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LoweBow Bass


hey, this thing is neat. some people are really resourceful. i'm not sure how you would hold it as you play or what it sounds like, but it looks like it has everything necessary to...um, 'make a sound'. i wonder how much it costs to make one of these things?

Gargoyle Bass

gargoyle gargoyle gargoyle


for all those times you secretly desired a bass with your very own little gargoyle friend on it, consider your dreams answered. double your gargoyle fun with this lovely work of gothic inspired art - it has not one but two gargoyles for you to enjoy, both with princess leia bun-bun hairdos. is this the traditional way for gargoyles to wear their hair? oh, and just to let you know, ‘The gargoyle located on the horn has part of its mustache missing.’


freaky body bass

our pal skipphead sent us this picture with this e-mail:

"Okay, this is just freaky. Um, just look at it. I've seen a lot of weird crap on E bay, but this has to be the weirdest..."
i think i have to agree with him - what IS that? who takes this kind of picture and then puts it on ebay? yikes. and i must be a masochist or a pervert or something - under the picture there was a link that says 'click here to view larger version' ... and i clicked it! arrgh!

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