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How We Build a Bass: a pictorial building diary, page 5.

page 1. glueing and cutting out the body.
page 2. body routing and starting the neck.
page 3. neck, part 2.
page 4. neck, part 3.
page 5. neck, part 4, starting the neck pocket.
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page 6. finishing the neck pocket, glueing the neck in.
page 7. side dots, radiusing the fingerboard, frets.
page 8. frets, part 2, a closer look at the radiusing jig.
page 9. shaping the neck and carving the heel.
page 10. the pickups, fret dressing and crowning, done!

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The router and the flush cut router bit:

first routing step done:

here you can see that some more routing has to be done:

This job is done, reversing the neck and using another flush cutting router bit, this time the ball bearing is at the end of the bit:

Now the back of the headstock is glued in place with the press:

The bass is coming along slowly:

Rough carving the neck pocket with a forster bit:

the result:

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