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Wishbass Custom Fretless

And now for the story! First we have to thank two of our BunnyBass friends, Bob and Chris, for bringing this eBay auction to our attention. From what we can tell from the auction title, this is a "re-run of a one of a kind fretless with pictures". Do you think the pictures make a difference?

Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.


Stealth Guitar


Special thanks to our BunnyBass fan Sean for his contribution of this ONE OF A KIND CUSTOM GUITAR! I don't know why, but I just took one look at the body shape and was reminded of the Stealth B-1 Bomber. I would certainly love to take a ride in one of those planes but I'm not to sure that I would want to play a guitar that resembled one-well, how about you guys?


FlipOut Guitar


OK-quick-now who can tell me what's wrong with this picture? Oh come on now-you know that you guys can figure it out! What will these guitar dudes think of next? Well it seems that someone by the name of Dewey Decibel has designed this wacky guitar and I am just going to copy and paste some of the actual comments and description from the eBay page so here you go-and BTW, special thanks to our BunnyBass fan Martin (Mr.Bassman) for this Australian eBay jewel!

EVER HAD A GUITAR ...that felt so nice it seemed to call out "Play me, you genius of melody and rhyme!"? DeweyDecibel's FlipOut™ was built for THAT!!!

Not just a pretty face, but honest-to-goodness high quality craftsmanship, the FlipOut is certified single-coil bliss, with a twist! Its fantastic warm and punchy tone has been roundly praised by professionals, and will no doubt knock you out!

At long last, with this conspicuously cool axe, Dewey Decibel has corrected the primary design flaw of our esteemed guitar forebears!

These guitars may look crazy but they play and sound GREAT! Be different, be the envy of your friends!



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