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Bass Wars!

hello everybody,
basswars is now official closed after 100 weeks. the 'grand champion' picture turned out to be this one (left) of actress selma hayek - not even bass related, but oh well. you can view results from all the previous wars by clicking the links below. if we ever bring basswars back, i promise we'll post a note in the "what's new" section. thanks to everyone who took the time to come and vote every week.

take care,

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ps. for the record: yes, i still oppose U.S. military aggression, the death penalty, the CIA, and all wars as a means of settling conflicts. so why 'bass wars!'? because i was outvoted two to one by jon and keith, that's why. i still think my title - 'Peaceful opinion poll of which picture you happen to prefer' - is much catchier.

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