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nobody seems to know where this one came from or who made it. anybody know? i love it! (nancy says the shape is very "Jim Woodring" [one of our favorite comic book artists - Frank, etc.] - i didn't see it at first but i think she's right, that's probably why i like this one so much...)

The Big Wood U.S.A.


with a huge MightyMite pickup that stretches from south dakota to north texas and a thick butcherblock body, this accurate-looking map of the U.S.A. definately caputres the flat bigness of our country, the thickest country in the whole world. i've always felt that most artistic representations and symbols of the U.S.A. just don't do our country justice, thickness-wise, but i think this bass is really good that way. the wrinkly (whistling?) parrot headstock is certainly very interesting to look at, and the designer/builder that recognized maine as a great place to park a strap button is probably really smart with geography too. for some reason, looking at this bass kinda makes me think of a big, fat slice of meat, like prime rib or something - i have no idea why. it woulda been nice to have had alaska and hawaii included here too (springy wire extensions?), but that probably would have been impractical.

the 13 foot tall Strat


Now here's a huge Stratocaster getting some lovin' by not one but by TWO lovely ladies at the same time - oooh-la-la! Meanwhile, little Bobby practices his mad court skillz in the background. An annonymous donor sent this picture in to us (why you so shy?), so we don't know anything about this big thing. If anybody knows, please drop us a line.

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