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Gumby says "hi"...


eBay auction Item # 2506972813. Item description: "custom made in the USA by Johnson guitars l.e.d light up eyes, extremely rare, mint condition soft case included. opening bid price: $1,800." Oh, it's extremely rare, that's nice. I'm not crazy about the location/color of the bridge, but hey, maybe it looked better than a chrome one.

the PianoDesk Bass


Here's a bass from Steve McClard of PianoDesk. Steve does something we never heard of before - he takes old, no-longer-functional pianos (especially upright pianos) and then essentially recycles them, transforming them into desks. It's a great idea, check out his website... *long pause, looking for a graceful segue...* Anyway, Steve e-mailed us one day and asked us to check out a bass he had made from an old piano-lid

Intrigued (sort of), we went to go look at it:

pianolid wow! . . . .

From: "BunnyBass!"
Hi Steve, Thanks for writing us... Wow, that bass is so odd - it is easily one of the most bizarre body shapes we've ever seen - I love the pictures of the body before the neck pocket was routed, looks like Casper the friendly ghost... May we place your bass in the Amusing Basses section on our website? (full credit & link to your website of course) Standard mode is for everybody to bag on everything though, even the nice stuff, so you might not want this if you don't want your bass being made fun of. Thanks again :) Best wishes & take care!

Stupid 80's Flashback


This "Naked Lady" B.C. Rich Guitar was once owned by Randy Piper of the band W.A.S.P., one of the many mediocre hair bands of the 80's that time has thankfully forgotten. When this thing went on eBay a few months ago (opening bid of $15,000) I think 20 or 30 people e-mailed us telling us to put it in the Amusing Bass & Guitar archive - it really is THAT bad. So many of the details are just so painfully stupid that just looking at them feels vaguely like being poked in the eyes - the chrome tuning machines as earrings, the spray-painted "hair" on the back of the headstock, the exaggerated tan-lines... arrgh!!! *sound of major gagging* Just one reason why I am SO glad the 80's went away... Click on the thumbnails to see bigger pics.

naked    naked    naked    naked

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