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i really don't want to talk about it.

Balalaika for you?


if you haven't heard of the red elvises, you gotta go visit these guys' website! http://www.redelvises.com. they are a hoot and they rock. and of course, they play big triangle basses. and they are from siberia, where everybody plays rock music naked. did you know that?

Gibson Mandobass


well here's something i've never seen before. it's a gibson mandobass. "a mandowhat?" you say? well, for your information, a mandobass is a [insert fascinating history here]. so there you have it. and who is that handsome cowboy playing the mandobass? well, according to the ebay ad where this cool 'bass' was found, it's Ken Culver of the Portland Mandophonic Orchestra (applause). very nice. you can learn more about the PMO folks by clicking here.

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