BunnyBass Amusing* Bass/Guitar, page 67.
*amusing to 'us', under certain conditions, and for whatever reason(s). if you wish to disagree, please feel free.

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Face Bass

From our BunnyBass fan Michael comes this eBay (where else) offering for the Amusing Basses ever growing collection. I am in agreement that it does remind you of the Phantom of the Opera. I wonder who concocted this idea for the front of a bass guitar? It's kind of a shame as the bass appears to be a pretty nice instrument.


Weird Jazz Bass


Well, to prove that the Amusing Basses knows no geographical or international boundaries, this contribution is from the Italian eBay pages and was sent in by our BunnyBass fan Valentino. Now, at first glance the bass doesn't appear to be all that bad. But after closer observation, we notice that all of the components are really in fact, well "weird". Notice the shape of the headstock, it appears to have pincers like say a beetle. The end of the fingerboard is reminiscent of a Bolin NS5. But the pickups seem to be misplaced as well as the bridge. The body looks out of proportion also and who know about all of the controls. Well, we hope that it was a good deal for somebody.


Custom 7 String Bass


Ah yes! Thank you eBay. Thank you so much! And also special thanks to our BunnyBass Amusing Basses fan Andre for this wonderful contribution. According to the eBay page this bass was originally made as a six string fretless that then evolved into a seven string fretted. The knob that you see at the bottom is a standard tuner capped with a round knob replacement-pretty interesting huh? Also, this bass has 6 real holes and three fake ones because of the electronics-even more interesting. "This bass looks great from the front but the back shows the misalignment in all the holes, (lines, marks, and cuts in the back) which is reflected in the price. Bass is being sold as is. This is a great unique bass. I have played it for many years and had nothing but great comments about its looks and sound. The bass comes with a gig bag." Now all of that is the most interesting!

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