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Fretless Eagle


this bass is so ugly that something like 10 people sent it to us when it showed up on ebay. "handcrafted in the shape of an eagle"? i don't see it, however, somebody dubbed this one "the masterbating hand bass"... that i can see.

contemporary (refrigerator) art?

contemporary art

(i guess i don't like contemporary art):

"*RESERVE is set @ $249!* Hello and thank you for visiting and or bidding in my auction. I am offering a Very Cool 1960's Gibson EB-2 Oval Orange Label Bass Guitar! Remember Eric Clapton's painted SG and the Beatle's Yellow Submarine Guitar? Well, the previous owner of this bass guitar obviously liked sailing at the lake and contemporary art! Couldn't throw this one away knowing that there's a good mahogany and maple instrument underneath yearning to be brought back to life. The WINNING Bidder has a decision to make; that's for sure. Hang this one on the wall or bring it back from the art world? Neck looks good and thanks goodness they didn't paint over the headstock inlay. This bass came to us out of the New York, Long Island area..."

JT's bass

jt's bass

gosh those are big knobs. the thing that makes me laugh is how someone thought that building this bass with a bookmatched flame maple top would make it look better. funny!

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