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War Of The Worlds Bass

This photo was sent to us from our friend Jess in the U.K. He sincerely hoped there was not a Gibson under the paint-but I am afraid there is Jess. I like artwork as much as the next fellow but geez, do you have to do this?


Bass Horror


This contribution to the Amusing Basses Galleria comes from our friend Snifter who wrote that he found this bass in his browser cache but really doesn't know anything much more about it than that. I will admit that the P/J pickup combination is my personal favorite but as for the rest...


Um Jammer Lammy Guitar


Thanks to our friend Dan for sending in this really nice photo of his guitar! Dan writes that this guitar was made by Fernandes and was only available in Japan. It is the Fernandes UJL 2000 which is a re-creation of the fictional Les Paul-ish looking guitar used in the Play Station game Um Jammer Lammy. Dan wrote that he reviews video games for a living and just had to have one of these so he imported it last year. He plans on using the guitar onstage (his guitar tech calls it the Flintstone Guitar) and has upgraded the pickups with some P-90's. Rock on Dan!



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