BunnyBass Amusing* Bass/Guitar, page 63.
*amusing to 'us', under certain conditions, and for whatever reason(s). if you wish to disagree, please feel free.

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Angelo Dillon Six String Fretless

This is one of a series of six photos that was sent to us by our BunnyBass friend named "Packrat". We find that this Angelo Dillon six string fretless bass has a really interesting and yes, amusing, top horn in that it sort of reminds us of an antler? We suppose that the area beneath it is some sort of handle? Are slanted pickups the mark of a custom bass...Hmm. Well, we'll leave it to you to make your own conclusions.



The Unknown Five String Fretless


Here we have a rather unique looking five string fretless bass. The builder is unknown to us (not sure that it really matters-maybe he/she would prefer to remain unknown). Anyway, take a close look at the body on this baby-what does it remind you of-some sort of paddle? Once again, we see the slanted pickup placement-where have we seen this before? BTW-sold it!?


Ovation Magnum

Well, we have shown one of these beauties on the Amusing Basses pages before, but you can never get too much of a good thing-right! At least with this one we have the added feature of a case! This proves that we pull out all the stops for you folks who love the Amusing Basses! Has anyone out there ever played one of these? If so, please tell us about your experience.

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