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Roscoe Humidor

humidor bass


okay, now i know you people are going to think that i'm always picking on Keith Roscoe. i'm not! i love keith roscoe! it's true that this is his third entry in the amusing bass archive, but just to be clear, the ONLY one i really felt obligated to bag on for real was the Roscoe Skyscraper bass (now that one was BAD!). and i did say the Roscoe 9 string was really cool. and anyhow, we don't know that this cigar-bass was even keith roscoe's idea. who knows, it coulda been some special request custom order from... from... the cigar-man (?). but it certainly is... um, 'interesting'. i'm sure making an inlay like that is very difficult... and... i guess secretly hiding a cigar inside your bass is a good thing...? right? k, nevermind, i'll just stop here.

Papa's Home-Made Bass

papa's bass

all my friends know i have a soft spot for eccentric losers that 'invent' poorly designed instruments in their spare time between watching 'Different Strokes' re-runs, collecting shot glasses, and tinkering with their soon-to-be-patented mousetrap. not that this has anything to do with the guy in this picture, i don't know where that came from, sorry. but yeah, isn't this thing fascinating? i find the cyclops pickup almost as mesmerizing as the door-stopper endpin. trashy is cool.



if anybody knows anything about this bass, please let us know. i know it's hard to tell from a photograph, but it appears to be nicely made. i tried looking at it sideways (and it didn't look so great), but it's kinda charming standing straight up like this.

note: here's some more information about this bass. it's called a SATB Ministries Five String Fretless Bass, and it's built by Matt Friedman, the guy who builds Acacia Basses. to find out more, you can visit this website: http://www.radix.net/~dlc/SATB_Bass.html. thanks for sending us the link brent!

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