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Geiger Yamaha


whoa! dig that groovy background! yeah, no kidding - this is a bass that showed up on ebay. it's never been in a housefire - some artist actually made like that on purpose (i think he was trying to be 'artistic'). i guess on a slow day maybe i would think it's 'neat', but i'm sure the feeling would fade pretty quickly.

“Yamaha RB series, cased split coil pick-up, volume, treble, front mounted jack, original chrome hardware and electronics. This body has been removed and treated for a Geiger influenced surface. Whole body and both sides of head stock in black and red texture. Neck has been left with natural satin feel, standard rosewood/new guinea ebony fingerboard (?), 24 fret, mother of pearl dotinlay. Plays without audible difference, and sounds like a Yamaha should (not a second hand piece of junk). The body doesn't chaff the arm, as the elbow section has been left relatively smooth."

The HorsePig


nothing more than just another really, really bad drawing on a bass guitar. i notice they didn't forget to sign their 'art' though. that animal looks like a boar or a pig but i think it's supposed to be a horse. do horses really have legs that bend that way? i don't think so.

the JK bass

jk bass

eew. just...'eww'. that's so ugly. little and ugly. here’s the ebay description if you’re interested:

“This is a Nice JK Wood Body 4 string Bass Guitar. This bass has a Unique wood grain body. The top is dark wood and the Bottom is Light. The head is Oversized. There is an addition to this bass. The Strap holder has been extended out with a Plastic piece. I am not to familiar with this bass. I could not find info on it. If you have any, Feel free to email Please take a peek at my other auctions for more great items. Good Luck!!!"

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