of the side dots:

drilling the holes:

Fitting the dots with "superglue" (CA):

Using the radiusing jig to get a 16" radius on the fingerboard:

sanding the fingerboard:

Getting the fret slots to the correct depth on fingerboard edges. (slot depth has to follow the radius of course):

Cutting fret wire to approximate length (I use Jim Dunlop 6130 fret wire):

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