This picture came with a note:

>Dear Mimi,
>Please post this picture of Anna Kournikova in your picture
>gallery. As you probably know Anna Kournikova is a totally
>talented tennis star. She's one of the best women athletes out
>there and she's also hot!!!!! I think this picture is incredible
>for obvious reasons and I think you'll also agree that she plays
>bass in this picture! YEAH!!!! I hope a ton of people see this
>and become new ANNA FANS!!!!!!! Rock on Mimi Your
>basssite rules! Peace~!

I'm still puzzling over the tennis / bass / soviet propoganda connection (I still don't get it). And someone should have told Anna that her panty was showing. Imagine how embarassed she must feel every time she sees this picture. I feel so bad for her.

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