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this doll and her Alembic are from a Japanese website that Shin Ma also brought to our attention. apparently these guys make teeny basses to go along with musician (girl) dolls. doesn't that Alembic look really accurate for being so small? leave it to the japanese to obsess over little details like that i guess. if it were mine i'd probably keep the mini-bass and lose the doll (they give me the creeps). i roamed around their website a bit more and found lots more dolls w/ instruments (see the link below: the links at the top of the page have step by step pictures of a miniature bass being made; the bottom links are a catalogue of finished guitars and basses together with their doll owners). pretty fascinating - definately worth a visit! just goes to show that anything can be made more interesting if you just make it small enough.

visit them here: http://www.alpha-net.ne.jp/users2/saltvaly/jitb/chapran/chapran.html

"Take me to your leader..."


i love aliens, they are so cute (still hoping to see a UFO one day). this bass was carved by Marty O'Brien. he says, "Here is the photo I told you I would send. This is the "Alien-Bass". I carved this from birds-eye maple. Thought you might like to add it to the list of ridiculous basses. Enjoy!" wonderful! just in case you were wondering (yeah, right), my three favorite movies with aliens in them: Mars Attacks!, Brother From Another Planet, and Alien. all worth renting, i think.



oh goodness, the 80's rears it's ugly head again. no comment on this one, cept maybe that stuff like this really bums me out. why do people keep returning to that old she-tiger/cat-girl motif over and over again? bleh. (thanks for sending us the picture steve!)

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