BunnyBass Amusing* Bass/Guitar, page 54.
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oh gross...


every once in a while our pal steve barr will send us another hideous ebay bass. i kid you not, steve is like the all-knowing, all-seeing ebay lord. this bass is just really awful. just about every bad thing that can happen to a bass is going on here. on top of all that, that drawing is just fugly. i see the 'barbed wire' on the fingerboard 'splits into two' where the 12th fret is. i'm sure the guy who made this had to really stretch his brain to come up with that one. ugh - just painful.

Washtub Bass, Part II

washtub 2

okay, so you don't have $6000 for that fodera you've been dreaming about. and you don't have $600 for that cool Yamaha bass down at Guitar Center either... got washtub? music is where you make it.

Dizzywood Guitar


wow, that's a LOT of glueing. nomo says, "a 60's richard gay hollow body with a dizzy wood pattern. by the way, he made this guitar while doing time in jackson prison."

incredible, isn't it? one of my friends who teaches in the prison system here was showing me some artwork done by his students. a lot of it kind of reminds me of this guitar - beautiful and full of meticulous care and patience. i guess i never really thought about the phrase "doing time" before..

the Erectile Dysfunction Bass


this one was selling on ebay, with the title 'erectile dysfunction bass'. i am not kidding. i think it said that the lower cutaway was formed with spackle. i also find the pitted/bumpy shoreline gold finish quietly disconcerting. it eventually sold for $99 plus shipping. yes, i really am not kidding.

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