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Paulís Bunny Bass


wow! a real one!

"Hi bunnies,
About 7 years ago a friend and I spent a summer making a fretless 4-string. It worked out much better than we expected, and doesn't play too badly at all. I've attached the only photo I have on hand. It's name is Bart. The photo's not great, but I'm sure you'll get the idea. (That's a paisley jacket, by the way). From memory, he's had one public performance. Definitely not for sale :)
Nice website!
- Paul"

Son of Wishnevsky, Revenge of the Wishnevsky, Etc. Etc...

wishnevsky   wishnevsky   wishnevsky


this guy is obsessed! he keeps cranking these things out! i'm really starting to like this guy - and his descriptions are pretty funny too... ^_^

"Here we go again. The first one of these got such great reaction, I made another, just like the other, but different. This one has a curley maple neck, set off with purpleheart stripes for strength and stability, and a jatoba fingerboard. The body is spaulted maple, actually from a tree in my front yard. Spaulted is a term that means that the wood was infected with a fungus that leaves striking black lines and colored patches in the wood. It is quite prized in high end, craftsman grade furniture. Really cool looking. It is also knotty and gnarly and funky as could be, but all the structure, all the tension bearing wood, is hard curley maple. I make this body style for fun and light weight, but there is considerable method in my madness. The hole serves as a thumb rest and will allow you to do stage antics if you're young and full of the spirit. The body shape holds the neck up at an angle so you can even play this comfortably sitting down in an easy chair if you've a mind to. The pegs are Gotoh's, the pickup is an EMG Select of a standard size, so that you can easily upgrade, and the control compartment has lots of room for more trictronics. I only put in a volume control, but you can freak out, ad lib. The cover plate is brushed aluminum, for sheilding and the action is very low. I make these so that your hands will instinctivly control the dynamics, and you won't have to be twirling knobs all the time. I'm not much of a electronics guy, just a wood butcher, but I try to make my stuff ergonomically great. Hope it's what you want... Oh, and it's nickname is Skeletor, cause it looks bony, like [mimi's note: top row, far right]. All sales final, no returns, but I will do repairs for the original buyer at cost. Please add 25$ for boxing and shipping... Thank you."

Swiss Cheese Guitar


not much i can say about this one, except that it amuses me.

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