BunnyBass Amusing* Bass/Guitar, page 64.
*amusing to 'us', under certain conditions, and for whatever reason(s). if you wish to disagree, please feel free.

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The Red White And Blue Bass

Well, we are pretty patriotic here at BunnyBass, but this may be a bit too much patriotic fervor. You might remember the U.S. A. Map Bass that we featured on anther of our Amusing Bass pages. This is quite a bit more colorful we must admit. Well, at least the bass uses the P-bass pickups-good choice.



Stude Wishbass Five String


You know, there must be something to these basses. The design is certainly "different". The shape of the lower horn looks like a thumb. I dunno, never played one myself.


Rogue Batty Custom

Aren't these the same people who make the Machine Gun Bass? Well, I do think that the body would make a great hat or clothes rack if hung in the proper position on the wall.

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