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Washtub Bass


this one is so cool i almost bought it myself. but then again, i don't know any jug bands around here i'd be able to play with...

"...This is a one string bass. Hand carved and crafted fretboard and backbrace. Stained and polyurethaned in classic oak gloss. Great thumping action. Good sound can be tuned by the adjustment screw on the back of the neck. Sounds great tuned to a G cord. Would make a great conversation piece. Checks and money orders/cashier's checks accepted...Thanks for looking."

Guild-Ashbory Basses

ashbory basses

.these little basses are pretty amazing. - they're tiny but have a really big, fat amplified sound. i remember when they created a little bit of a splash back in the 80's, but they kinda disappeared for a while (now they're back, manufactured by the Fender-DeArmond folks). a nice man named ron told us about a really good website with probably more information than can shake a stick at: http://www.ashelec.demon.co.uk/ashbory/ the pics above were lifted from that website - tom hamilton (aerosmith), alec john such (bon jovi), and rudy sarzo (quiet riot) all posing with their ashbory basses. i know there are nicer pictures of these basses out there, but...i don't know - am i the only one that finds something about these pictures amusing?

Valkyrie Bass


damn that's pointy. if you don't stab yourself on the cutaways you can try again on the bottom. or in the middle. dig the huge wooden tuning pegs, woof.

Hello Kitty Guitar

hello kitty

i know i'm supposed to like this one, but actually it makes me feel a little nauseated when i look at it. i guess there's such a thing as too girly... At any rate, if you want to buy one, you can get one from Karen Maneater who lives in Tokyo. Go see her mall-site here. Also, Hello Kitty vibrators!

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