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Ovation Magnum

ovation magnum

okay, ovation magnum basses aren't super rare or anything, but i thought you might enjoy looking at this one in particular. it's painted the colors of the mexican flag (or is this supposed to be the italian flag? how would anyone tell?) AND it's got a onboard 6 band equalizer! wow! add that to the world's-largest humbucker and the somewhat-ugly hammerhead (or maybe it's a duckbill) ovation headstock and you've definately got a winner/loser!

Dusty Hill

dusty hill

i really wonder if that's his real name or not. Dusty Hill?! hmmm. if it is - cool. actually, even if it isn't, he's still cool. i mean, look at that fluffy bass! and the beard! not to mention ZZ Top knows how to kick serious ass...

Peter Cook was here...


this fabulous (?) bass belongs to John Entwistle. it must look really great sitting next to his Buzzard basses (kinda like a B-B-Q).

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