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Golf Anyone?


from an ebay auction: "You are bidding on a one-of-a-kind custom bass guitar. It's covered in astro-turf, and is shaped just like a fender precision bass. It has Select pickups (made by emg) and Ernie bass super slinky strings. Also, the tone and volume knobs are golf balls. This guitar is perfect for a punk band. I played it in mine, and people loved it. I accept money orders and paypal..."

this one is kind of fun to look at, isn't it? i don't really get the connection between punk rock and golf, but... *shrug* some golf fan ended up buying this bass with a bid of $117.50 - holy cow. me, i'm more of a miniature golf person.

'Fancy' Home Project


here's a bass picture that was sent to us by matt. apparently it was just sold on ebay as a "project bass" ("How To Make Your Fender Bass Crazy Ugly"). i wish we had larger pictures of it (wow, i can't believe i said that) because i can't really see what all those... um, "things", are on the top of the bass. mini-switches? shafts without knobs? hard to tell. and i don't think i've ever seen a flame maple top integrated into a bass's top quite like that before either. niasty! (it's that trainwreck effect - it's horrible but i can't get myself to look away either...)



here's another insteresting instrument to consider. i like the way this one looks, the shapes and colors seem both crude and refined at the same time. wish i knew more about it though. this one was sent to us by ellie (thanks!).

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