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The Witkowski


our friend Shin Ma (aka Jarek) sent us this picture of a bass hanging in a music store in Poland. it is made by a man named Mr. Witkowski. i see a friendly talking shark, a handy kitchen implement, a raygun. i think i'll let you fill in the blank on this one:    your comments here   . in case you feel like you absolutely must have it, maybe you can e-mail Jarek? (i'm guessing it's still hanging there)

Travel Friendly


it's a flightcase, it's a guitar. i don't know why anyone would ever make such a thing, but our pal Dave says he bought it because it has a built-in carrying handle.

dude, where's my headboard?


we've had to pass on a lot of amusing bass candidates lately (the archive is just getting too big!), but this one peter sent we HAD to include. together with it's ebay description, it really made me laugh:

"You are unlikely to clash over duplicate basses at the next Battle of the Bands w/ this bass. It is a Teisco neck, in very Fine condition, laminated out of around 30 strips of wood, wicked stable, and a Body made out of the headboard of a bed. It has a DiMarzio self-contained pickup and volume control. It hardy weighs anything. Decent woodworking, maybe not Norm, but at least somebody that often watched This Old House..The sound is both Buttery and Veiled (got tired of saying woody and acoustic..)..."
"decent woodworking"? can they really call it that? *lol* funny.

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