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The Dolphin Guitar

What is it with these people who want to build a guitar that looks like some species of animal? This contribution came to us from our Amusing Basses fan Martin (Mr. BassMan). Of course it's from Evil Bay-the one down under in this case. Thanks Martin for this one. BTW, how do you pitch a dolphin guitar-with tunas of course!


The Half Fretless Bass

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view of the fingerboard

Once again, this is an Australian eBay contribution from our friend Martin. Now, the bass is listed as a half fretless instrument. Now, what the hell is the reason for doing this? The first and second strings have no frets at all (they were removed) and the third and fourth strings have frets up to the twelfth fret. The remaining frets were also removed. You know, musicians are forever modifying their basses and guitars, but this one.....I dunno gang.


The Gaffa Tape Guitar

Well, Martin is on such a roll here, that we just decided to dedicate this entire page to him. This is once again another Evil Bay listing, this time from the U.K. Instead of using my own words, here is the description from the listing page. "This guitar was an experiment to see what could be done with a bog standard strat. The body was routed out and then filled with concrete to give much more sustain and the neck was glued in instead of using bolts, again for more sustain. All of this coupled with the Dimarzio USA  pickup gives a fantastic rock guitar! It was covered in gaffa tape as an alternative to refinishing it after changing the shape with some judicious routing and bandsaw work! The person who customized this guitar is currently building a prototype Robert Fripp ." By the way, this is a ONE OFF GUITAR-SO IS THE PERSON WHO DID THIS-JUST ONE OFF!


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