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Artist Favorite


We have a dear artist-friend named Tim that insists that all you have to do to transform any ordinary object into a work of art is to install a clock in it. He once demonstrated this "fact" by getting a big, ugly tree stump and then installing a clock in it. Amazingly, it worked - instant art! (Tim's a genius!) At any rate, I think the guy who made this bass must have graduated from the Tim School of Art - either that or maybe he saw Tim's tree stump and decided to rip him off. Anyway, I really liked the description so I decided to include it (below). Enjoy!

clock Click on the thumbnail to see a close-up of the headstock.

"Hiya. Better take a deep breath and sit down. I had a few parts left from other projects and decided to make somthing Special. I think I managed. The body and headstock have been Gold-Leafed. It is an lightly antiqued finish, meaning you'll see some of the dark underneath, and some variations in color. Hard to see in the pictures, as it is Blinding in the light. Prior to leafing the body, I did it in a hammer-finish paint, to provide countless facets to catch the light. A job or 2 ago I spent a few years leafing antique mirrors, so it's not something I picked up watching HGTV. The headstock I left smooth, there is Enough going on up there. After leafing, it got about 15 coats of lacquer, but even so, you don't wanna hammer nails w/ it or anything. The neck pick-up is a P.A.F DiMarzio, w/a coilcut switch. The bridge pickup is a Fender lace-Sensor. The controls are Volume, Coil-cut, p.u. select and tone. It is Passive, but in name only. It's can be as Poppy and Bright as Any bass I've had, and I've had a Lot. It Sings. Many, Many sounds available, a Fine rumble. The hooked headstock design is so I can pull our shy singer closer to the microphone (heya, Kate)..I had the handsome and meticulous Luthier, Jack Read (readcustom.com) do the wiring, as I kinda bite at it. Best for last, you'll notice the headstock has a Clock set into it, helping you keep track of when it's time for a Bass Solo. In about a year, the battery will wear out, and you'll poke something in the little hole behind it, pushing the clock out of it's velcro bed. As a bonus, I'll set it to your time zone prior to shipping, No Charge. Comes w/ a gigbag. USPS Shipping $28.00, includes Delivery Confirmation and insurance. Need more info, pics? Go ahead, ask away. Paypal Or Money Orders Only, Please..Thanks!"



World's Cheapest Guitar-The Can-Jo Dulcimer

From our friend Dan comes this eBay gem. We decided it was only appropriate to include the description as well as the photo. One comment we have is that with only one string-there is a hell of a lot less chance of making mistakes while playing a guitar with say six or twelve strings. And when I think of all the tuna cans that I wasted by tossing them in the recycle bin...

This FUN to play HANDCRAFTED 1 String CAN-JO dulcimer is EASY to play standing up or like a mountain (lap) dulcimer as the notes are set up like the white keys on a piano ---- It makes a nice and unique GIFT for a CHILD'S 1st instrument (1 string makes learning easy), elementary and preschool TEACHERS (music class), MUSICIANS (a really cool gift), anyone who enjoys music (easy to learn), musical instrument COLLECTORS (unique), and folks who play string instruments of any kind ( simple instrument for teaching others to jam with you). ---- The fretboard/neck is solid wood using standard guitar tuners, frets and strings. I install the 6 1/2 fret for playing in any tuning and mode. Bodies are cat food or tuna cans. The can is easily changed for your own custom look. ---- This handcrafted instrument is 23 inches long and has a penetrating oil finish for a natural wood look and feel. It also makes a unique and playable wall/room decoration ---- Check my other auctions for drums, mallets, and other unique HANDCRAFTED MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ++++++ Hi Ebayers, This UNIQUE instrument is only $14.99 INCLUDING DELIVERY to your door!


The $$$$$nake Bass-Only $10,000!

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.

OK, who wants to be the new owner of this one of a kind (thank goodness), custom made bass with custom engraving by world renowned luthier Dana! According to the information on eBay (or EvilBay as our amusing bass contributor Chris calls it), this bass is stored in a collectors' vault (burial I hope). No, really, this is a bargain at $10,000 because the list price is $16,500 and it's in mint condition! You also get a free set up by Dana! Seems to me that with all these snakes crawling around, it would be better for Dana to have the Crocodile Hunter set it up!

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